Session Start: Mon Dec 29 03:53:25 2008
Session Ident: #ravenloft
[21:29] <GMDog> let's roll
[21:29] <GMDog> * RECAP *
[21:30] <GMDog> Last week you found yourselves in the company of a shopkeep who was actually helpful and gave you some tips.
[21:31] <GMDog> He stole your gol... er, sold you some weapons and sent you on your way.
[21:32] <GMDog> Armed with the new information, you find yourselves in the city at midday.
[21:32] <GMDog> * GAME START *
[21:33] * `Aesc glances at Alverian
[21:33] <Eisern_Hoden> "Well......when yyyyyya want to head for Skald?"
[21:34] * Kasey_Alamarez nods and waits to get going
[21:34] <Eisern_Hoden> ((trying to find my notes from last week))
[21:34] <`Aesc> to Alverian: "Have you caught sight of the herb shop he spoke of?"
[21:35] <Alverian> `roll 1d20
[21:35] <GameServ> Alverian rolled 1d20: 11 <Total: 11>
[21:35] <Alverian> "I believe so, there are several in the city though."
[21:35] * `Aesc frowns
[21:35] <`Aesc> "Several?"
[21:35] <Alverian> "I know of at least three."
[21:36] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Heh. Well, let's go to one at least."
[21:36] <`Aesc> "I think it wise if we got our hands on some of that wolfsbane."
[21:36] * Eisern_Hoden nods in agreement
[21:38] * Eisern_Hoden waits to follow
[21:38] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Show us the way to one please Alverian."
[21:38] <Alverian> "Yes, I agree."
[21:38] <Alverian> "Very well."
[21:39] * `Aesc nods
[21:39] * Kasey_Alamarez follows Alverian.
[21:39] <`Aesc> "Whichever you think is the most reputable would be best."
[21:40] <GMDog> Alverian leads you through the streets of the loop to a small shop with a pleasant smell coming from inside.
[21:41] * Eisern_Hoden quietly to group "Remember, ask for just bane."
[21:41] * `Aesc sniffs the air for a moment and then enters
[21:41] * Kasey_Alamarez nods
[21:41] <GMDog> He enters, and you see a small old man with a scruffy beard and spectacles behind a counter reading a large book.
[21:42] * Eisern_Hoden looks around the shop, letting the others do the talking.
[21:42] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Good day sir?"
[21:42] <GMDog> <old man> "Hmm?"
[21:43] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Sir, I was wondering about some bane here."
[21:43] <GMDog> roll a charisma check
[21:43] <Kasey_Alamarez> `roll 1d20
[21:43] <GameServ> Kasey_Alamarez rolled 1d20: 18 <Total: 18>
[21:44] <GMDog> <old man> "Don't know what you're talking about."
[21:44] * `Aesc glances toward the dwarf
[21:44] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Oh well some one said you had some here. I guess I'll go somewhere else for it then."
[21:45] * Eisern_Hoden sighs... reaching into pockets
[21:46] * Eisern_Hoden places 3 gold pieces on the counter "Are ye ssssure about that?"
[21:46] <`Aesc> to old man: "I think you know exactly what my companion speaks of - it's said to act as an allergen to wolf-like creatures."
[21:46] <GMDog> `roll 1d20
[21:46] <GameServ> GMDog rolled 1d20: 7 <Total: 7>
[21:46] <GMDog> <old man> "Perhaps."
[21:47] * Eisern_Hoden slides the gold towards the shopkeep
[21:47] <GMDog> <old man> "If I did happen to know of this item, it would of course not be from my shop." He glances over his glasses looking at Aesc.
[21:48] <Eisern_Hoden> "Of course it wouldn't"
[21:48] * `Aesc raises an eyebrow
[21:48] * Eisern_Hoden places another 2 gold pieces on the counter
[21:49] <`Aesc> to old man: "Is possession of the item in question against some local or regional law?"
[21:49] <GMDog> <old man> "You could say that."
[21:50] <GMDog> The old man closes the book and stands, nearly only a foot taller then the dwarf.
