For Freedom!
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Liberty League
The Liberty League was the worlds premiere super team from WWI to the end of WWII. Raising fears over the "Red Menace" eventually consumed the team, causing the group to split and mostly retire. The original members included Bowman I & Arrow I, Centurion, Dr. Tomorrow, Envoy, Freedom Eagle, Johnny Rocket I, Lady Liberty II, Midnight, The Patriot, and Siren. Many of the group lives today, but are in retirement or have fallen off the map. The only known dead is Centurion.
Allies Of Freedom
The Allies of Freedom were a group of Superheroes who saw action manly against Germany during WWII. Near the end of the war, the remaining heroes where sent to Japan. The group began at the end of tragedy when the solo heroes were brought together by a Nazi agent to prevent a fake super weapon from being finished. The group lost three of their own initially and were replaced by three American heroes. The group consisted of The Human Tank, Gunner, Lady Celtic, La Renard Rogue, Sergeant Shrapnel, Spitfire Jones, White Rose, and White Thorn. Many of the heroes died on their final mission. The Human Tank and Gunner were assassinated by the Japanese hero Crimson Katana , Gunner was only 19 years old.
Their bodies have have been interned, when possible, through out the world.
The Freedom League
The Freedom League has long been the defenders of justice in a world of super criminals, world dictators, and other forms of menace to the world at large. The third incarnation of the group includes Captain Thunder (Leader), Bowman IV, Daedalus, Dr. Metropolis, Lady Liberty V, Pseudo, and The Raven II. Though the team has been comprised of other members, they have since left the team and struck out on their own on personal quests or other are otherwise preoccupied.
Since the Aquarian Invasion, their location is unknown.
The Atoms
The Atom Family are a group of explorers and froward thinkers, often looking for new ways to do old things or exploring the planet in search of ancient artifacts. The current Family consists of Dr. Atom, Jack Wolf, Maximus Atom, Tesla Atom, and Victoria Atom, along with their pet monkey. The group is relatively young, but has some senior members watching over the younger of the family.
Taken in the Aquarian Invasion.
FORCE Ops formed together under the hero Archer, during Freedom City's darkest days for heroes. The 70's, 80's and 90's were a daring time for America, Freedom City, and the heroes who worked during it. A law passed by the city prevented heroes from actively working in the city, and crime ran amok. This did not just affect them, the heroes gained a violent edge that often lead to them using lethal force. None more violent then Archer's team. It included Archer, Bruiser, El Gato, Kismet, Network, and Nightrage. The group worked until the end of the Terminus Invasion, when most of them were assumed killed. Records are sketchy at best, and their true fate may never be known.
A young group of super powered heroes who are known to attend the Claremont. Serving as the first response team, they outshine the other members of the Academy by a far margin. The team consists of Bolt, Megastar, Nereid, Seven, and Sonic.
Taken in the Aquarian Invasion.
Freedom League Reserves
This group of heroes is formed of the heroes that have been returned to Earth or action from retirement. The current roster is lead by Bowman, and includes Thunderlord, Jade Freedom, Psuedo, and Mentac.
Active as world wide response team.
Hellsing Foundation
Rumored to have been founded in the 1800's to fight a growing danger posed by creatures that far out classed the normal humans that encountered it. Dr Victor Von Hellsing, a German national living in England first encountered what he claimed , and what was to be the bane of his existence, Count Dracula. Dr. Hellsing would face him a dozen or more times in his life time, until the battle would eventually take one of their lives. Originally funded by the British monarchy, the Doctor founded The Hellsing Foundation to fight not just Count Dracula, but all threats of supernatural nature. Dr. Hellsing would go on to train an army of like minded individuals. Today the tradition and heritage is maintained by the latest generation of the Hellsings and funded by the families personal wealth. Though the general populace considers the group a load of kooks, most heroes have seen quite enough to know there are somethings that do go bump in the night.
Based primarily in England, the group maintains smaller Houses all over the world.
STAR Squad
The STAR Squad is a special trained police section, under the command of Commander Barbara. The STAR Squad works with the Superheroes of Freedom City to police super criminals and criminal organizations.
STAR works exclusively inside it's jurisdiction of Freedom City.
AEGIS, American Elite Government Intervention Service is the U.S's long time program to police super criminals and organizations. They answer to Director Harry Gates, kind but very stern man. They recruit Metas to their ranks, but also contain a standing force of battlesuit armored men, specially trained to deal with meta crimes
AEGIS has branch offices all over the United States, but maintains a well equipped office on the 23rd Floor of the Federal Building in Freedom City.
The PeaceKeepers are a force funded by the United Nations, and are sent into hostile zones to try to stabilize the situations peacefully. Nick named the Pinks, generally in America only, they are sometimes seen as being hindered by their ties to the U.N. due to their strict policies regarding conduct and confrontation. Typically they only cause situations to intensify by their actions. To date, their success rate is around 1/3rd of conflicts they are involved in. The mortality rate of Metas sent into combat via the Pinks is very high, and very few last beyond 1-2 years in service. Though they are accompanied by power armored soldiers (PL7) the Metas in Pinks suffer a high turn over, and few names are known to the general populace of America. The one bright side of service in the Pinks, is that they are extremely well paid for service.
Global, with central bases Geneva, England, and New York.
Orion is not generally well known to the populace. Founded in the 1970's as a global terrorist response team, they operate in the deepest shadows countering organizations like SHADOW and The Foundry.
The true location of their head quarters is unknown.

Solo Heroes
Protection of the Sea.
Somewhere in Louisiana.
Star Knight
Protection of the Earth sector of space
Star Knight was also present during the Aquarian Invasion, her whereabouts are unknown.