Session Start: Mon Aug 04 19:34:38 2008
Session Ident: #Ravenloft
[21:42] <GMDog> * RECAP *
[21:43] <GMDog> Just hours ago you stood next to the wagon and began a service for Dulcimae's lost brother... now you are alone in this wasteland, with her and her brothers being taken as well.
[21:44] <GMDog> Dulcimae was the only way you knew to travel away from this wasteland... without her, you could be stuck here forever...
[21:45] <GMDog> * GAME START *
[21:47] * Alverian sighs looking around. "Should we set a guard?"
[21:47] <Kintell> "Is there any way to tell where they went?"
[21:47] <Emmerich> "Are we staying here?"
[21:48] * Alverian looks to Aesc.
[21:48] * `Aesc frowns
[21:48] <`Aesc> "Having guards has not helped stave off any of these attacks yet."
[21:49] <`Aesc> "That thing just slithers out of the desert and attacks without any warning."
[21:51] <Emmerich> "Which leads to the other questions posed. Is there anyway to tell which way they went and if not are we staying here?"
[21:51] <Kasey_Alamarez> "I really don't know."
[21:52] <`Aesc> to Emmerich: "I looked for tracks in the sand after the first attack, there was no trace of the creature."
[21:53] <Emmerich> "Would it make sense to travel to where the Pharaoh is buried and look for clues there?"
[21:54] <Kasey_Alamarez> "I guess so. I really would not know this area."
[21:54] <Alverian> "But the night when the door opens is still five days away, according to the fortune Dulcimae told..."
[21:55] <`Aesc> to Emmerich: "That thing is probably hiding out in the tombs, but it won't open until the Night of Thoth - and as Alverian just said, that will be five days from now."
[21:55] <Emmerich> (to alverian) "We still might find some clues if we search there. Our choices are search, stay here or go back to town."
[21:56] <`Aesc> ((i thought we were in town))
[21:56] <Emmerich> ((I thought we were at the wagon. Alverian asked if we wanted to post guards)
[21:56] <GMDog> (( edge of town at the wagon ))
[21:56] <`Aesc> ((i thought the wagon was at the spring))
[21:57] <Emmerich> ((k, got it))
[21:59] <`Aesc> "It will take one day to travel, so we may be able to depart on the fourth day which is probably the safest option per what Hassan said."
[21:59] <GMDog> (( On one side of the spring is the temple, and on the other side is the city. Between it and to the north of the spring is the wagon ))
[22:00] <GMDog> (( so, you're at the edge of the town, by the wagon. ))
[22:00] <`Aesc> "He recommended that we not wait out in the desert for the tomb to open and that instead we spend as little time out there as possible."
[22:00] <`Aesc> ((i remember the priestess saying that we could camp by the spring, which is why i thought the wagon was there))
[22:01] <GMDog> (( right, the spring is just south of the wagon ))
[22:02] <Alverian> "It sounds like the best option..."
[22:02] * `Aesc nods at Alverian
[22:03] <Alverian> "I have my healing spells available if anyone is injured."
[22:03] <Kasey_Alamarez> "I'm not bad right now."
[22:03] <`Aesc> "However, we've been attacked each night we've spent out here and if we're going to face something sinister out there then maybe we should find a more secure location if there is one."
[22:04] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Very true."
[22:04] <Alverian> "The inn in town then?"
[22:04] <Kintell> "I agree. Being attacked on a daily basis is not pleasant."
[22:04] <Emmerich> "Yes, maybe you can do a little healing there."
[22:04] <`Aesc> "We need to be at our best and these attacks will only serve to wear us down."
[22:04] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Can't be good on your minds either."
[22:05] * Emmerich twitches involuntarily
[22:06] * `Aesc glances at Veridian ((whom was last seen on her knees muttering to herself)) "No, I would say not."
[22:06] <`Aesc> to Alverian: "The inn seems to be the best option, unless the priesthood has room for a few boarders."
[22:07] <Emmerich> "I'd prefer the inn"
[22:07] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Well then, lets make it back to the inn, and get rested."
[22:08] <Kintell> "What about the wagon?"
[22:09] * `Aesc looks at the wagon
[22:09] <GMDog> The wagon look a little damage from the zombies, but still looks mobile.
[22:10] <`Aesc> to Kintell: "There's always a chance we may find either Dulcimae or some of her party alive, but if we don't then we may claim it and its contents as our own."
[22:10] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Probably, but I don't feel good about doing that."