[21:50] <GMDog> He goes to a cabinet behind the counter and twists a figurine.
[21:51] * Eisern_Hoden watches the door
[21:51] * Kasey_Alamarez watches the old man
[21:51] <GMDog> a drawer opens on top of the counter and a small box appears inside, he takes the box, sets it on the counter and opens it.
[21:52] <GMDog> Inside you see some colored flowers, obviously a little fresher then what the blacksmith had.
[21:53] * `Aesc looks on
[21:53] <GMDog> He lays out a few stalks of it and returns it to it's hiding place, then deposits the coins and goes back to reading.
[21:54] * Eisern_Hoden looks back to the others
[21:54] * Kasey_Alamarez nods
[21:54] * `Aesc tucks a stalk into one of his belt pouches
[21:55] <Eisern_Hoden> "Thanks friend."
[21:55] * Kasey_Alamarez takes a stalk and tucks it in her belt.
[21:56] * Eisern_Hoden does the same
[21:56] <`Aesc> to old man: "Will it lose potency when it dries?"
[21:57] <GMDog> <old man> "Slightly, powder of the leaves works best."
[21:57] * `Aesc nods
[21:57] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Okay sir. Thank you again."
[21:58] <GMDog> He ignores the homely young lass and continues reading.
[21:58] * Eisern_Hoden heads out
[21:58] <Kasey_Alamarez> ((:O))
[21:59] <GMDog> Where to now?
[21:59] * `Aesc departs the shop
[21:59] <`Aesc> ((still day 1 right?))
[21:59] <GMDog> aye
[22:00] <`Aesc> ((3 days to the other city?))
[22:00] <Eisern_Hoden> ((do we need to head north yet?))
[22:00] * Kasey_Alamarez follows `Aesc.
[22:01] <GMDog> (( probably about that walking, aye ))
[22:01] <Eisern_Hoden> ((we did break out of jail here, maybe staying is not the best option....))
[22:01] <GMDog> (( that's up to you, if you're done in the city, I would suggest it. ))
[22:02] <Eisern_Hoden> "I suggest wwwwwwe head out of this city."
[22:03] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Yeah.. before they figure out what we did."
[22:03] <`Aesc> to group: "I'd still like to know why talk of these wolf creatures and anything that relates to them is forbidden - but prior experience tells me that we might not want to draw further attention to ourselves."
[22:04] <Eisern_Hoden> "Perhaps some of the cccccities rulers are them."
[22:04] * Kasey_Alamarez looks at Eisern and shrugs
[22:05] <`Aesc> to group: "Quite possible - at any rate, it might be best if we left for Skald immediately."
[22:05] * Eisern_Hoden agrees
[22:05] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Yeah, leaving is a great idea."
[22:06] * `Aesc nods
[22:07] <`Aesc> to group: "Then we'll gather our gear and head out."
[22:07] * Kasey_Alamarez nods with Aesc and follows.
[22:08] <GMDog> You all manage to gather your gear from the inn without trouble.
[22:10] <Eisern_Hoden> ((head toward the north gate then?))
[22:10] * `Aesc raises an eyebrow and then leads the way toward the gate
[22:10] * Eisern_Hoden follows
[22:12] <GMDog> You find yourselves on the loop heading toward the northern exit out of the city, before you see...
[22:15] <GMDog> An unusual construction set in the middle of the Minstrel River. At first glance, it appears to be nothing more then a solid square tower of moss-covered stone set atop a some what larger rock base. The top of the tower is decorated with ornate carvings of gargoyles and monsters, many of them so life like that it seems that it seems thy have but to wait for the sunset to spring to life and terrorize the countryside... (mtc)
[22:18] <GMDog> A closer look; however, shows that there is a tunnel running through the center of the tower that would readily accommodate the largest of wagons. Further, a pair of warn, but sturdy, wooden bridges run from both sides of the river to the entrances to this tunnel. At several points along their lengths, ring pins have been set into the bridges. Well oiled chains stretch from these points to vanish into the mouths of the gargoyles atop of the tower. (mtc)
[22:20] <GMDog> As you watch, a number of people walk across the bridge, enter the tunnel, and exit from the far side of the tower to complete their passage over the river. They seem to be delayed for some time, perhaps a minute, within the dark tunnel before they exit, but there is no sign of what happens within. (mtc)
[22:21] <Eisern_Hoden> ((bioscan for lycanthropy))
[22:22] <GMDog> A secondary tunnel runs through the rock base, but it's purpose cannot be readily guessed as only about 2' is above the water line.
