Copywrite of Ted Tunnell.

In the Beginning...
There was God and the Word was with God, and the word was God. And God created the heavens and Earth...
Man, in his infinant dis satisfaction with life as it was steped forth from the Garden of Eden, seeking more, more of somethiing it didn't know, more possessions, more friends, more family, more money... More power.
When did it really begin, there's no saying, there have always been heroes, myths and legands of people with extra ordinary powers granted by deities or God, striving to fight off everything from human nature to gnawing darkness...
Why is this story important, least we forget that even those granted abilities are still just human at heart. Find that heart and the powers are meaningless.
Much work, exhausting work has gone into this project, a life long obsession maybe, but a fun one. have fun reading this, but never expect it to be the whole story.

The latest experiments in extra powers began when American's altered beings projects started in the late 1800's...

1850-1899: Pre-History

January 9th, 1861 - April 11th, 1861
  • President Abraham Lincoln in elected president of the United States. The south begins making plans to succed from the union. Soon, the southern states begin establishing a government and seizing southern forts.

April 12th, 1861
  • The civil war begins when Confederate troops opened fire on Fort Sumter. January 9th, 1862
  • Strange beings begin making appearances on the battlefields for the Confederates. The added strength of some of these beings caused the northern forces to retreat more then once.

March 16th, 1862
  • After a year of barely making headway against the empowered soldiers, the north had began to loose faith that they could win the war. It is around this time that someone claiming to be a Doctor of Science appears in the congressional hall. He brings with him a man with extraordinary strength. He explains he can genetically alter the Northerner's troops, just as those of the south have been changed. Discovering that the Confederates had used genetic manipulation, the Union immediately began their own alterations of troops. The program begins under the code name Greater Union Allied Research Department. G.U.A.R.D. Assembles a team of the bravest soldiers they can find among the troops.
    Among those was 1st Lt. Theodor Maxwell. His body was genetically altered to be stronger, faster, and he gained the ability to emit powerful blasts of electric energy. He was promoted to Colonel and given command of the 626th Altered Beings Infantry. The Brigade consisted of 44 soldiers, including Col. Maxwell.
    The 626th begin working in defense of the capital while they trained in use of their powers over the first few months. Their uniforms often proved too brittle or clunky for their duties, and it was not long before they were allowed to wear a much lighter material in battle. This consisted of a Blue and grey cotton that was treated to be just a bit stiffer then normal cotton. This type of cloth was developed by a clothing manufacturer named Burgos, it's not known if he was related to the later Burgos, but many historians believe he was. None of this material is known to have survived to modern day examination.

December 21st, 1862
  • In a massive clash, the Union and Confederate's Altered Beings (AB) had their first battle against each other. Over 100 AB faced off, ending in a victory for the north. In total of the Northerner's 44 troops 10 were killed, 22 were injured and 3 were missing. While the South's 72 AB had 40 dead, 20 injured, and 6 missing.
    Col. Maxwell was wounded severely, but the majority of the wounds seemed to be healed within days of the battle. Only a few of the soldiers seemed to exhibit this strange healing ability. It's estimated that after this battle, only 12 of the Northerner's ABs managed to return to service in the next few months.

January 5th, 1862 - September 9th, 1869
  • Many skirmishes and battles raged through out the seven year time span. The AB projects swelled in numbers and many of them died for their cause. In the end, Major Maxwell lead the 626th against General Walter Patton Confederate Altered Beings in a massive battle that managed to alter the landscape Georgia near Atlanta to modern day. The miniature war inside the war lasted for some seven days, and only a hand full of the soldiers survived to the end. Maxwell personally lead the final charge that forced Patton to surrender. This allowed the Union Army to march on Atlanta and forced the Confederacy to end the conflict by signing an unconditional surrender.

November 12th 1869
  • Major Maxwell is assigned to the western frontier with a small troop, compared to his previous unit. This is not abnormal to have a small 3-9 man detachment of 626th serve along side the normal soldiers through out American Territories.

February 3rd 1869
  • Redwood City, CA.. The Governor's mansion is destroyed by a massive sand storm. The governor and a few other men are believed to have died inside the mansion, but no bodies are ever found in the spot. Eventually the state capital is moved further south to Bakersfield.

October 5th 1869
  • Because of their crippled economy, the south is forced to disband their army and AB projects. The north cuts funding on their projects and releases half of their existing AB forces, leaving many of them to start new lives among the frontier. Most of the AB projects take the opportunity to change their lives and head into the west for a fresh start.

September 12th 1871
  • The war having been over for two years is still an open sore for those in the states. Raiders, Indians, and Mexicans roam the country side, making it a booming time for the Bounty Hunter. But this also brings out others of less repute, the gun slinger. Many ABs go into a sort of hiding state, believing that there abilities might make them a target for the outlaws or other persecution of the time.

Starting November 16th, 1871 - 1899
  • During this time, Altered beings undergo an uncertain change. Many of the ABs develop a strange sickness that kills them shortly after contracting it. Genetic research of the era had little in the way of classifying it, but most agree because of flawed techniques used, the result was from genetic damage done on a molecular level. In truth, for the vast majority of them, it turned into an early death sentence. It's unclear of exact numbers, but at least 75-90% of Southern ABs were dead by the age of 35. The Northern estimates are a bit clearer, but grimly are somewhere around 60% fatality.
  • The most famous of the ABs, General Maxwell retires from the military, his appearance had barely changed since the day he was experimented on, and historians believe he was granted a powerful form of regeneration that slowed his aging process. Records of what happens to him after this are lost, he seemingly walks away from the publicity granted him by his actions.
  • In 1894 Fort Mckinny was on the verge of being closed, but instead is rededicated to acting as a hospital and home for the aging ABs while they search for something that might repair the genetic disease that attacks them. Being secluded and surrounded by the wilderness of Wyoming, it acts as a perfect home for them. Many of the war heroes spend their final days here.