[22:11] <Kintell> "Yes, but for now, we shouldn't leave it lying about."
[22:11] <Alverian> "I do not believe anyone will steal a wagon as large and hard to move as this."
[22:12] <Kintell> "That may be true, but breaking into and stealing its contents would be much easier."
[22:12] <Kasey_Alamarez> "I don't like stealing." looks away
[22:13] * Kintell glares "Not us, anyone that passes by..."
[22:13] <Alverian> "I am fairly stressed with my current load and wound, I think I shouldn't carry anything more for now."
[22:13] <`Aesc> to Kintell: "Agreed, perhaps we should remove anything of obvious value and store it at the inn - or the temple."
[22:13] <Kasey_Alamarez> "I can agree with that."
[22:14] <Emmerich> "We might find something we can 'borrow' to help us find them. We could give it back then."
[22:14] <Alverian> "The temple is likely closed for the night."
[22:14] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Okay. Sounds like a plan, but I guess we should try to get to the inn. I can lug as much as possible inside."
[22:15] <`Aesc> to Alverian: "The priests could be roused if necessary, but the inn is probably the best option."
[22:16] * Alverian nods.
[22:16] <Kintell> "We don't really know what exactly in there is 'of value'."
[22:16] <Emmerich> "Let's move it to the inn then. We can check the wagon out there."
[22:16] <Kintell> "If Dulcimae uses something to help her in our traveling, and we miss it, we may seal our own fate."
[22:17] <Kintell> "We should do our best to ensure that its contents remain secure."
[22:18] * Kasey_Alamarez nods
[22:18] <GMDog> What are you doing?
[22:18] * `Aesc shrugs in response
[22:19] <Kintell> (( I’m for moving the wagon with us to the inn and keeping watch over it ))
[22:19] <Kasey_Alamarez> ((getting things prepped to move to the inn))
[22:20] <GMDog> (( You know that it's man power driven right? There are no horses to hitch it to ))
[22:21] * Emmerich helps move the wagon
[22:21] <Kintell> (( I don’t want to risk having looters steal items that we need to travel between areas ))
[22:21] * Kintell puts her back into it.
[22:21] * `Aesc assists in moving the wagon
[22:21] <GMDog> It'll take you a couple hours to move it across town to the inn, you sure?
[22:21] <`Aesc> ((yeah, I’m just thinking about the lack of town guards))
[22:22] * Kasey_Alamarez also moves the wagon
[22:22] <`Aesc> ((yes, that's fine))
[22:22] <Kasey_Alamarez> ((I'm sure))
[22:22] <Emmerich> ((that long... wow))
[22:22] <Kintell> (( we’ve got 4 days, a couple hours wasted shouldn’t hurt us ))
[22:22] <GMDog> You're not used to moving a wagon like this, nor do you have the 5 strong brothers it took to move it.
[22:23] <GMDog> It took all of them plus you to lift it before.
[22:23] * Kintell ponders a minute.
[22:23] * Kasey_Alamarez huffs and thinks
[22:24] <GMDog> You get to the inn after a couple hours, it's about two hours from dawn.
[22:24] <Emmerich> "Shall we lock the wagon up and go in or rest here?"
[22:25] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Let lock up first."
[22:26] * `Aesc nods and begins securing the wagon
[22:26] * Emmerich tests the locks
[22:27] * Kasey_Alamarez helps with locking up the wagon.
[22:32] <Emmerich> "Well, we might want to rest now. To the inn."
[22:33] * `Aesc nods and follows in behind Emmerich
[22:33] * Kasey_Alamarez nods, and wipes the sweat off her forehead, and follows `Aesc in as well.
[22:33] <Emmerich> (to Aesc) "Will we need separate rooms or one big one?"
[22:35] <`Aesc> to Emmerich: "That would depend partly on what kind of accommodations they can offer us."
[22:37] <GMDog> The common room is dimly lit by oil lanterns along the wall and on tables.
[22:38] <GMDog> You notice Hassan in the back again drinking himself into a bottle.
[22:38] * `Aesc approaches Hassan's table
[22:39] <GMDog> He's pretty gone by this time, mumbling something to himself.
[22:40] * `Aesc rolls his eyes slightly and then finds the inn keep instead
[22:42] <GMDog> The inn keeper is a fat man with a bushy oddly shaped mustache, he looks up at you and nods.
[22:42] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Nice place. Reminds me of home."
[22:43] <`Aesc> to inn keep: "We require lodging for the next four nights, including what is left of this one."
[22:44] <GMDog> "2 gold a night."