[22:23] * `Aesc peers at the structure curiously
[22:23] <Eisern_Hoden> "Well, that bbbbbe our way out."
[22:24] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Good. Let's get going."
[22:24] <Eisern_Hoden> "Nothing but go through."
[22:24] * `Aesc nods
[22:24] * Eisern_Hoden heads towards the structure
[22:25] <`Aesc> to Eisern: "I concur, architecture is not one of my interests."
[22:25] * Kasey_Alamarez follows the group and looks around.
[22:25] * Eisern_Hoden nods
[22:26] <Eisern_Hoden> "Only if it's Dwarven."
[22:26] <GMDog> You make your way inside behind a group of travelers making their way as well, some where inside, you stop and a man begins talking to them
[22:28] * Eisern_Hoden to Aesc: "Hope there not llllooking for escapees."
[22:28] <GMDog> Some sort of discussion is made, and one of them begins singing. "Oh Harmony, oh Harmony, a city grand and truly free. Oh Harmony, oh Harmony, 'tis thee I always long to see. To Harmony, to Harmony, I pledge eternal loyalty." After, the man and the rest are allowed to pass.
[22:28] <GMDog> The guard allows you to approach and looks you over.
[22:29] <GMDog> <guard> "Alright, you don't appear to be residents.."
[22:29] * `Aesc shakes his head
[22:29] * Eisern_Hoden just looks at him
[22:29] <`Aesc> to guard: "We are merely travelers passing through."
[22:31] <GMDog> <guard> "That will be one, two, three, four, five electrum pieces, a silver piece for the bird, and a gold piece for the pony. All armed hmm.. yes, five additional gold pieces."
[22:32] <Eisern_Hoden> ((each?))
[22:32] <GMDog> (( all together ))
[22:32] * Eisern_Hoden gladly pays
[22:32] * `Aesc reaches into his pouch and produces 8 gold and 6 silver pieces
[22:32] <`Aesc> to Eisern: "That's quite alright dwarf - I've got this one."
[22:33] * Eisern_Hoden nods to Aesc
[22:33] <GMDog> <guard> "Alright, now I just need to hear the pledge."
[22:33] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Pledge??"
[22:33] * Eisern_Hoden scowls
[22:33] <GMDog> <guard> "The pledge of Harmony."
[22:33] <GMDog> <guard> "Of course, it's five more platinum pieces if you don't know it."
[22:33] <Eisern_Hoden> "We ain't fffffrom here."
[22:33] * Kasey_Alamarez gawks.
[22:34] <`Aesc> to guard: "In addition to the what was already paid?"
[22:34] <GMDog> The guard nods.
[22:35] <`Aesc> to guard: "Would you have a written copy of the pledge?"
[22:36] <GMDog> The guard shakes his head and pulls out a scroll. "You adventurers are really a lot of trouble."
[22:37] <GMDog> He opens the scroll and hand it to Aesc.
[22:37] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Why sir? We just come through looking for shelter, we did not know we had to recite something just to leave."
[22:38] <GMDog> <guard> "You don't have to, you can pay the toll. You should feel honored to even be allowed into our city!"
[22:38] <`Aesc> to Kasey: "It's best not to question their customs Kasey."
[22:39] * Kasey_Alamarez nods
[22:39] * Eisern_Hoden reads with the others... stuttering his way through
[22:39] * `Aesc reads through the scroll
[22:39] <Eisern_Hoden> "Oh Harmony, oh Harmony, a city grand and truly free. Oh Harmony, oh Harmony, 'tis thee I always long to see. To Harmony, to Harmony, I pledge eternal loyalty."