1900-1919: Golden Age, Part I

September 8th, 1900
  • After close to thirty years of silence from ABs, a massive hurricane hits Galveston, Texas. Even with the intervention of close to 50 ABs, 6000+ lives are lost. Most of those ABs who intervened died or were wounded by the force of the hurricane. One particular survivor was noticed among them, Robert Burgos, a genius child who created a bubble of air within the storm's fury.

July 8th 1902
  • Even as a group of smugglers enter New York Harbor, they fail to notice a man jump abroad their ship. He uses a massive hammer to help apprehend the crooks with little trouble. Big Boy begins his career.

April 18, 1906
  • The San Francisco earthquake and following fire brings ABs back into a semi lime light. As many assist with relieve efforts, a few begin careers in other parts of the United States and the world at large. Another distinct hero stands out of the crowd, calling himself Mr. Invincible, the man is single handily responsible for saving an entire city block. He makes several other appearance, each time displaying a different ability.

December 25th, 1909
  • Robert Burgos, Mr. Invincible, and Big Boy meet for the first time during a boxing match riot in Pittsburgh. They find the man behind the riot, Hypero who could control the emotions of others. This is the first time that ABs have committed criminal acts since the 1870s. The group manages to defeat the man and hand him over to the police. Each of the three recognizes the other's talents and begin to work with each other over the next few months.

May 13th, 1910
  • With the historic passing of Haley's Comet, another event occurs. The first official banding together of a AB team, outside of US funding or association. The team, code named The Nomads, consists of three known ABs, Mr. Invincible, Big Boy, and Robert Burgos. The fourth is a bizarre mystic, D'ha'zan, the Indonesian holy man who controls unknown forces. They set up temporary head quarters in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia.

March 25, 1911
  • A fire inside a shirt factory, in central New York, claims the lives of 90 people. The Nomads make the news by saving 30 people.

April 15th, 1912
  • The sinking of the Titanic was the Nomads second test. With the help of Robert Burgos's brilliant constructions, they were able to aid in the rescue operations abroad ship, but even with the aid of the heroes just over 1100 people perished in the sinking.

October 20th, 1912
  • Known only to his team mates, Big Boy becomes a father.

June 27th, 1913
  • Two more members are added to the Nomads ranks. Coliver Stone, a derby wearing Englishman who can control his density. And an odd African American calling himself Father Time. Relizing that the team has spent more time in New York then any other city, they move their headquarters to the Bronx.

August 12th, 1913
  • In recognition of their actions during the civil war, New York honors the brave ABs who fought and died years earlier with a statue of Maj. Maxwell in central park. Most are barely old enough to remember, but those few survivors who attend sigh a deep breath at the sight. Perhaps it was just the moment, but some could swear a man in attendance looked exactly like the statue.

December 12th, 1913
  • Robert Burgos is wed to actress Marla Nicholes during a private ceremony.

1914 - 1919 (World War I)

July 28th - August 4th, 1914
  • World War I begins in Europe as the countries hand down the declarations of war.
February 20th - December 4th, 1915
  • Panama Pacific World's fair is held in San Francisco. Only one incident requires the aid of AB interference. After the 1906 quake and fire, the fair is a shot in the arm to the city's life line.

May 7th, 1915
  • The Lusitania is sunk by the German navy as it crosses the channel. Even though 100+ American lives are lost, America does not enter the war.

October 18th, 1915
  • The Germans begin deploying something called German Elite Forces, these troops manifest odd abilities, much like the the ABs of the America's Civil War era. This helps the German forces capture key ports in northern France.

March 20th, 1916
  • The majority of France's northern tip is taken by the Germans. The Allied forces are either pushed back to England, or further south into France. British units in the south of France are cut off from reinforcements.

September 3rd, 1916
  • The British shore line is invaded by German forces, advancing through Dover, Canterbury, Sittingbourne, and gain control of the south eastern tip. In response for the lack of support from the Americans to the allied cause, Coliver Stone retires from the Nomads and returns to England.

January - March 12th, 1917
  • Somewhere between these dates, America learns of German use of American genetic manipulation technology, and begin supplying France and Britain with Altered Being data, they immediately start their own Altered Soldier programs.
  • The British team is code named, British Elite Soldier Training, (or B.E.S.T.), and is led by Coliver stone, the first BEST consisted of: Union Ja'ak, who received increased strength from his treatments. Red Coat, who gained the ability to see and hear better then any normal man. Logger, whose very presence causes his enemies to suffer from a drunken state. Lancelot, a master swordsman. Morgonna, her mystical abilities rivaled the magus of legend. and Man-O-War, who seemed virtually indestructible. With the exception of Morgonna and Coliver, most where geneticaly changed in a British labatory. Morgonna joined the program with her abilities.
  • The program helps the British force a stand off just outside London, and manage to push back the invading German armies.