[22:44] <GMDog> "The room upstairs is large enough for your party."
[22:44] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Thank you, sir."
[22:45] * `Aesc nods and glances at the female party members
[22:45] * Kasey_Alamarez looks back at `Aesc and gives him a strange look
[22:45] <`Aesc> "Do you want a room for yourselves, or is sharing alright with you?"
[22:46] <GMDog> "Sorry no single rooms."
[22:46] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Well, there you go. We got to share right?"
[22:46] * Kintell glances back, "I'm not afraid of any of you." then smirks.
[22:47] * `Aesc glares at the inn keep
[22:48] <`Aesc> to inn keep: "I wasn't asking for a single room for each, I was considering two rooms - splitting our group amongst the two."
[22:49] <`Aesc> "Very well though, the extra coin you could have made is lost. We will take just the one room."
[22:50] * `Aesc forcefully places two gold coins on the counter
[22:51] <GMDog> the inn keeper deposits the gold and sets a key on the counter.
[22:51] * `Aesc takes the key and makes his way to the room
[22:53] <GMDog> Upstairs is a long hallway, with a single door in the middle, down the hall you see a set of doors.
[22:53] <GMDog> The door number in the middle matches the key.
[22:55] * `Aesc goes about matching the key to the room
[22:55] <`Aesc> "This seems to be the right one."
[22:55] * `Aesc unlocks the door
[22:56] * Kasey_Alamarez walks in behind `Aesc, and peers through.
[22:57] <GMDog> The room is large, furnished with several mats, a dresser with a basin, and on the other end a large window and door leading to a balcony above the inn.
[22:58] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Not bad. I like it."
[22:58] <GMDog> A wooden room partition is close by the dresser.
[22:58] <`Aesc> "Not too bad, but I still prefer the open sky above my head."
[22:59] * `Aesc peers toward the balcony
[23:01] <GMDog> The balcony has half walls lining it, as it connects to the building next door, another two story, but you don't see any doors to it.
[23:01] <`Aesc> ((right, but I could stay out there right?))
[23:01] <GMDog> If you want, but it would get hot soon.
[23:01] <`Aesc> ((right, right, right...))
[23:02] <`Aesc> ((and the inn has ac?))
[23:02] <GMDog> The inn has shade. But aside from that, everyone done for the night?
[23:02] <Kasey_Alamarez> ((I'm going to sleep on the floor))
[23:03] <Kintell> (( I’m done for the next 4 days ))
[23:03] <`Aesc> ((i'm going to sleep inside this night since the morning is so near))
[23:04] * `Aesc frowns and then rolls his bedroll out onto the floor and tries to get some sleep
[23:05] * Kasey_Alamarez sleeps on the bare floor, like nothing is wrong
[23:07] * Emmerich will study his spells and read his book before turning in
[23:09] <GMDog> You spend the next morning sleeping in, all is quiet until about noob, when you hear some voices outside on the verge of a riot.
[23:09] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Oh.. what is going on out there?"
[23:09] <Emmerich> ((outside or in the inn?))
[23:10] <GMDog> (( Outside, you hear it from the balcony ))
[23:10] * Emmerich looks out the window
[23:11] * Kasey_Alamarez goes to the window and peers out also.
[23:11] <GMDog> You see a crowd gathered outside.
[23:12] * `Aesc steps to the edge of the balcony and peers down at the crowd
[23:13] <GMDog> You can't make out what they are shouting about, but it sounds quite hostile.
[23:14] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Maybe we should see what is going on?"
[23:14] <Emmerich> "Shall we go downstairs and see what this is about or let it pass. It's not like we don’t have enough problems already."
[23:14] * Kintell watches from the balcony.
[23:14] <Kasey_Alamarez> "I say we should see what is going on. They woke me up."
[23:14] * Kasey_Alamarez grabs her sword on her way to the door
[23:15] <`Aesc> "This isn't our home, but we should try to assist nevertheless."
[23:15] <Kasey_Alamarez> "That is what I was thinking of.
[23:15] * `Aesc gathers his belongings and makes his way downstairs
[23:16] * Emmerich grabs his gear
[23:16] * Kasey_Alamarez goes back and puts her armor and shield on also.
[23:18] <GMDog> All heading downstairs?
[23:18] <Kintell> (( sure ))
[23:18] <`Aesc> ((seems like it))
[23:18] <Kasey_Alamarez> ((yup))
[23:18] <GMDog> You find the crowd in front of the inn, when they spot you, they become even more hostile.
