The Ansolin Army is devided into three groups, Navel, Marine, and Starforce. Futher, positions abord a ship fall under differing command trees.
Flight Staff
Fighter Navigator
This means that their ranks fall under their respective groups. Unlike Earth, they have no form of enlisted personal, so each rank can be achieved depending on performance and such. Flight staff and Pilot fall under a some what diffrent system, since their are so few true pilots right now, the majority of pilot ranks are handed out to those with ranks in Marine or Navel. Making it some what confusing, but highest rank over all counts. Now, here are the ranks attainable by each group.
Navel Rank
Marine Rank
Pilot Rank
Senior Airman
o o
Junior Lieutenant
Private 1st Class
Flight Sarget
2nd Lieutenant
Lt. Commander
1st Lieutenant
Lieutenant Sergeant
Air Captain
Captain Sergeant
Flight Major
Command Sergeant
Lieutenant Colonel
@ @
Vice Admiral
@ @ @
Brigadier General
Brigadier General
@ @ @ @
Fleet Commander
Major General
High Commander
Command General
Flight General
% %

The first rank on each is a standard rank used for those just graduating or still in training. Some times those who have distiguished themselves far above normal standards will be released at 1-2 ranks above base.
And finaly, advancement. Gaining a rank is solely based on performance over a 3 mission period. Command staff awards merits based on actions durring missions, activity, completions of actions, and over all effectiveness of strategy. After all considerations have been made, command discusses anyone up for promotion and passes judgement.
Allowed Races:

Form: Humanoid
Column: 3
The Ansolin's government is a basic monarchy political system in the following descending order, King, Duke, Knight.
King: Garthrex Thundar, king over Ansolin empire.
Duke: Dukes, are system lords, sometimes controlling 6-10 systems at a time.
Knights: Knights, rule over a planetary system under dukes, usually having 4-5 knights on one planet forming a counsel.
In almost every way these beings resemble humans, but in most cases are stronger, faster, and better fighters then most humans. They are so close in genetic differences an average Ansolin could live out their life on earth and no one would be the wiser. Only the true fighters of their race would give themselves away, as no normal human can stand against an Ansolin in combat. They are masters of fighting, having trained their already genetic based skills most of their childhood, to enter the academy when they reach adulthood.
It is rumored among most colonies, a ship carrying Ansolin royalty once visited a planet of beings that were called Earthlings, and the daughter of the king was left on this planet to be raised outside the ways of the chaotic galaxy and protected incase anything should happen to the king, queen, or Prince Jolvul Thundar.
Ansolin are fierce warriors, but generally have good hearts. They are brave and rarely back down from a fight. Their appearance is human, their hair, if any, usually ranges from light blond, to black brown, with rare occasions of off colors such as Blue or Green appearing.
Race Bonus:
They receive two powers, one random, and one selected power by the player. Ranks are GM's discretion. As a race bonus they receive +1cs to their Fighting and Agility skills. Academy cadets receive a bonus in popularity per rank.
Ansolin also recieve entrence into the Guard accadamy. The Galactic Guardians where once the most respected knighthood on Ansolin. Nearly 2000 years ago they where created to guard the capital city from a horrible barbarian attack. Membership is rare and exclusive, such Ansolin are well trained and very talented among even their people. The graduation ceremony is a gala event, and dignitarys of all kinds are invited. The ceremony is started when each passing applicant is knighted by the King of Ansolin, the rest of the knight is spent in celebration of their accomplishment. The current average is around 60% graduation rate, and 20% re-enrollment into the program, making for around 25-30 new knights a year. As of late, the Deuva have been granted admitance to the Guard to fill the ranks of lost members from the war. It is estimated those Deuva will be finished quickly, and ready to begin their knighthood in a few months.
Cosmic Knights recieve Tekensis and Telepathy as starting powers, and 1 random mental power.
Cosmic Gaurd get a +1 cs bonus rank on Mental powers and must take a Melee weapon Talent, but can not use Fighting or Energy Emission or Control powers.
The GM must grant admitance, and no Galactic Gaurd wil be posted to the same posting.