March 15th, 1917
  • Despite great concern over the war, Robert and his wife Marla have their first child, Danielle.

March 24th, 1917
  • A fierce battle erupts in Sittingbourne, the two sides collide with their top AB units battling through out the day. Logger is killed when he attempts to tackle an energy dealing AB and Man-O-War is mortally injured by a mortar shell. They deal much more damage then they take though, managing to take out three of the German Elite Soldiers.

March 28th, 1917
  • Canterbury is the third battle ground to reclaim English soil from German hands. Using Covert means, and ancient tunnels, BEST enters the city beneath the forces and take them by surprise. The battle is still a fierce one, and many troops on both sides are lost. Morgonna is fatally wounded when she takes a bullet for her lover Red Coat.

April 2nd, 1917
  • After forcing them to retreat to Dover, BAST conceived a cunning plan, they would force the German's hand by seemingly leaving a large transport shipment unprotected. The German Elite Forces took the bait, surprised and stunned by BEST's attack they were captured.
  • This left Dover covered only by standard soldier units, or so BEST believed. When they entered the city they discovered a second GEF unit, and while retreating to regroup for this unexpected turn of events the GEF unit discovered them. Down to only four ABs, and facing a full squad of Germans, the BAST fought for their lives.
  • The battle raged through out the city. When Union Ja'ak was shot in the leg by a sniper, Coliver called for a full retreat. He noticed Lancelot had been fiercely engaged in battle with a GEF calling himself Baron Eroberung. As Lancelot fought, he noticed and tried to save a child about to fall from a roof top, Eroberung took the opportunity to leave a deep gash in him; however, Lancelot saved the child.
  • Coliver ordered his troops to surrender, in order to be treated for their wounds. Fortunately Red Coat escaped from the the battle and returned to British territory.

April 5th, 1917
  • Mysteriously the mystical known as Morgonna reappeared, seemingly healed by some form of her magics. She also managed to heal Man-O-War back to his normal self. The BEST training program had been hard at work and had recruited two new soldiers into the program. Big Ben, whose size increased to 30 feet and Robin Loxly, a master bow-women.
  • The five BEST agents lead a battalion back towards the city, and managed to sneak in under the German patrols. They made their way to the main headquarters, and took the second GEF unit by surprise. Loxly freed the captured units and Morgonna managed to heal them. They easily dealt with the German Units and forced them to retreat back to France.

April 6th, 1917
  • With England's victory over the German invasion, America finally agreed to enter the Great War.

April 14th, 1917
  • Inspired by England's victory over the German invasion and America's aid, British and Canadian forces move 3 miles into Arras.

April 15th, 1917
  • The President himself asks the Nomads to assist in their try to put a quick end to the war. Agreeing, they are enlisted in the army and their team is declared a unit. The Nomads, realize they would need more ABs to assist them, and set about recruiting some lesser known heroes. Kid Twister, a Texan who has the power to control winds, supposedly a result of the storm in 1900. Gray Fox, a Chicago based private detective who can blend into shadows. And Crimson Rose, a young lady from California who can control plants.

April 21st, 1917
  • Low moral among French ground troops begins to set in. The government, finally has a lab equipped to begin experiments and quickly does so. The program, called Legends, would name their subjects after the legends of all of France. D'Artagnan, the leader of this new force, with the ability to throw powerful stun missiles. Fantôme de l'Opéra, whose ghastly appearance struck terror into his enemies. Monte-Carlo, a young man with the ability to alter the odds of their success. St. Bernard, a priest with healing abilities and forcefield generation. Roland, a master of the battle axe with the ability to reflect any form energy sent towards him. And Warlock, a mysterious figure who can attack using powerful bolts of some unknown energy.

April 16th-29th, 1917
  • Even with the boost from new troops being deployed from America, French troops were unable to break through at Le Chemin des Dames ridge.
  • Suffering major losses, British troops were forced into retreat more then once.

May 23rd, 1917
  • After being pushed to Armaiens on April 25th, the Allies receive a major blow when Germany shells Paris. The attack destroys the main lab for Legends, but none of their subjects are killed by the blast.

July 10th, 1917
  • The offensive push of Ypres begins, also called the Passchendaele. This was the third battle of the war in this area, when it finished nearly four months later only minor gains had been made, and major losses in troops.

December 3rd, 1917
  • As an early christmas present, the new Russian government signs a truce with Germany.

August 8th, 1918
  • Allied troops on the Somme push German troops into retreat. While AB forces from British and France meet a troop of GEF. The battle is brief, but allows the Germans time to escape.

September 29th, 1918
  • With the aid from the Nomads, BEST, and Legends, the allied troops manage to break through German lines.

October 11th, 1918
  • An astonishing discovery is made, a scientist who lived in America in 1869 is found to be the cause of the GEF program. A combined team <Mr. Invincible, Father Time, Twister, Coliver Stone, Morgonna, Union Ja'ak, Lancelot, D'Artagnan, Fantôme de l'Opéra, and St. Bernard.> of the AB units are sent to Germany with the mission to either retrieve or dismiss the man before more GEF units can be made.