[23:19] <GMDog> They are standing by another body, similar to the one you had brought back to town before. A villager drained of water.
[23:19] <GMDog> In his hand is a piece of cloth.
[23:20] <GMDog> The woman you gave the body to points toward you and flees into the crowd. Another man, the shop keeper you bought clothing from points at Emmerich. "There, him, he is the one who bought it!"
[23:20] <GMDog> Looking at the cloth, you realize it's part of Emmerich's clothing he bought from the man.
[23:20] <Kasey_Alamarez> "What is going on here everybody please?"
[23:21] <GMDog> "MURDERERS!"
[23:31] <GMDog> A shout comes from the crowd.
[23:21] <Emmerich> "Murderers, we killed no one."
[23:22] <Kasey_Alamarez> "I just got here. Not enough time to kill someone."
[23:22] <GMDog> "You, why did you kill this man!"
[23:23] * `Aesc rolls his eyes
[23:23] * Kintell looks at Emmerich, then the crowd.
[23:23] <Emmerich> "Kill, I've killed nobody. We were attacked in the desert by undead horrors who took our friends."
[23:23] <Emmerich> "I have the bruises to prove it."
[23:24] <GMDog> "Liar! We helped you, feed you, allowed you to enter our village, but no more!"
[23:24] <Kasey_Alamarez> "I was there also. I am not lying!"
[23:24] <`Aesc> "He speaks the truth, we've come under attack each night we've been here so far."
[23:25] * `Aesc frowns
[23:25] <GMDog> "The priestess will hear of this!"
[23:26] <`Aesc> "We'll see the priestess ourselves if we must, we're no killers."
[23:27] * `Aesc glances at the group and then pushes his way through the crowd toward the temple
[23:27] <GMDog> The crowd begins to disperse.
[23:27] <Emmerich> "I would welcome the priestess' insight."
[23:28] * `Aesc nods. to Emmerich: "As leader she has several things to answer for."
[23:28] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Looks like we have to clear our names, huh?"
[23:28] <GMDog> You're heading to the temple then?
[23:28] <Kasey_Alamarez> ((yes I am))
[23:28] <`Aesc> ((i am))
[23:29] <GMDog> You two as well?
[23:29] * Alverian nods.
[23:29] * Kintell follows.
[23:29] <Emmerich> "Yes Aesc. Hopefully she will have some answers and be able to calm these people. I really don't relish the thought of an entire town opposing us."
[23:30] <GMDog> The boy Abu follows you quickly, having not lost his faith in you.
[23:30] <GMDog> You reach the temple as the sun beats down on you like a drum.
[23:31] <GMDog> The door stands open as you approach, you hear chanting inside.
[23:31] <`Aesc> to Emmerich: "I can't see how they'd think we could be responsible for these murders, they had started long before we even arrived here."
[23:32] * Emmerich shakes his head
[23:32] * `Aesc listens to the chanting for a moment and then peers inside
[23:32] <Kasey_Alamarez> "The townspeople are fickle. They will blame anybody they want too."
[23:32] <GMDog> You see the priestess and several acolytes praying at the alter.
[23:33] <Emmerich> (quietly) "Maybe Alverian, being a priest, should approach them first and offer a prayer."
[23:33] * `Aesc glances at Emmerich
[23:33] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Sounds good to me."
[23:34] <`Aesc> "I am not completely impious myself Emmerich, but if Alverian wishes it he may approach them first."
[23:34] <Alverian> "I do not feel it wise to offer prayers to deities I am not familiar with."
[23:35] <Alverian> "I will decline."
[23:35] * `Aesc shrugs "Very well."
[23:35] <Alverian> "I believe these are their daily activities, I think it safe to advance."
[23:35] <Kasey_Alamarez> "I hope so."
[23:35] * `Aesc pulls the hood down off his head and enters
[23:36] <GMDog> The priest turns to you as she hears your bootsteps against the stone floors.
[23:36] * Isu stands and walks toward you. "Greetings travelers... How may I assist you?"
[23:38] <`Aesc> to Isu: "I'm sure you remember that hospitality you offered us the other day - it now seems like your townspeople have other ideas."
[23:38] <Emmerich> "Your townsfolk are in an uproar and it is directed towards us, me in particular. They are accusing me of murder."
[23:38] * `Aesc nods at Emmerich's words
[23:38] <Isu> "Oh?? What has happened?"
[23:39] <`Aesc> to Isu: "The murders that have been plaguing this town long before we even arrived here, they're directing the blame at my friend here."
