The Seven Gates

In a world where heroes are hated and despised unless they bend to the will of the governments.
In a world where Science and magic co-exists.
In a world much like ours... The gates to hell are about to open...
In this world.. You are the only hope.
Updated: 3/10/2k7

Two years ago the long delayed Hero Registration Bill was passed into law, nine years after the first ASGERD unit turned against the United States and formed Rogue Squad. The bill has made it illegal to operate with out government sanction, "This bill will force these rogue vigilantes to become part of the Army's trained troops, or force them to give up there powers for the sake of america." That was the battle cry for most Americans, long after the atomic disaster in the 50's, they were still afraid of unauthorized, "So-called-heroes."
Our heroes risked their lives to help the reborn apprentice of Merlin, seal The Seven Gates of Darkstone. Thank God they didn't fail. Now the wizard Shadow Walker has been charged with turning his band of loners into a team that can face any obstical. They'll become the seekers of truth. For though the gates are closed.... Deep down inside, they know one day they will be opened again... On that day they must be ready to face their worst fears...
The heroes returned from the world of Mysteria, only to find the Earth in grave danger from the omnipetient child, Daen Nova. His escape into a diffrent dimension doesn't bode well for them, but now things look to be getting back to normal, and changing at the same time. A new plan has been proposed to Shadow, form a team to help this world, will it succeed?
The group now faces it's most daunting challange ever, the group, calling themselves The Gaurdians, must rescue Blake's son, and face a creature of unimaginable evil.
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The world has changed after the events of The Attractor, Dragon War and Secrets Unearthed...
The United States no longer fears the heroes as they did before, after Orlando began to freely allow Altered Beings to operate inside the city. Other cities would follow suit, Boston, Paradise Bay, Redwood, and many others.
The original Seven Gates group have gone their separate ways after the events of Seven Gates.
The Rebel Squad military members surrendered to General Kirby Lee after he assumed command of the ASGERD project. Eclipse, Frost, and Vulcanus were sentenced to 12 months in miltary prison. The Unknown has revealed his identity as military arms industrialist Robert Harper, and has since retired from activity. The Wandering One, the Elvin from Mysteria, has left the group to explore this new world. Paul Markus is still recovering from his survival of cancer and loss of his powers. Ameryka, Red Mantis and Blue Dragoon have disappeared or have been declared deceased.
MaxForce has also disbanded after internal strife left the team broken. M.A.X.X. still operates but has been silent.
The clandestine group known as Gun's 4 Hire vanished without a trace during the Time Crisis event.
ASGERDS main teams have been silent as well, responding to small meta threats, but often events turn into publicity disasters.
But a new darkness is rising. and once more, the Seven Gates will be threatened, a team must rise to answer this threat.