[22:40] * Kasey_Alamarez rolls her eyes
[22:41] <GMDog> He waits for each of you to sing it.
[22:42] * Alverian sighs
[22:42] <`Aesc> ((do i need to type it out?))
[22:42] * Eisern_Hoden sings loudly in the Dwarven tradition
[22:42] <Alverian> "Oh Harmony, oh Harmony, a city grand and truly free. Oh Harmony, oh Harmony, 'tis three I always long to see. To Harmony, to Harmony, I pledge eternal loyalty."
[22:43] <GMDog> ((Well, the text says you have to sing it, so typing it will work ))
[22:43] <Eisern_Hoden> "Oh Harmony, oh Harmony, a city grand and truly free. Oh Harmony, oh Harmony, 'tis thee I always long to see. To Harmony, to Harmony, I pledge eternal loyalty."
[22:43] * Eisern_Hoden sings with others "Oh Harmony, oh Harmony, a city grand and truly free. Oh Harmony, oh Harmony, 'tis thee I always long to see. To Harmony, to Harmony, I pledge eternal loyalty."
[22:44] * `Aesc half-heartedly chants the words "Oh Harmony, oh Harmony, a city grand and truly free. Oh Harmony, oh Harmony, 'tis thee I always long to see. To Harmony, to Harmony, I pledge eternal loyalty."
[22:45] * Kasey_Alamarez say with an angered tone "Oh Harmony, oh Harmony, a city grand and truly free. Oh Harmony, oh Harmony, 'tis thee I always long to see. To Harmony, to Harmony, I pledge eternal loyalty."
[22:45] <GMDog> <guard> "Come now, you can do better then that." He groans.
[22:46] <GMDog> <guard> "I can't let you pass with such lack of respect."
[22:46] * Kasey_Alamarez growls
[22:46] * Eisern_Hoden smiles
[22:47] <GMDog> (( Traffic on the northern exit begins piling up behind you. ))
[22:48] <Eisern_Hoden> ((rofl))
[22:48] <`Aesc> ((is he speaking to me or just kasey?))
[22:48] <GMDog> (( both of you ))
[22:48] * Kasey_Alamarez sighs it out "Oh Harmony, oh Harmony, a city grand and truly free. Oh Harmony, oh Harmony, 'tis thee I always long to see. To Harmony, to Harmony, I pledge eternal loyalty."
[22:48] <GMDog> The guard shakes his head.
[22:49] <Eisern_Hoden> to guard "Come now mmmmmy friend, we nned be ooooon our way."
[22:50] <Kasey_Alamarez> "I'm a city liberator, not a sweet singer sir. This is the best I can do."
[22:50] <GMDog> "Then I suggest you begin singing as if you mean it!"
[22:50] * Kasey_Alamarez glares at the guard.
[22:50] <Eisern_Hoden> "Very well."
[22:51] <GMDog> He waits for Aesc to sing again.
[22:51] * Eisern_Hoden looks at Aesc
[22:51] <`Aesc> to guard: "Then I shall pay the fee for I admit to being a woodsman, not an entertainer."
[22:51] <GMDog> <guard> "Fine then."
[22:51] <Eisern_Hoden> to Aesc "Come on man, I'll sing with ya."
[22:52] <Eisern_Hoden> "We dwarves hhhhave a love fffffor a ggggood song."
[22:53] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Good, sing for me also."
[22:55] <`Aesc> ((that was 5 pp for the group right?))
[22:59] <GMDog> (( 1 pp per person who refuses to sing ))
[22:53] * `Aesc produces 5 platinum pieces
[22:53] * Eisern_Hoden nods
[23:02] * Kasey_Alamarez continues to look at the guard.
[23:05] * `Aesc glances at Emmerich
[23:08] * Eisern_Hoden jumps "Where the hell did he come from!"