October 17th, 1918
  • After making their way to the main laboratory of the GEF program, a castle called Trisionporf, the Allied ABs encounter the GEF unit that led the invasion of Britain.
  • The battle was a long one, and Fantôme de l'Opéra was it's first causality, dying when Rudionic(A psychotic Mr. Hyde being.) Stabbed him through the heart, his victory came with a price, with his last attack the Phantom scared the man so bad he went insane.
  • So enraged by the death of the Phantom, Coliver puts his fist through Rudionic, D'Artagnan accidentally impales Stoskin(Stone Skin), and Twister and Union Ja'ak kill a darkness creating AB named Visionic. So distraught by killing Visionic, Ja'ak can only watch the remainder of the battle.
  • D'Artagnan, Twister and St. Bernard are ordered to evacuate the injured Allied AB's while the German ABs flee, and Father Time and Coliver Stone move deeper into the castle. Amidst all the confusion of the rest of the battle, Lancelot and Count Eroberung battle on, locked in mortal combat.
  • When the two Nomads confront him, an even further discovery is made. Father Time knows the man, apparently haven known him from long ago. The scientist becomes so disturbed he knocks over some combustible chemicals and starts a fire in the lab. His fate is unknown, but Father Time and Coliver escape the fire with out injury.
  • As the fire spreads through out the castle, Lancelot and Count Eroberung are brought to one last set of blows. Lancelot is stabbed in the leg, but when Eroberung prepares to strike the death blow, a burning wooden timber falls into him and he apparently falls to his death.

November 11th, 1918
  • World War I ends with the Kaisers abdication and Germany's surrender. The teams return to their respective countries. The Nomads are honored as America's very own super team.

December 1st, 1918
  • President Wilson visits the Nomads to thank them personally for their involvement in the war. The team takes the opportunity to gain support from the president, and become a recognized organization.

December 17th, 1918
  • After an extensive search, the team purchases a building in down town Manhattan. The team, now based in New York, writes the charter that would become the basic guide lines for all other AB teams.
  • "This, we the members of the Nomads, agree to, not only in principal, but in total agreement, to always be a shining force against the forces of darkness. Our mission will be to help those who can not help themselves, to achieve things only we can, where ever we are."
  • Once the war was over, two of the Nomads retired to return to their previous lives. Twister returned to Texas, D'ha'zan returned to his homeland to study his mystical arts. Thus their reign as a recognized team begins with six members, Mr. Invincible, Big Boy, Robert, Father Time, Gray Fox, and Crimson Rose.

January 20th, 1919
  • Across the atlantic the French and English government had agreed to a similar proposal by their super teams. In exchange for having helped in their war effort, their teams were allowed to attain a sort of semi political status.
  • Best was allowed to set up shop inside London's famous clock, Big Ben, while the Legends were based in Paris and given a very expensive mansion. Unfortunately two important members of BEST had retired while Coliver had arranged the agreement. Red Coat and Morgonna had moved to northern England to begin a family. Union Ja'ak had been stand-offish since the last fight of the war, but reluctantly agreed to return to the team.
  • The Legends only lost St. Bernard to retirement, wishing only to help people with his healing skills.

January 25th, 1919
  • During their first bout with common criminals, the Best program almost lost Union Ja'ak when he barely escaped a fell to his death from the famous clock, Big Ben.

January 28th, 1919
  • Union Ja'ak is almost killed again in a skirmish with criminals, this time nearly drowning in the Channel.

February 3rd, 1919
  • When Union Ja'ak almost dies for the 3rd time, Coliver Stone puts him on suspension.

February 5th, 1919
  • After being put on suspension, Union Ja'ak attempts suicide. Luckily Coliver Stone, Lancelot and Big Ben save him from himself. After the incident, Union Ja'ak decides to hang up his suit for good, and checks into a mental ward, suffering from extreme mental stress.

Febuary 10th, 1919
  • Known only to the Nomads and a small group of heroes, Robert Burgos becomes a father for the second time. Despite the happy news, the group soon realize that things have changed after many of the countries heroes where sent to war. Crime had reached a feavered pitch without the group, many want to put out a call to arms for more ABs to take up the cause. But realizing this could make them even more suspetiable to attacks of the very ones they wish to stop, the idea is tabled. Instead they work toward influancing those ABs they come in contact with.

July 19th, 1919
  • In respect for their fallen comrades, the Nomads visit London for the unveiling of the Cenotaph, a tribute to the brave men who died during the war.

1920-1939: Golden Age, Part II

January 16th, 1920
  • The league of nations meets for the first time. Altered beings from BEST, Nomads, and Legend gather also. Unannounced to the public, they intercept a German assignation plot. A few of the heroes decided to split from their groups and form a fourth team to increase peace between the three nations.
  • Father Time, Crimson Rose, Lancelot, Monet-Carlo, and Warlock took leave from their respective groups to form this new team, The Allies, which would be based in Washington. The departures leave the Nomads with Mr. Invincible, Big Boy, Robert Burgos, and Grey Fox as the only active members. While the BEST team itself are left to Coliever Stone, Big Ben, Robin Loxly, and Man-O-War. The hardest hit are the Legends, who have only two members left active, D'artagnan and Roland.
  • A very busy day, this is also the first day of Prohibition.

January 19th, 1920
  • The United States, despite support by both it's president and several of the nations war heroes, votes not to join the League of Nations. The fledgling idea never recovers from the blow of not having the country as part of it. Chief among the reasons for the defeat was a growing sense of isolationism, caused by the resentment of having been drawn into a war they saw themselves separate from.

