House Rules 1.01:
  • So much for not having very many house rules.

Character Creation:
  • Most cannon races are allowed, within reason. I approve all character racial types myself, to prevent an issue.
  • New characters currently begin at 5th level experience for single class, and 5th level Fighter experience divided among multi-classes.
  • Starting languages are Common and the character's own race.
  • Languages derived from the Intelligence Ability may be spent on NWPs as well.
  • Starting hit points are full 1st level + rolled for levels there after.
  • Starting money is stated in the PHB, +1 die per highest level of Experience.
  • Starting characters receive 1 magic item per 2 levels of experience above 1st level. IE, 1 at 3rd, 2 at 5th, 3 at 7th.
  • New characters joining after a game has begone, start at just below average level of the combined active players.
  • New characters joining after a game has begone, start with +1 die of starting gold.

  • Allowed Classes are those provided in the PHB, Barbarian, and Ninja. Kits are allowed, but must be cleared with me or my assistant. A full list of those should be available when I get some free time for it, or after I finish the other web pages.
  • I fully inteded to some day create a wide range of extra classes, but since I've read the 3.5 rules, I think I'll just let kits and such be as they are.
  • Single or Dual class Fighters may specialize in as many weapons as they want.
  • Further, After specialization, A Fighter may choose one weapon to hone much further, by spending an addition Weapon Skill on this weapon, they may add a non-magical +1 to Hit or Damage done, or add an Armor Class Bonus(Perry). This counts as Specialization level 2, and may go up to level 5.
  • Monks may specialize in martial arts as a class ability. This is a special form of specializing, which may or may not give magical properties. (Actually, I forget, I need to check.)
  • Paladins, Rangers, and multi-classed Fighters may Specialize in one weapon.
  • Wizards and Priests must spend 4 hours rest +1 hour per spell level to memorize a spell.

  • Until 5th level, Characters must spend 3 days per Level obtaining training without interruption. IE, a 2nd level character training to 3rd would spend 9 days training. After 5th level, a character has gained enough experience in their class to train on their own and advance to the next level when they receive the experience without needing to be trained.
  • At level, Wizards receive 1 spell of their choice of appropriate level. This spell does not require a To Learn roll. It is assumed that at some point they where exposed to said spell and realize it's workings.

  • After 3rd level, a Warrior or Priest may train in Armor or Shield use. This will add -1 AC to a specific type of Armor, Cloth(Robes and Padded), Light(Leather, Studded Leather, or Hide), Medium(Ring Mail, Scale Mail, Chain Mail) or Heavy(Splint Mail and up).
  • After 3rd level, a Wizard or Thief may train in Parrying. This will add -1 to their AC

  • A recent change now allows Wizards to use the Wisdom bonus granted for more spell memroization.

  • Duel and Multi class Wizard characters may wear armor up to Chainmail with a 15% spell failure chance.