[23:09] <`Aesc> whisper to Eisern: "That cloak of his has special properties."
[23:10] * Eisern_Hoden nods
[23:17] <GMDog> <guard> "Well then?"
[23:18] * Kasey_Alamarez growls again
[23:18] * Eisern_Hoden looks at Emmerich
[23:18] * Emmerich finds an empty alley and casts invisibility on himself, then walks out the gate.
[23:19] * `Aesc shrugs
[23:19] <`Aesc> "It seems that he has decided not to come along right now."
[23:20] * `Aesc reduces the number of coins and passes them to the guard
[23:20] * `Aesc shrugs
[23:21] <GMDog> (( it's a stone hallway, so you'll have to roll ms to walk through the tunnel, at least 4 checks to different guard posts. Any failure will have a guard patrol alerted, and you will be attacked and or detained ))
[23:22] <Emmerich> ((They have to be able to see me))
[23:23] * `Aesc departs through the gate after paying
[23:23] * Eisern_Hoden sings a Dwarven battle song as we cross the bridge
[23:24] * Eisern_Hoden sings loud and clear ((does not stutter when singing))
[23:25] <GMDog> Everyone going through?
[23:25] * Eisern_Hoden goes
[23:25] * Kasey_Alamarez walks past the guard.
[23:25] * Eisern_Hoden sings as he goes
[23:26] <GMDog> Emmerich?
[23:28] * Emmerich follows Eisern as he sings to help cover any noise he would make.
[23:28] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Well that is going to be annoying now."
[23:29] <GMDog> `roll 4d20
[23:29] <GameServ> GMDog rolled 4d20: 10 2 15 8 <Total: 35>
[23:29] <`Aesc> to Kasey: "And expensive unless we find another means out of the city should we visit here again."
[23:29] <Kasey_Alamarez> "If we come back... punch me in my throat."
[23:29] <Emmerich> ((MS 50% normally))
[23:30] <GMDog> (( I really don't want to spend another hour on this. I'm not going to force you, but I suggest you don't do this.))
[23:30] * Kasey_Alamarez nods
[23:31] <GMDog> Alright, roll your ms checks
[23:31] <Emmerich> ((Any bonuses for following them while they make noise?))
[23:32] <GMDog> +10
[23:32] <Emmerich> `roll 1d100
[23:32] <GameServ> Emmerich rolled 1d100: 15 <Total: 15>
[23:32] <Emmerich> `roll 1d100
[23:32] <GameServ> Emmerich rolled 1d100: 14 <Total: 14>
[23:32] <Emmerich> `roll 1d100
[23:32] <GameServ> Emmerich rolled 1d100: 34 <Total: 34>
[23:32] <Emmerich> `roll 1d100
[23:32] <GameServ> Emmerich rolled 1d100: 100 <Total: 100>
[23:32] <`Aesc> ((ouch))
[23:32] <`Aesc> ((so just at the end of the bridge probably))
[23:32] <GMDog> A guard at the last post stops you. "Wait a minute."
[23:32] * `Aesc raises an eyebrow
[23:33] <Emmerich> ((Stops me?))
[23:33] <GMDog> <guard> "What was that sound?"
[23:33] <`Aesc> to guard: "Something wrong?"
[23:33] <Kasey_Alamarez> "What is it sir?"
[23:33] * `Aesc glances to the dwarf
[23:33] <`Aesc> "Probably this one."
[23:33] <Eisern_Hoden> "Dwarven ssssong."
[23:33] <GMDog> The group of guards surround you.
[23:33] * Kasey_Alamarez sighs
[23:33] <Eisern_Hoden> "SSsssssorry, I don’t sssstutter when I sssssing."
[23:34] <GMDog> He takes a sword and begins swishing it through the air around you.
[23:34] <`Aesc> to guard: "The dwarf makes enough sound to wake the dead"
[23:34] <GMDog> Dex check Emmerich
[23:34] <Emmerich> `roll 1d20
[23:34] <GameServ> Emmerich rolled 1d20: 5 <Total: 5>
[23:36] * Eisern_Hoden looks at guard
[23:36] <GMDog> He looks at the group then sheaths his sword.
