History Of The Universe...

Times given in Earth Standard Dating. Simple Humans, couldn't possibility under stand the complex timing used by the rest of the Universe.

The Ansolin Galactic Guard is formed to defend against terrifying barbarian raids on the king's capital city.

The Furgoin develop space travel via Phase Drive system. Entering phased space, they are able to travel to distant galaxies outside their home system.
The Ansolin emerge from the bronze age to the industrial age in short order.

The Ansolin develop space travel via the Phase Drive system.

Ansolin encounter the Furgoin. Peaceful relations begin, encounter logged by Captain Peter Bently aboard the explorer ship Kinkari. The Furgoin represenitive was Captain Jile Odunin aboard the trade ship Pentacat

Ansolin begin military ship construction, ships weapon systems are constructed. Rudimentary at best, they offer protection for new colony worlds.

The first Ansolin ship, the ASF Rindawl is lost in space. Despite several later explorations of the area, no trace is found.

Various other races begin stepping froward from their planets, almost all modern races began developing Phase Drive systems. Ansolin is credited with bringing some of these races into the next age, including the Kar'Rin.

The Ansolin empire is created with controlling or maintaining a presence in 75% of the known universe.

During this span of 200 years, several wars break out among the starfarrers, The Ansolin maintain a peaceful balance, acting as police to ensure galactic stability. Because of their total neutrality in conflicts, they aren't always viewed with respect or appreciation for it.

Tensions rise as some races, inspired by the Kar'Rin, rebel against the Ansolin 'bullying' them into submission. The new Ansolin King Garthrex Thundar I realizes he must do something to retain stability.

To secure peace treaties with several other powers, Furgoin, Kar'Rin, Verleg, Briggan, Lawib, Avopa, Ekguil, and Porlain the Ansolin sign a peace treaty limiting their ship size and number. Viewed by most of the outside universe, King Garthrex makes an astonishingly generous move. To most of the Ansolin it is a foolish and loose move, for the next few decades the King is viewed with great ire by some of the Dukes.

Secretly, the Kar'rin begin constructing ships of massive size.

The Galactic Council is constructed by the Ansolin to act as a neutral place to negotiate treaties and settle disputes by the space farrers.

After several assignation attempts, King Garthrex Thundar sends his second child, Princess Melissa, into the Void around Earth with a crew of half a dozen protectors and her nursemaid Ikkara. The ship is violently damaged on it's way to Earth, and crash lands in the arctic. Unknown (IX), father of modern age Unknown (X), discovers the crash. and investigates it. How he knew of the crash or the location is unknown, what is known is the Princess survived the crash and was was adopted by the Ash family. Only Master Soren of the Galactic Guard returns from the planet, and he tells nothing more.

Several raids are committed on the Ansolin fronter worlds. When found, the worlds are almost barren with few survivors and equipment left.

Prince Thunder makes a daring raid to free captive slaved Ansolin from Kar'rin. The fight is bloody, loosing 21 ships in the attack, they still manage a victory.

The Galactic Council is destroyed in a brilliant but deadly display of power by the Kar'Rin and their allies. Following th act, several races take sides in the conflict. The Furgoin, Clorijem, and Briggan declare open war fare.

Captain Jeri Phillionair is able to negoation a treaty with the Verlegflux following a major explosion aboard their largest space station by Kar'Rin agents trying to assassinate a crew member of the ASF Murorion. Shortly afterward several races, the Lawib, Deuva and Avope declare war and join forces with the Ansolin.