Day 1: I had the weirdest urge today, I had to take a ride up the cost to northern England, I couldn't control myself! There I met some really weird people with weird powers, and had to fight some kind of black creatures. The battle was a hard one, many of us are hurt, what are these strange shadow creatures that normal weapons don't seam to hurt. Who could be behind these creatures I've coined Death shadows, because of their odd chanting!
Day 2: We left England and headed for the states in Shadow Walkers submarine, it was impossibly fast and we arrived within hours. The site that greeted us was an amazing, his personal headquarters, and they where large and very accommodating. He gave each of us a room, I called my dad but I didn't get an answer. I hope he's ok.
Day 3: Dear dad, we're in Russia today... Its horrible, the people here are fighting to free them selves from oppression and I can't do a thing to help. If what Mystical told us is true, we may all be under purgatory if we fail our mission. Mark got the hell beat out of him by a Russian hero called, Ruskie Volk, nice guy, to bad he doesn't like us.
Day 4: As everyone rests, there is a certin strange feeling about what to do next. Somewhere in the dark of the night she's waiting, planing, and scheming her next move. An amount of tenision is forming in the back of everyones mind. Is this our darkest hour... Or is this just the beginning?
Day 5: The team left me at home today. I took the time to try to call you again dad, but still nothing. I'm so worried about you, but I know these people need my help. Shadow just came back about ten minutes ago, he said we have to find the next gate before we can continue.
Day 6: Even though it's early, we just found the gates location. We're off again, this time to France. I'm excited to visit the country, but I knon we won't be getting much time to explore.
Day 7: We found the gate, it was destroyed by some unknown force. We're heading to the site of the third gate, northen China. We'll be meeting the team some where north of Hong Kong. After that we'll be heading into a hard battle with Xan. I hope we can stop her now.
Day 8: The battle seamed almost too easie... I get the fealing she let us win... Maybe she knew about what happened next... Because after the battle we found out the world was under attack by some guy who can control meteorites, and is using them to attack America. I feal so lost here.... I hope we make it were ever we're going.
5th/1/03: Well... It's been a long time since I wrote in my journal. I guess a lot has happened. When we went to fight the guy who controled the meteores, I got whacked pretty good, even had to have my arm replaced. I met my brother, weird I didn't know I had one. He is pretty smart, gave me a prostetic arm that creates an energy shield. After that, me and ACE helped Rogue Squad with some stuff going on in Paradise Bay. When we got back, a lot of the guys were glad to see me. But before long, the entire city was attacked by some mid-evil green guys. We followed them back to their planet to rescue a lot of kidnapped people, including Shadow! We were only gone for three days, but came back three months later, on Christmas day! Then we had to go to Orlando to stop a rampaging little kid... I was so tired, I must have slept for two days straight. Now theres trouble going on down stairs between Gorgonna and someone who looks just like her! GEEZE, why can't we just get a break?
11/1/03: Just faught a bunch of temple goons, damn, what a pain. Looks like we're about to fight something real evil... Man, why can't we atleast get a week off?