[23:36] <GMDog> <guard> "Get out of here."
[23:36] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Hey, hey, HEY!"
[23:36] * Eisern_Hoden heads out singing again
[23:36] * Emmerich follows the group
[23:36] <GMDog> ms check again
[23:36] <Emmerich> `roll 1d100
[23:36] <GameServ> Emmerich rolled 1d100: 30 <Total: 30>
[23:36] * `Aesc frowns
[23:36] <GMDog> The group are ushered out quickly, and you find yourselves near the wooded area on the other side of the river.
[23:36] <`Aesc> "I wonder what that was that all about."
[23:37] <GMDog> A guard tower sits upon a hill top near you.
[23:37] <Eisern_Hoden> "Guess they ddddont like my ssssinging."
[23:37] * `Aesc glances back toward the city
[23:37] * Eisern_Hoden follows the road out
[23:37] * Emmerich stays invisible and follows the group
[23:39] * Eisern_Hoden sings of the great battle between Moradin and the Duergar gods
[23:40] <`Aesc> "I do hope we never have to step foot within those walls again."
[23:40] * Eisern_Hoden nods
[23:40] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Yeah."
[23:40] <Eisern_Hoden> ((and the party heads north))
[23:42] <GMDog> You follow the road north for a couple hours, the sky creeping with darkness as you go.
[23:44] <`Aesc> to group: "We should settle into a camp soon."
[23:45] * Eisern_Hoden looks at Aesc: "What do wwwwe do with this pppplant?" pointing to the wolfsbane
[23:45] <GMDog> As you are traveling along the road between Harmonia and Skald, you suddenly notice a faint sound drifting through the air. Listening more closely, you decide that it is someone sobbing. The source of the sound is hidden by a bank of shrugs that runs along the side of the road at this point.
[23:46] * Eisern_Hoden looks at the group
[23:46] * Kasey_Alamarez hears the crying, and looks among the shrubs "I hear it also."
[23:46] <`Aesc> to Eisern: "From what I gathered, you merely..."
[23:46] * `Aesc pauses
[23:46] * `Aesc nods to Kasey
[23:46] * Eisern_Hoden moves to the shrugs
[23:47] * `Aesc chops at the shrubs with his sword
[23:47] <`Aesc> ((just clearing a way through, not attacking or anything))
[23:48] * Eisern_Hoden tries to see the other side of the shrubs
[23:48] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Hello?"
[23:49] <GMDog> Aesc sees a middle-aged woman kneeling on the ground in a recently cleared area surrounded on three sides by bushes. she is squeezing freshly disturbed black soil from what appears to be a grave in her hands and smearing it upon her once blue and white apron. The scent of wet earth is sweet in the air. she is crying to herself and does not seem to notice the part as it approaches.
[23:49] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Madam?"
[23:50] <Eisern_Hoden> "Milady?"
[23:50] * `Aesc sheaths his weapon and approaches
[23:51] <GMDog> She doesn't appear to notice your approach or words.
[23:52] * `Aesc frowns
[23:52] * Eisern_Hoden approaches an kneels down beside her
[23:52] <`Aesc> "Perhaps her ears no longer function as they should."
[23:52] * Eisern_Hoden loudly: "MILADY!!"
[23:53] <GMDog> As Eisern kneels near her, she nearly jumps out of her skin and screams. "Wha.. Who are you?!'
[23:53] * Eisern_Hoden backs up slightly
[23:53] * `Aesc shakes his head
[23:53] <Eisern_Hoden> "Tiss ok..."
[23:53] <Kasey_Alamarez> "We heard you crying."
[23:54] <Eisern_Hoden> "IIIII'm Eisern Hoden, at yyyyour service."
[23:54] <GMDog> "Wha.. oh... uhm... yes..." She turns to the grave again as she sits up right and softly streams tears from her eyes.
