Unclaimed Treasure in the tower at the Herzog's Sanctum.
(1) flask of clairaudience
(1) flasks of Dwarven bitterwine

Mace +2

Scrolls/Spell books:
1st: Affect normal fires, light, burning hands, Detect magic, read magic, spider climb, magic missle
2nd: Darkness 15'/with light of course, Spectral hand, stinking Cloud, web
3rd: Phantom Steed, Pro From Evil 10', Leomund's Tiny Hut, Item
4th: Charm Monster, Fire Shield, Leomund's Secure Shelter, Wizard Eye, Fumble
5th: Telekinesis, Leomund's Secret Chest
6th: Enchant an item, Water to dust
7th: Charm Plants, Mordenkainen's Sword
8th: Permanency, Mass Charm

Gems: Jewelry:
(1) gold crown (500) with (5) red gems : 500 for gems = 1000 altogether
(10) pink pearls worth 200 gp each

1 bag of ancient coins (worth 300)