January 25th-March 15th, 1920
  • Inspired by the team of heroes that fought during the war, and the presidential and general public support for ABs. Several solo heroes begin appearing through out America and the world. Most notable among these where Dr. Ethologus who had the ability to change her physical appearance and speak to mammals, The Magnificent Moldune a magician who was held in high regard among the people and perhaps one of most impressive adventurers of his time, and Mademosiselle Liberte who had several abilities, including increased strength and the very rare and amazing ability to fly.

March 20th-27th, 1920
  • While investigating several ships disappearing in the oceans around England, the BEST program encounter a man who can cover his body in silver fish scales. Calling himself Pike, he joins them and together they discover the cause of the missing ships, a man calling himself Captain Wrecker, leader of a pirate gang. The lost ships where found to have been sunk after their cargo plundered and their crew pressed into forced labor. They stop the attacks and Captain Wrecker, but the Captain eludes capture. After rescuing the crews, Pike joins BEST and fits in well with them.

May 13th, 1920
  • New York City throws a massive parade for the Nomad's 10th year of existence.

June 14th, 1920
  • The Nomads discover a strange group calling themselves the Phantoms. The group has agents through out the country, and when the Nomads expose one of them, they are targeted by the groups own altered beings. Over the next year they are engaged in several battles against them.

August 20th, 1920
  • A league of professional football comes under the title of American Professional Football Conference, later American Professional Football Association. Still not quite well organized, several of the teams play varying schedule and use college players.

November 12th, 1920
  • After several hard fought adventures over the last few months, the Legends are on the verge of disbanding untill the two encounter a set of circus performers. After reports of several citizens mysteriously disappear after a visit to a strange circus, Roland and D'Artagnan are sent to investigate it. They meet Abella and Corin Delvan, top acts with the circus, and discover they are actually Altered Beings. Further investigating the circus, they find that the owner of the circus is kidnapping people and experimenting on them. Calling himself Maitre D'Anneau(Ring Master), he uses Abella's hypnotic ability to control the circus workers. A fierce battle erupted between the investigators and the circus workers. The outnumbered Roland and D'Artagnan, were subdued and chained inside a cage with rabid lions and tigers. Abella, already feeling guilty for her actions, convinces her brother that they must help the heroes. Together they turn the tide on Maitre D'Anneau, and stop him and the kidnappings. The Legends use their connections with the government to have the two released on probation. Afterward, they are accepted as new members of the team, taking the mantles Tribute and Dernaniom.

December 21st, 1920
  • The Nomads and Allies attack a Phantom strong hold. They discover the true mastermind behind the group is actually the Attorney General, Raymond Cohen. Disbelieving them, President Wilson refuses to remove the man from his post.

January 17th-21st, 1921
  • After a particularly harsh winter for northern England, BEST(Coliever Stone, Man-O-War, and Pike) investigates with the help of Red Coat and Morgonna. They find an evil spirit is inhabited the area. As they try to find a way to banish the creature, they encounter a bookish librarian, Ellen Valethorp. While studying in an ancient library, the spirit of Winter Solstice is released, Ellen volunteers to be inhabited by the odd being and together they manage to defeat the creature. Afterward, Ellen joins the BEST Program as a member.

March 4th, 1921
  • Warren G. Harding is inaugurated, and the head of the Phantoms is pushed out of the presidential cabinet. For now, their threat is reduced.

June 1st, 1921
  • Tulsa, OK race riot kills nearly 1200 African Americans, and injured 800 more. If not for the timely intervention of a team of African American heroes it would have killed many more. The team itself was loosely formed with six members, they began calling themselves the Onyx Champions. Black Onyx, a super strong man with dark metal skin. Bronze, a quick footed man with shiny metallic skin. Ezikiual, who had powerful eye blasts. Bones, an agile thief who reportedly survived 5 story drops. Ulana, who could create sonic vibrations with a single word. Scott Morgan, The leader of the small group, Scott used his intelligence to create fascinating devices to help his small team.
  • After the riot, the team stayed together and became a force of good in the mid-west.

November 12th, 1921
  • Robert Bogus, a leading scientist and representative for the ABs of the world in general, is asked to attend the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks(SALT) His appearance was little more then show, as all of his suggestions were labeled as too costly. In the end, the the countries came to an agreement which scrapped older ships, a 10 year ban on capital ship construction, various restrictions on fortifications in the western pacific, and - perhapses the most important - limited the displacement(weight displaced when submerged in water) of capital ships. Robert notices several flaws in the agreement, but, having already been shot down more then once, decides to keep them to himself.

December 7th-9th, 1921
  • Eearly on the morning of the 7th, a group of armed and armored men stormed the capital, capturing both the Whitehouse, and the capital building. The Phantoms had finally struck in force. The Allies head quarters, located close to the Washington Monument, was next on their capture list. In the confusion of their head quarters being attacked, Crimson Rose was quickly injured, followed by Lancelot who tried to help her. Monte-Carlo, Father Time and Warlock managed to get reorganized long enough to take out several of the men, but the sheer number of their foes wore them down. Two days later, a weary, injured and tired Father Time collapses inside the Nomad's head quarters. Informing the four that Washington and the rest of the Allies, had been captured by the Phantoms. Grey Fox remembered The Magnificent Moldune had recently returned to the city and contacted him. The six rushed to Washington, hoping to stop the group before they could cause any more damage.

December 11th, 1921
  • After making their way to Washington, the Nomads, Moldune, and Father Time are met by the Army at the city limits. Suspiciously they tell the Nomads that they require no help from them.