[23:55] <Eisern_Hoden> "CCCCCCCan we help ya?"
[23:55] <GMDog> <woman> "I don't know..."
[23:56] * `Aesc peers down at the grave
[23:56] <Eisern_Hoden> "Well, me neither."
[23:56] <GMDog> <woman> "I ..."
[23:56] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Well, madam what happened here?"
[23:56] <Eisern_Hoden> "Are ya hurt?"
[23:56] <GMDog> <woman> "My son..." She cries again.
[23:57] <GMDog> <woman> "He was killed... by... it.."
[23:57] * `Aesc listens to the woman's words
[23:57] <Eisern_Hoden> "It?"
[23:57] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Must have been the wolf?"
[23:57] <GMDog> <woman> "I'm... Maria."
[23:58] <Kasey_Alamarez> "I'm Kasey."
[23:58] <Eisern_Hoden> "Well Maria, he's ggggone now. Not much ttttto do about that."
[23:59] <`Aesc> to woman: "It isn't safe out here maam, particularly after darkness. How far from home are you?"
[23:59] <GMDog> <Maria> "I don't know what it was... It started two weeks ago when Ontosh, my husband, forgot to put the light out in the barn. He went to turn it out and while he was returning he heard a howl behind him, he rushed to the house, but when he got to the door he fell and broke his leg getting inside."
[00:00] * `Aesc nods
[00:00] * Eisern_Hoden listens
[00:00] <GMDog> <Maria> "Every night since then our house has been plagued by the sounds, my son Joshua final took our old blunderbuss to stop it.... I tried to stop him..." She breaks down into tears.
[00:01] <`Aesc> "Blunderbuss..?" he mumbles
[00:02] * Eisern_Hoden to Maria "Well, he ffffell fightin’. Can’t ask ffffor better that that."
[00:02] <GMDog> <Maria> "He was only a boy!" she nearly slaps the dwarf.
[00:02] * Eisern_Hoden looks startled
[00:03] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Its okay Madam... Please, can we help you home at least?"
[00:03] * `Aesc shoots a quick glance toward the dwarf and then looks on the woman once more
[00:03] <Eisern_Hoden> "What?"
[00:03] <GMDog> <Maria> "We heard the shot in the night and... the dreadful howling and the scream...oh gods..." She cries once more.
[00:03] <`Aesc> to woman: "As I said before, these woods are not safe. You must get indoors for your own good."
[00:04] <Eisern_Hoden> "Aye."
[00:04] <GMDog> She cries again and nods... "Alright..."
[00:04] <Eisern_Hoden> "Unless you bbbbe wantin’ to ffffollow your son."
[00:05] * Alverian bonks Eisern on the head.
[00:05] * Kasey_Alamarez shoots a COLD stare at Eisern
[00:05] <`Aesc> to Eisern: "I think it best if you said nothing more for now dwarf."
[00:05] <Eisern_Hoden> "What..... is there any better way tttto go than in bbbbatle?"
[00:06] * Eisern_Hoden nods
[00:06] <`Aesc> to woman: "We'll escort you, just tell us the way."
[00:06] <GMDog> Maria leads you to a small farmhouse with a barn stable. She heads to the door.
[00:07] <GMDog> <Maria> "He was torn to pieces.... no child should die like that."
[00:07] * Eisern_Hoden hands her his wolfsbane. "Perhaps this wwwwould better suit you than me."
[00:08] <`Aesc> to woman: "No child should die at all, not until it is their proper time."
[00:08] <`Aesc> to woman: "What more can you tell us of this beast? Do you expect it to return tonight?"
[00:08] * Kasey_Alamarez nods in agreement with Aesc's statement.
[00:09] <Eisern_Hoden> "Hmph... live like ttttoday is your llllast."
[00:09] <GMDog> She leads you inside, you see a middle aged man with a splint on his leg and a small young girl and a young boy.
[00:09] <Eisern_Hoden> ((did she take my wolfsbane?))