Form: Energy based
Column: 2
Energy based life form. Resembles lightning, but have a brain pan and eyeballs. Little else is known about this race the have generally kept to themselves before the lines have been drawn, but now ally themselves with the Ansolins. Even though the Ansolins trust them, most question why they truly joined the fight.
Their energetic bodies have a weakened lifting ability. (-1cs S) However, they have superb fighting abilities. (+1cs F and I) Because of their relationship with energy they have Electrical Generation and Energy Sponge as powers. Their peculiar genetic make up also grants them the ability to both fly freely in space, and survive without breathing for long periods of travel. This grants them Pr subspace travel.

Form: Normal Human
Column: 3
Their government is an advanced diplomatic system, much like the Earth's United States of America, with the one exception. Cloirjems are a female dominated (matriarchal) society. Many other races, atleast their females, see the Cloirjem as nothing more then man steeling fluzies. The Ekguil could be considered their mortal enemies, as for around 200 years they have relied on a study supply of male population from the Ekguil. Many think they are genetic off shoots, even closer then the Avopa and Yelisan. The Cloirjem have great respect for the Ansolin, stiming from the first crews ever to encounter one another, the respective captains were wed shortly after. They despise the Kar'Rin, and will not mate with any of them.
Their appearance is close to humans, but on a genetic scale are total polar opposites. Their skin tone is a much brighter pink tone, and usually have smaller more cat like nostrils. To humans, they would look like a living manga character.
Even the most different races are attracted to them. (+2cs Popularity) They despise fighting, and will do almost anything to avoid it. (-1cs I) They are very spiritual and wise. (+1cs P) They receive Hypnotic Voice as a power, but rely on their technology for other adaptations (1 unique equipment with a random power) Rank being the GM's discretion.

Form: Semi-Humaniod
Column: 1
The Furgoin's government is a basic monarchy political system in the following descending order, King, Duke, Knight.
King/Queen: lord over the empire.
Duke/Dutches: system lords, sometimes controlling 6-10 systems at a time.
Knight/Mistress: rule over a planarity system under dukes, usually having 4-5 knights on one planet forming a council.
They have strong beliefs in the luck of the universe. A belief that the Furgoin are inherently more lucky then any other race, having designed some of the most advanced propulsion and weapon systems faster then any other race.
When Kar'Rin began invading Ansolin space, one of their first targets was a Furgoin planet close to the border. When the reports of this arose, Kar'Rin refused to return the planet or it's population. Since then the Furgoins have held a harsh grudge and been in total agreement with Ansolin.
In almost everyway these beings resemble felines, they have improved agility compared to other races. (+2cs A) They are instinctive warriors, with reactions that give their spacers an un matched edge. (+1cs I, and Inc Danger sense as a bonus power, active even in space.) Their fur comes in vastly different colors. Total white being the rarest, and considered luckiest color. Their cat like paws also contain razor sharp claws, which injects a Gd poision into it's target on a yellow or better contact roll, this is a numbing agent that takes about 12 hours to ware off. (Bonus: Claws at Good. GM rolls the poisin roll and No karma can be spent on it.)
Some Furs (As their called.) freelance with pirate ships, often rising quickly among their ranks only to have their own ship. They receive one power selected by the player. Rank being the GM's discretion.