December 12th, 1921
  • After managing to sneak into the city, the group finds it is almost completely abandoned, with only patrols of the Army walking the streets. Grey Fox realized that the soldiers were probably disguised Phantom members, and that the city was likely under marshal law. Robert suggested the group head for the Allies' HQ. The find it set up as a militia dispatch post, with a very injured Lancelot chained in the center of the meeting hall. After releasing him, he tells them the others have been taken to the capital building, along with the president and congress.

December 13th, 1921
  • The Nomads and their allies moved through the city on a delivery truck, crashing it into a blockade at the capital, they made their way in side. After heavy fighting by the Phantom members, they finally met the leader of the Phantoms, Robert Cohen, now calling himself The Director. Apparently sometime during the year the Director had experimented upon himself, and gained super strength, eye beams and an almost indestructible body. Big Boy, caught off guard when he believed he had knocked the Director out, was severely injured after being blasted through the entire building and onto the grounds outside. Robert had to work furiously to save his life while Lancelot, Moldune and Father Time fought the Director. Grey Fox left the fighting to search the building, he found the Allies and government officials in the senate voting room. Using his powers, he freed them and disabled their guards. The freed Allies made their way to the main battle, but found the Director had completely lost his mind in his rage and destroyed a good portion of the building. Lancelot, Moldune and Father Time guided him away from the barely standing capital building and the prone Big Boy. Unfortunately, they couldn't continue to avoid his attacks, and Lancelot was the second to be knocked out of the fight, followed quickly by Father Time. Moldune, left with little choice, opened a dimensional gateway and while Greyfox and Monte-Carlo distracted him, Warlock used his Telekineses to send the man into the vortex. The main hall and lobby of the capital building are damaged almost beyond repair, and construction would take several months to complete. Mean while, Big boy would spend several months recuperating from his injuries.

December 14th, 1921
  • The president awards the Nomads, the Allies, and Mr. Moldune the congressionally medal of honor for having defeated the Director and put a final end to the threat posed by the Phantoms.

April 20th, 1922
  • Doc Morgan and Ulana of the Onyx Champions are wed.

June 24th, 1922
  • The still un-organized and near failing American Professional Football Association changes it's name to the National Football League.

August 5th, 1922
  • A drought strikes Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. The Nomads rush to aid the area, and have their first meeting with the Onyx Champions. Together they discover that the source of the drought is a power mad rancher with the ability to control the weather. Henry Phillips, Rainstalker, is dealt with by the teams, but not without injury. Ulana took a powerful lightning blast and Ezikiual was injured when he attempted to surprise Rainstalker from behind, he summoned a blast of wind which critically injured Ezikiual.
  • Althought Ulana recovered from her injuries, Ezikiual was paralyzed from the waist down. He retired from the field, but stayed on to serve as a researcher.

February 16th, 1923
  • Tutankhamen's tomb is excavated in Luxor Egypt. The dig is publicized by a well known magazine which almost single handily makes it a house hold name. Unknown to the archaeologist, the dig releases a powerful ancient spirit, that inhabits one of the archaeologist.

April 26th, 1923
  • The royal wedding of Prince Albert and Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon in Westminster Abbey is attended by various heroes from the great war. Granting them secrecy, they are allowed to wear their masks and gloves over formal wear.

June 18th, 1923
  • Mount Etna in Sicily erupts. The country is hit hard by the volcano's eruption. 48,000 are left homeless. The timely intervention of the Allies manages to save a portion of the homes in the volcano's path. Crimson Rose and Monet-Carlo are injured in their efforts.

June 22nd, 1923
  • The Nomads are caught up in a gang battle in the streets of downtown New York. They fight hard against mobsters with police help. After nearly 3 hours, the battle is over, but there is no clear victor. The Nomads realize that just how under staffed they are, and set about to recruit some new members.

July 6th, 1923
  • The Soviet Union is established. Some question their motives in the aftermath of signing a peace treaty with Germany shortly before the war's end.

August 2nd, 1923
  • Warren Harding dies while in office during a scandal that surrounds his cabinet. Calvan Collidge succeeds him. Though not publicly announced, the Nomads believe the defunked Phantoms to have a hand in his death.

August 19th, 1923
  • After months of trailing prohibition era mobsters, The Nomads make a nationally publicized move and attack one of the time's largest mob boss', Damonos "Dead-End" Deluchy. Deluchy is convicted of various crimes and given 30 years in prison. Despite his conviction, Deluchy claims he will have revenge on the group.

August 24th, 1923
  • While traveling across the country to help on a Navel project, Robert Burgos encounters a band of outlaws in Santa Fei, New Mexico. Here, he meets an old friend, Kid Twister(Now going by the mantle Twister), and a super speed AB that had been making a minor name for herself for the past few years, Quik Shadow. Together the three easily stop the group. Robert is so impressed with her, that he asks Quik Shadow join the Nomads, which she accepts. Twister too is asked to re-join the team, and seeing the team in need, agrees. For the first time since the Allies were formed, the team is returned to a full staff.

September 1st, 1923
  • A major earthquake devastates Tokyo and Yokohama. Many are killed on the island, the Allies are sent in to assist in relief efforts.

September 4th, 1923
  • The first American airship, the "USS Shenndoah", takes flight. Her sister ship, the "USS Nomad", still in production is under the supervision of Robert Burgos. The airship is slated to be the Nomad's first official form of travel. Although excluded from assisting in development of the Shenndoah, Robert notices several structural flaws in the Nomad, and immediately sets to correct them.