[23:39] <Emmerich> "our group and our friends wagon were attacked last night by undead creatures of the desert. The creatures made off with our friends. One of the undead it appears was once one of your townsfolk."
[23:40] <Isu> "Surely not.... You say undead attacked you? Why did you not tell me?"
[23:40] <Isu> "One of these undead are in town?"
[23:40] <Emmerich> "He apparently tore my robe before my friends came to my aid and banished him."
[23:41] <Emmerich> "It happened late last night."
[23:41] <`Aesc> to Emmerich: "The last two nights actually."
[23:41] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Yeah. It has been weird for me."
[23:42] <`Aesc> to Isu: "I presumed you knew of these attacks, being the town's leader."
[23:42] <Isu> "I see, why did you not inform me? You said one of these undead were in town now? Is it attacking the people? I'm sorry I don't understand."
[23:42] <Isu> "No, no one has mentioned undead invading the city..."
[23:43] <`Aesc> to Isu: "However, then you probably wouldn't have suggested that we simply camp out in the middle of town as you did."
[23:44] * `Aesc raises an eyebrow, appearing somewhat skeptical
[23:44] <Isu> "No, I had no idea, I have chamber at the rear of the temple if you must use them..."
[23:44] <Isu> "Where is this undead in the city?
[23:45] <Emmerich> "We returned the first body we found to his family. He was drained of all fluids, a dry husk."
[23:45] <Emmerich> "The other was brought back by the villagers."
[23:45] <Isu> "I had heard of this..."
[23:46] <Isu> "Let us find this undead."
[23:46] <`Aesc> to Isu: "The undead come at night without warning and leave just as quickly after they have taken several new victims."
[23:47] * Isu heads outside and toward the city.
[23:47] <Isu> "Several victims you say, town villagers?"
[23:48] <Emmerich> "Last night our friends from the realm we came from."
[23:48] <`Aesc> to Isu: "Some of them may have been, but most recently six of our traveling companions were taken our into the desert toward the tombs."
[23:48] <Isu> "Toward the tombs? that is unusual..."
[23:49] <Isu> You reach the body of the villager with the cloth in his hand.
[23:50] <Isu> "Hmm... I see no signs of battle on this body, and I sense no undead nature, are you certain this man is undead? Surely your own priests could have told you..."
[23:51] * Emmerich looks at the body (still drained?))
[23:51] <GMDog> The body is completely drained of all fluid.
[23:51] <Emmerich> "Then why is he a dried husk?"
[23:51] <Emmerich> "Something foul is at work here."
[23:51] <Isu> "I don't understand...?"
[23:51] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Yeah. It makes no sense."
[23:52] <`Aesc> to Isu: "Yes, can you explain what can do that to a body?"
[23:52] <Isu> "What does this have to do with undead magic?"
[23:52] * `Aesc rolls his eyes
[23:52] <Isu> "I am unsure, I have never encountered this before..."
[23:53] <Isu> "It is as if something has sucked out all his fluid, but I see no natural means of this."
[23:53] <Isu> "I agree this is most foul."
[23:54] <`Aesc> to Isu: "I find it hard to believe that this is the first time anyone has brought this to your attention."
[23:54] <Emmerich> "To me it reeks of the magic of the undead."
[23:55] <`Aesc> to Isu: "This has been going on for weeks and you are their leader!"
[23:55] <Isu> "Of course, I meant I have not seen this sort of attack before. I am familiar with the latest attacks."
[23:56] * Kasey_Alamarez listens in and sighs
[23:56] <`Aesc> to Isu: ".. and what have you done to remedy the situation?"
[23:57] <Isu> "There is not much I can do to prevent it... I have equipped my acolytes for such encounters as best I can, but I do not have the constitution for such combat."
[23:58] <Emmerich> "Do you have anything that can aid us to battle them?"
[23:59] <`Aesc> to Isu: "We have heard that you have dismissed some of your priests as well, how could that possibly help you in this time of need?"
[23:59] <Isu> "Perhaps you could handle this for me and the people... but I do not believe they will offer you much assistance... despite what I may say, they did find proof of your presence with the body..."
[23:59] <Isu> "Some of my priests?"
[00:00] <`Aesc> to Isu: "We know of at least one, there may have been more."
[00:00] <Isu> "One, I'm sorry, what are you speaking of?"
[00:01] <`Aesc> to Isu: "We've met the poor man at the inn we're currently lodged at, he still speaks highly of you despite his dismissal."