From: Humanoid
Column: 2
Unlike their cousins(Yelisan), the Deuva have an open society, and have sought to join the Ansolin after the destruction of the Galactic Council. The Deuva’s appearance is also different, tending to be greenish in color with dark green to light green hair. They stand on average 6’ tall and are tend to be thin in weight. Their oddity in appearance is their completely black eyes and seemingly malformed ears.
Their society is structured in groups of five, 5 members to a family, 5 families to a building, 5 buildings to a work area, 5 work areas to a city, 5 cities to a district, 5 districts to a state, and five districts to a planet. The seemingly odd nature of this has left Ansolins confused since their first meeting some 80 years ago.
It is unknown if Deuva can communicate by spoken language, as they always use telephatic transmissions and refuse to explain why they don’t speak.
By galactic standards their race is fairly short lived, only around 500 years on average. They reach maturity on average at the age of of 25, and middle age at 200. Older Telepaths are considered the Wise Ones, typically only one Wise One will be present on a planet at any given time. Their abilities are amplified beyond those of average Deuva, with abilities to sense to the limits of their solar system and communicate with other Wise Ones in their systems. When a Wise One passes on, he shares the amplified abilities through a mental connection to the next oldest Deuva present. Though, once in awhile this leads to some powerful younger Deuva, the average age of any Wise One is 400 or older.
After becoming allies in the battle against the Kar'Rin, Deuva have become far closer then anyone would have guessed, they have began sharing their mental technics with Cosmic Guards who have become close to them because of their strong mental abilities. There is some talk of allowing Deuva to undergo the training to become Cosmic Guards.
Deuva ships are smooth, almost egg bent like shapes made from a mix of organic and metallic materials. The majority of the outer ship is covered in an organic shell that absorbs light energy. The sub-space drives are very powerful for the smaller size of the ships, giving them incredible agility and speed which makes them hard to hit in a fight. Their ships are installed with rear, side, and bottom exhaust ports, further increasing their abilities to avoid damage. Their main weapon systems are typical of most ships, they use short range rockets and heavy cannons which deploy from hidden weapon racks mounted on either side. Larger ships have turrets mounted sides, rear, and top.
Telepathic: (Am) <Constant.>
Their mental abilities give them +1cs to Psych.
If they have a spoken language, they have yet to use it. It is entirely possible that due to their mental abilities, they have lost the ability to use a spoken language at all. Because of this, all Deuva are mutes.

From: Humanoid
Column: 2
Lawib are a small humanoid race of warriors. +2 Fighting, -2 Agility. Ofter called Dwarfs by the other races, Lawib are brilliant fighters, pilots, and engineers. They bring a much needed boost of courage to any crew, and are welcomed aboard, when they aren't drunk.
+2 ranks in an Engineering skill. Pilots can repair or reroute systems aboard a Lawib fighter(Ex chance), and take -20 damage from energy attacks. Lawib can detect metal easily in a given area(Rm chance). Their sight is adjusted well to the dark, and they suffer no penalties from fighting in hand to hand. Their sight also grants them infrared vision up to 60'. They have no system for genetic engineering, and those who willingly receive such 'enhancement' are ostracized by their people.
Socially, they are often drunk. Rarely able to vote in this position, their council candidates often win by a landslide(1-0). Some become pirates, just for the grog. When they aren't drunk, they are capable and excellent subordinates who can recognize a good leader, and a bad one. When they are drunk, they are easily provoked, and hard to calm. This often ends up in countless hours of 'debate' within their council, with the least bloody side winning. Ansolin are sometimes disturbed by their behavior, but when they fight as good as they do, it's hard to resist having them as an ally.

From: Humanoid
Column: 2
Spacial Elves which left Mysteria some 200 hundreds years ago. Since, they have created some wonderus ships. Some still rely on magic, but few will display this while in the presence of other races. Their skin has gained a golden glow to it since their ascension to the stars. They believe in the Ansolin people, one of the first they contacted. Some times they appear quite arrogant to other races, and endlessly self absorbed. Their adopted home planet is in the Corigen system, just on the other side of the Ansolin empire.
50% magic users. Access to level 3 spells. Avopa Elven magic is far more reliable then normal users, and need not memorizes daily spells. Other Avopa have adapted genetic alteration from the Ansolin, and gain 1 power from the random chart. They can detect cloaked objects in space, due to their refined eye site. Their hearing is slightly boosted, but only just above Ansolin range.