September 8th, 1923
  • While in California working on the USS Nomad, Robert Burgos helps save sailors from a patrol of Destroyers that ran aground during a relocation from San Francisco to San Diego.

September 27th, 1923
  • The launch of the USS Nomad is attended by several of the notable stars of the time. The Allies return from Japan to attend it's launch, with them is a new member, a young martial artist from Japan, Dragon Wind.

November 9th, 1923
  • A vaguely known political dissident attempts an over throw of Germany's new republic government. The man, Adolf Hitler is jailed for his part, tried on February 26th, 1924, and sentenced to a mild 5 years in prison. It is here he meets the former GEF Soldier Grutanem. Grutanem had been released from a P.O.W. camp in England shortly after the war, but was not able to make the transition to a normal life after his 'treatments'. Adolf recruits the man, as a perfect example of Aerion superiority.

January 10th, 1924
  • The BEST group is asked to investigate a downed submarine in the English channel. Pike, Coliver Stone, and Man-O-War found the sub and rescued her crew before their air supply had ran out.

Febuary 11th, 1924
  • An odd gate of energy appears in down town Manhattan. A man emerges from it, and claims he is from a future in which ABs of the United States will be hunted by the government and despised or feared by the public. The general public dismisses the event as a hoax. The Nomads talk to the man for several minutes before he disappears again into the gate. Robert is greatly troubled by what the man tells them.

March 7th - March 12th, 1924
  • Unexpectedly, several of the Nomads, Allies and Best are kidnapped to an alternate dimension. Robert later refers to it as The Transverse War. It leaves the Nomads with only two active members, Big Boy and Grey Fox. The other teams have an easier time, but the Nomads feel pressured to fill their roster with temporary members until the others are found. Big Boy begins training Lil'Slugger as an intern member.

April 16th, 1924
  • Grey Fox manages to find Moldune, and convince him to temporally join the Nomads until the others return.

April 21st, 1924
  • A young Hispanic girl calling her self Rozia appears in central park during a mugging and makes the front page of the paper with her heroics. The Nomads seek her out and persuade her to join.

April 24th, 1924
  • Days after a strange out of season snow storm, a young man calling himself Almanac approaches the Nomads. He offers to join the group, demonstrating his power, he summons a rainstorm over the city and dismisses it. Unsure of his background, he took the name Henry Pine and hoped they could help him cure his amnesia.

April 28th, 1924
  • During a period called the Harlem Renaissance, a new black hero appears from the area. Calling himself the Harlem Knight, he patrols the streets of the city against gangs and criminals.

April 30th, 1924
  • Amid growing resentment from the the local white settlements, the Onyx Champions attempt to stop a local Rodeo riot. The group is unsuccessful, and several people are trampled in a stampede. The group is demonized for their attempt to help, and racial tension begins to stretch even thinner in the area. Some believe the group caused the riot. It is is the first of many dark days to come for the group.

May 15th, 1924
  • Damonos "Dead-End" Deluchy escapes from prison, without his cell door open or any way detected out of his jail cell. A month long search of the surrounding area is initiated, but no trace of him is found.

1940-1949: Golden Age, Part III

December 31st, 1949 The Fall
  • Invited to spend the New Years celebration in down town New York City to celebrate the first broadcast on television, the Nomads attend with the current roster present. As Midnight nears, something unexpected and unexplained happens, Red Daemon appears before the ball as it descends, Laughter fills the night air and suddenly the cameras go dark. The next day nothing within a 65 mile radius is left of New York. After mild radiation is detected, it is assumed that a nuclear blast leveled the city. The Nomads suffer the blame for what ever happened the previous night, and heroes in general are banned, rounded up and detained for fear of another betrayal. Many heroes retire rather then suffer this, others begin working from the most extreme of darkness. Yet more leave the united states all together.

1950-1959: Dark Age, Part I: Fall of Heroes

1960-1969: Dark Age, Part II

1970-1979: Dark Age, Part III

June 26th, 1979
  • The ASGERD project is formed.

1980-1989: Silver Age, Part I: Heroes Reborn

1990-1999: Silver Age, Part II

October 20th, 1993
  • ASGERD: Team 1 escapes from Fort McKenny.

September 11th, 1995
  • After many misadventures, Team 1 meets a man calling himself The Unknown. And for the first time make a stand against ASGERD, the win against ASGERD gives them confidence to form a group with TU. Taking the nickname Rogue Squad, they bring a heroic team back into the limelight.