[00:03] <Isu> "At the inn, do you mean Hassan?"
[00:03] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Him?"
[00:03] <Isu> Her face tightens. "He is a disgrace, he was found drunk on his post."
[00:04] * `Aesc glances at the group
[00:04] <`Aesc> to Isu: "Yes, that's his name."
[00:04] <Isu> "He is banished from the temple for his contemptible flaunting of the laws!"
[00:05] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Which were, if you don't mind me asking?"
[00:05] <`Aesc> to Isu: "Very well, but he could have been of some kind of help in this time of need."
[00:05] <Emmerich> "He still might be if we can sober him up."
[00:06] <Isu> "Priests of the temple must maintain purity and restrain from such activities."
[00:06] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Okay, understandable."
[00:06] <Isu> "No, I will not allow it, he is a disgrace, we have no need of his kind of help."
[00:07] <Hassan> "As if you are some sort of goddess yourself!"
[00:07] <`Aesc> to Isu: "This law, it's a new one isn't it?"
[00:07] <GMDog> Hassan stumbles from the inn behind you.
[00:07] <`Aesc> ((lol))
[00:07] <Isu> "Disgraceful, how dare you address me."
[00:08] <Isu> "You're a foul mouthed fool if you believe I will allow you to enter the temple again!"
[00:08] <Hassan> "Keep your precious tem...temple... you arrogant harl...harlot."
[00:09] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Wait. No need to fight here."
[00:10] <Isu> "I tire of this abuse, I see no reason to abide it any longer, I offer your group help and you allow this pig to address me in such a manner."
[00:10] <`Aesc> to Isu: "You're suggesting that we have some sort of control over this man's actions?"
[00:10] * `Aesc folds his arms
[00:11] <Isu> "You seem content to allow him to speak to me."
[00:11] <Kasey_Alamarez> "He has the right to speak... Maybe a bit better when the alcohol is out of his system."
[00:12] <Isu> "He has no rights. He is an outcast. I suggest you find a better class of friends if you wish to stay in this place much longer.
[00:12] * Isu turns and storms back to the temple.
[00:13] * Kasey_Alamarez sighs
[00:13] * `Aesc shakes his head
[00:13] <Hassan> "Stuck up bi..." He falters and falls to the ground.
[00:14] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Ermmm, yeah. He needs to sober up, before he can be of help to us."
[00:14] * Alverian nods.
[00:14] * `Aesc assists Hassan back into the inn
[00:15] <`Aesc> to Emmerich: "You didn't happen to record the details of Dulcimae's 'reading', did you?"
[00:15] * Hassan slumps at a table.
[00:15] <Emmerich> "No I didn’t"
[00:15] * `Aesc frowns
[00:16] <Kasey_Alamarez> "I guess we are in deep this time."
[00:16] <Alverian> "I remember part of it... what do you wish to know?"
[00:16] <`Aesc> "One of the things she mentioned was a queen, I wonder if the queen referred to that woman who just stormed off."
[00:17] <`Aesc> ((not saying her name since we could be overheard))
[00:17] <Alverian> "The queen now serves the pretender to the throne or something."
[00:18] * `Aesc nods
[00:18] <`Aesc> "Yes, it went something like that."
[00:18] <`Aesc> to group: "We should return to our room to consider this all of this in more detail."
[00:19] <Alverian> "Should we bring him... as he is now, he is of no assistance..."
[00:20] * Kasey_Alamarez nods and sighs a bit "We might as well."
[00:20] * `Aesc nods
[00:20] <`Aesc> to Alverian: "If we can keep him from the drink for a time we may actually be able to get something useful out of him."
[00:21] <Alverian> "Then I suggest we bring him to the room to prevent him from drinking."
[00:22] * `Aesc slumps one of Hassan's arms over his shoulder and starts toward the stairs
[00:22] <Kasey_Alamarez> "Yeah.. Don't need him anymore drunk now."
[00:23] <GMDog> Hassan is easily dragged upstairs to your room.
[00:24] <`Aesc> ((i'd like kintell here to help riddle out some of that reading))
[00:26] <GMDog> You drop Hassan's body on one of the free mats and he lays there a bit coughing before passing out, it may be a long day.
[00:26] <GMDog> 250 experience each
[00:27] <GMDog> +25 for Aesc and Kasey
[00:27] <GMDog> +15 Emmerich
[00:27] <GMDog> +10 Alverian, Kintell
[00:27] <GMDog> * LOG END *
Session Close: Tue Aug 05 11:59:27 2008