From: Robot: Useform
Column: 1
The Verlegufluz are a mechanical race of oddly shaped robots. Each member will have a different look, even if they have the same job as another. Each one is so unique because every pattern is logged with their central computer bank, and before replication can begin they must check their new design with this computer.
They have a varied society, most now supporting the Ansolin, some remaining neutral, and some still support the Kar'Rin. The main cause of their change in political stance was the attack upon one of their space stations by an assassin sent by a Kar’Rin delegate. This act alone caused a rift between the governments and showed the Verleg that the Kar’Rin could not be trusted.
The most populated section of their race, the Siazic, is the military class. They each come heavily equipped with all forms of weapons, allowing them to fire multiple times in battle.
The worker class are referred to as the Baonic. They make all their ships, buildings, star bases, even common day items.
The scanner class, Gurfmic, are the only class that supports the Ansolin. Although the worker class has no political swing in either direction, the Gurmic strongly support the Ansolin's cause. However, they are severally limited, their programing prevents them from disobeying their leaders, the Siazic and Tonric.
The ships, planes, transports, cars, and space shuttles are actually the Feurnic class, their movements are fluid and fly as easily as others walk. Their designs are sleek and perfect, giving each perfect compartments for their crews.
The rebellion class or Nigonic, as they are called, aren't really a class but a sect. The Nigonic firmly support the Kar'Rin to the point that they will destroy those of their own race who disagree.
Wizonic, the Ansolin version of the Nigonic are much more peaceful. Each Nigonic and Wizonic are programed with the brain scan of the political leaders of the respective race. As such they tend to revere their scanned individual and hate what ever he / she hates.
The Tonric are the political leaders. specifically programed to serve as politicizations and arguing the varied race's points of view. There is one created for every 1000 of each class, thus giving the military a overwhelming vote.
Although they are all of the same race, each class is created with a different purpose in mind and receive different racial abilities. Each have thick armor protecting their more sensitive areas. <Armored Skin: In> And, lacking a need for oxygen they are immune to the effects of space. They are master linguist, and know most racial languages. They all have the ability to link with computers.
Siazic: Considerable weaponry and ability to fire multiple weapons without penalty.
Baonic: Near infinite intelligence and ability to construct almost instantly.
Gurfmic: Long range scanners and excellent piloting skills.
Feurnic: Each being different, they pick the kind of transport they want to be and receive the proper abilities for that form. A fighter would receive flight, as a larger ship would receive space travel.
Nigonic: Each Nigoniz can select a race trait from the Kar'Rin.
Wizonic: Each Wizone can select a race trait from the Ansolin.
Tonric: Tonric are pacifist and rarely find skills for anything that doesn't help promote their ideas.

Other Races

Form: Induced Mutant
Column: 1
Notes: After their civilization suffered a horrible plague, the Ekguil genetically altered every single one of their population. They appear quite human, with the exception of their males they have no body hair. Their females are dominate. Though they are not at war with anyone, they have an on-going feud with the Clorijem. It stems from some 200 years of the Clorijem often using their males to propagate their species. Currently under a cease fire, they stay neutral in the war because of their relationship with the Clorijem alone. Despite their 'stand off', it's clear to anyone who meets them that the Ekguil are closely related to the Clorijem. They maintain a very sizable portion of space in very hostile territory, their star ships are on par with Verleg technology, and have non-aggression treaties signed with both Ansolin and Kar'Rin. If the Clorijem could settle their differences with the Ekguil, they may join the cause and help put an end to the Kar'Rin threat. However, they could also be pushed to join the Kar'Rin if the Clorijem don't stop stealing things that don't belong to them.
PE2) Body Resistance: 30 + 3 random powers, rank GM's discretion.

From: Humanoid
Column: 6
The Iviocher are a magic using race, all their ships are based on magical energy, thus allowing them to repair their ships very quickly from damage. All of their races are consider 'Mages' and have the ability to call on these magics at will.
Although the Iviocher and Ansolin have never been at odds in a war, there is some animosity over affairs of state, and considering they see the Cloirjem as a subspecies instead of a race, they have taken a neutral stance in the war.
They receive Magical Energy Source as a power, but rank is based on age and training, lower class may only cast light spells, while upper level mages may summon ships to their service almost instantly.
Their ships bare an organic appearance, living ships, as they are referred to, and while they abhor violence, they have gotten themselves involved in some of the most destructive wars in the universe. Their weapon systems are unique, using the Magebane weapon system, they tap into their magical powers and create different forms of blasts to fit their need.
Their ships regenerate at a 1 per 1 crew rate, based on ship size, each crew member can restore one point of damage a round, example: a Frigate with 20 crewmen would recover 20x a round.