[00:09] <GMDog> (( it’s unlikely, she’d think it’s anything more then a flower ))
[00:09] <GMDog> She takes the flower and looks at Eisern strangely.
[00:10] <Eisern_Hoden> "It'll keep them wwwwolfs away."
[00:10] <`Aesc> to Alverian: "See to the man's leg, would you?"
[00:11] <Eisern_Hoden> "Powder the llleaves, that’s best."
[00:11] <Alverian> "I can attend to physical wounds, but my powers would have less effect on a broken limb."
[00:11] <`Aesc> to Alverian: "Do whatever you can."
[00:12] * Alverian nods and waits for the man to talk.
[00:12] <`Aesc> to Eisern: "I trust you kept some for yourself, we're going to need it."
[00:13] <Eisern_Hoden> "Hmmm, I prefer a straight ffffight anyway."
[00:13] <GMDog> <Ontosh> "Who are these people Maria?"
[00:13] <GMDog> <Maria> "Travelers I met at..."
[00:14] <GMDog> <Ontosh> "Ah.. come now Maria, thinkin’ about do no good."
[00:14] <GMDog> Despite his words, he sounds on the verge of tears himself.
[00:14] * Eisern_Hoden to Ontosh: "Your ssson was a brave lllllad."
[00:14] <Eisern_Hoden> "Honor him."
[00:15] <GMDog> He looks down and away from the dwarf as he moves to a padded long chair (couch).
[00:15] <Alverian> "Sir, I am a healer of sorts, would you like me to examine your leg?"
[00:16] <GMDog> The man nods. "I don't guess it will hurt, but the doc says it'll take awhile to heal up."
[00:16] * Alverian moves to the man as you talk with Maria.
[00:17] <GMDog> <Maria> "As far as tonight goes... I don't know, it's come every night...'
[00:17] * Eisern_Hoden offers a gold piece: "We would be glad for a mmmmeal and a wwwwarm fire."
[00:18] * `Aesc nods at the woman
[00:18] <GMDog> <Ontosh> "Don't need your charity."
[00:18] <Eisern_Hoden> "Aye, but wwwwe could use yours."
[00:19] <Alverian> "Perhaps we can help with the wolf problem."
[00:19] <Alverian> `roll 1d8
[00:19] <GameServ> Alverian rolled 1d8: 6 <Total: 6>
[00:19] <`Aesc> to woman: "Does it come at the same time each night maam?"
[00:19] <Alverian> `roll 1d20
[00:19] <GameServ> Alverian rolled 1d20: 8 <Total: 8>
[00:19] <Alverian> "I've done what I can, it will likely be tender for a few days yet."
[00:20] <GMDog> "Once the sky grows dark, it'll come..."
[00:20] * `Aesc nods again
[00:20] <`Aesc> to woman: "Do you know from which direction it comes?"
[00:20] <GMDog> She brightens a bit at your offer of help.
[00:20] * Eisern_Hoden holds axes in hand: "Could use a ggggood fight."
[00:20] <GMDog> <Maria> "No, we haven't been outside long enough past dark to see..."
[00:21] <GMDog> <Maria> "If you'll help us... I'll just...oh dear." She heads to the kitchen and begins preparing food.
[00:22] <GMDog> As you wait for dark, the sky grows dark and food begins filling pots.
[00:22] <`Aesc> to Kasey and Eisern: "I'd like each of you to check over the building, make sure all exits are locked down tightly."
[00:22] * Eisern_Hoden nods
[00:23] <`Aesc> "I'm going to inspect the grounds for tracks, I've got a signal whistle - I'll use it to call for you if it comes whilst I am still out there."
[00:23] * Eisern_Hoden nods
[00:23] <GMDog> The night of the wolf next week.
[00:24] <GMDog> 300 xp attendance
[00:24] <GMDog> 25 xp Aesc, Eisern, Kasey rp
[00:24] <GMDog> 15 Alverian, Emmerich
[00:24] <GMDog> * LOG END *
Session Close: Tue Dec 30 00:28:10 2008