2000-2001: Silver Age, Part III

January 14th 2000
  • The historical superhuman registration act is passed in the USA, any display of special talents in the states warrants an immediate response of an ASGERD (Army Secret Genetic Research and Development) agent. Those who do not join, disappear quickly; however, this is not as well reported as you'd think.
  • To think this all started in 1948 when the premier hero of the time Red Daemon supposedly set off a nuclear bomb in the middle of New York City, which destroyed most of the City, Queens, Harlem, Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx. The bomb incinerated most of the state and New Jersey.
  • For years heroes where almost an extinct thing, until the 1960's when rumors began about a man calling himself The Unknown, who was globe hoping and doing random acts of heroics. But suddenly The Unknown disappeared, and for a long time people thought all his exploits were fairy tales. It wasn't until the late 1980's when heroes became a property of the state. Countries began searching their borders for people with extra ordinary powers, Canada, South America, Australia and Russia made heroes their main army. Other countries banded together forming groups to combine there limited resources, The western section of Germany, England, France, Ireland, Spain, Greece, Italy, Egypt and most of North Africa, formed the feared European Union. Asia forgot old rivalries and banded a small force called the Asian Tactical Assault Unit (ATAU), the only absent was Japan, which had already formed their own team.
  • The last to form a heroic team was america, but only for lack of successful tests. It wasn't until General Benjamin Flagg began running the ASGERD project that things started running in high gear. The first well documented super powered being was Eclipse, the blackness in the distance, as he was coin, soon other projects began paying off. Soon others followed: Vulcanus master of fire, Mecca master of the earth, Frost the black Ice, and finally Merg able to shift his form into many other objects and animals. The ASGERD program amazed the country, but for some mysteries reason ASGERD went against the state and disappeared. The press blasted them as traitors, and after the experience with Red Daemon America was more then happy to believe it. After a year of running and hiding from General Flagg, they ran into the man who said he was The Unknown, and a strange being with control over the water it self, SeaSlam. Together they formed Rogue Squad, and finally made a stand. They won, they pushed Gen. Flagg back, and bought them valuable time, and for almost seven years they fought for what they believed in. After a time, and with the help of various people they had helped while on the run, they took the fight to Washington. They charged the General with treason himself, saying he had only developed the ASGERD unit to increase his power. But without any proof they had to flea Washington, again, on the run from Gen. Flagg. But this time the country had so much, hatred and emotion, the Hero Registration Act was passed through the congress easily, and signed by the president. Appeal after appeal was launched to stop it, and had minimal success, but with a price, RS had to agree to stop interfering with the country, and to park their air base outside of a army base in Paradise Bay, WA.

April 21st, 2001
  • After agreeing to the terms last year Rogue Squad remained outside Paradise City, waiting patiently...Untill the problem got worse, RS had to brake the agreement to save Paradise City from, first a bomb threat, then a giant marauding robot sent by a mad scientist calling himself Generious Vile. Now they are hunted, Gen. Flagg, bounty hunters, and even this new threat Vile. Only time will tell what happens next.
  • They have few other allies in their fight to freedom, Maxx Force, and a few lone heroes who help from the shadows.

July 20th 2001
  • A being calling him self The Attractor invades earth. ASGERD claims victory and to have destroyed the being. But in reality, a combined effort from Maxx Force, Rogue Squad, and the team guided by the man calling himself Shadow Walker were able to defeat the being. Sending it deep into space.

2002+: Modern Age: Rise of Heroes

August 29th 2002
  • An odd red bubble appears over Gateway City, Missouri. Under the bubble, 6230 people are apparently kidnapped and taken to some unknown place.

December 25th, 2002
  • Reports of the kdinapped people returning to their homes in Gateway City is underscored by the attack of what appeared to be a small boy on Orlando, Florida. ASGERD forces faced off against him, but the boy and a team of super hero villians completely descimate the Army. The child takes over a sky-scraper in the middle of the city, where a small band of heroes face off against him.

11:00 Janurary 4th, 2003
  • #"Attention any one in the sound of my voice.. Just minutes ago the world begin experience what seem to be fractions in time. They occur at complete random intervals and places. Heroes seem to be targets for these time fractures, but it's unclear why. As of right now, no normal human has been swallowed by one, but several witnesses report Heroes being taken to some unknown place."#

February 16th, 2003
  • Several weeks after a new ASGERD team is formed in Baltimore, A horde of Dragons invade the world, little is known about how or why they attack, but a global broadcast of combined ASGERD and other heroes eventualy combine their efforts in the Arctic to stop their master plan.

March 1st, 2003
  • Several solo heroes are given licenses in Baltimore to conduct investigations with police co-operation. Not popular with the ASGERD program, they receive little assistance from them.

March 14th 2003
  • The group of Baltimore ASGERD heroes, named ACT-B engage a group of better known villains who faced off with Rogue Squad. The group were attempting to assassinate the retired hero, Paul Marcus aka NovaStrike.

August 29th 2016
The world has changed after the events of The Attractor, Dragon War and Secrets Unearthed...
The United States no longer fears the heroes as they did before, after Orlando began to freely allow Altered Beings to operate inside the city. Other cities would follow suit, Boston, Paradise Bay, Redwood, and many others.
The original Seven Gates group have gone their separate ways after the events of Seven Gates.
The Rebel Squad military members surrendered to General Kirby Lee after he assumed command of the ASGERD project. Eclipse, Frost, and Vulcanus were sentenced to 12 months in miltary prison. The Unknown has revealed his identity as military arms industrialist Robert Harper, and has since retired from activity. The Wandering One, the Elvin from Mysteria, has left the group to explore this new world. Paul Markus is still recovering from his survival of cancer and loss of his powers. Ameryka, Red Mantis, and Blue Dragoon have disappeared or have been declared deceased.
MaxForce has also disbanded after internal strife left the team broken. M.A.X.X. still operates but has been silent.
The clandestine group known as Gun's 4 Hire vanished without a trace during the Time Crisis event.
ASGERDS main teams have been silent as well, responding to small meta threats, but often events turn into publicity disasters.
But a new darkness is rising. and once more, the Seven Gates will be threatened, a team must rise to answer this threat.