From: Humaniod, Fox-like
Column: 3
The fox like race called Teofur control the smallest empire in the universe. So used to being pushed around by the far bigger and much elder space ferriering races, they barely even let slip a whisper when one of their most important industrial centers was taken by the Kar'Rin.
"Ca'zu trat mieun zo marie." Their favorite saying, basically means, "We are here by our own device." Proud of their accomplishments, they feel somewhat jaded for not being able to protect their own worlds
Their government is a dictatorship, which is masked as a democracy. A small rebellion is growing within their society, with rebellion soldiers often joining the Ansolin side, at times even adding whole cells to their army.
Somewhat quick to anger they have been known to fight, even if the odds of winning are vastly against them.
Teofur's are mostly known for their rather cruel governing, the underclass often attempt escape to other races, more often the Ansolin. They are divided by two types, the above - Hashen, black colored fur, and the servants - Prish, reddish brown.
The Teofur have no powerful mutates, even their strongest champion is considered best left on their home planet. They have great agility and the ability to run great distances without tiring. (+1cs to Agility and Endurance.) Their younger age gives them a disadvantage compared to the other races, and their reputation works against them more often then they like. (-1cs to Reason and Popularity.)
As a race bonus they receive Heighten Senses as a power at Ex rank, and are a master of fire arms. Marksman talent at Rm skill.

From: Humanoid
Column: 3
An antisocial, mostly feudal system, their politics relies on chaos as a rule. However, once installed a regime will last for hundreds of years, and be under total directive of the leader. Their appearance is quite odd, such that rarely will they mix with other races for fear of rejection. They have an grayish skin color and rather mopey eyes that sunken into their heads.
Unknown. Recently, it's believed that Kar'Rin use living races as reproduction source material for genetic alterations.

From: Gaseous
Column: 3
Much like the sirens of ancient earth legends, the Ufyrit can call others to their death by using their hypnotic voice, then poisoning them. They are more of a reclusive race, often relying on the Kar'Rin for their strength
P6: Hypnotic Voice
Poisones to the touch, they require special atmospheric conditions to leave their planets and ships.

From: Humaniod
Column: 2
Dark black skin denotes this race. They have no hair, and their ears are somewhat oddly shaped. They are perhapses the oddest race in the universe. It is widely rumored that they are cousins of the Avopa, but neither side refuses to answer the question with anything more then gun fire.
Telepathic: (Am)

From: Liquid
Column: 2
The Rentoon, are a very happy race, always prepared to serve, and always ready for a meal. Using lava like planets, the Rentoon change the hard ashic stone into any form they desire.
Although they appear human like when near other races, their true form is that of a puddle of silver colored goo.
Elemental Conversion: 6
Hold Solid form

From: Humanoid(ish)
Column: 2
Quinforn could be one of the weirdest races in the known universe. Looking something like squids, they have 10 tentacles that extend from the bottom of their bodies. They do not have arms or legs, and surprisingly travel quite quickly by using their tentacles as supports. Their internal organs structure is very simple, their brains fill around 1/3rd of their entire body. Not known as a war like race, they seem to be siding with the Kar'Rin out of fear that they could be conquered easily. They rarely crew or allow other races to act as crew on their ships, mostly because of the odd designs of their ships compared to others. They consider other ship designs too simple, as their 10 tentacles can work separate of one another, they can support a ship with 1/2th the normal crew of a ship.
10 limbs, no hands or feet. Each tentacle has a sensor pad, at the end of which four spots that can close. They are very strong, able to support 200 pounds with each tentacle, which give them good movement speed. Their tentacle pads can also sucrite a jelly like goo that is adhesive, allowing them to wall climb or hold their position. Their underbelly can release an ink like substance that can blind a target. Very rarely, some will also have a chemoflauging ability. Sometimes it assumed that they are a water born race, even those experienced with other races, they of course find this incredibly insulting, in truth they prefer green forestry.