25xp to Aesc and Kaylee.
200xp to Aesc, Kintell, Emmerich, and Kaylee for attendance.
Ghoul 175xp
50xp to attendies for RP

**** Log Start *****
GMDog: Before I start, I fogot to award some xp
GMDog: 1, 25 xp to Aesc and Kaylee
GMDog: 2, 25 to Emmerich
GMDog: xp
[OOC] `Aesc: why did we get that xp?
[OOC] `Aesc: wake up emmerich
GMDog: Reminder.... As you start to get up, you hear something slumping up the stairs, perhapse it isn't over just yet.
GMDog: he was here a few minutes ago
[OOC] Kintell: You said that us paralyzed people were good to go right?
GMDog: those who were paralyzed rolled saving throws to get up.
GMDog: you got that xp for rp
[OOC] `Aesc: i passed after combat if i remember right
[OOC] `Aesc: ok, that's what i thought. i wanted a reason for my xp log
GMDog: Emmerich got xp for the safe.
[OOC] `Aesc: still under berserk?
`Kaylee: to all: "Come on, get up, I don't think this is over yet."
GMDog: well, I think Paralyze cancels that
GMDog: since you can't phsyicaly get up and beat it anyway.
[OOC] `Aesc: ok then
GMDog: but, I think those who were raging passed saving throws too.
GMDog: i'ma grab something to eat
GMDog: i'm hungry
**** Game Start *****
Kintell turns her attention to the noise coming from the stairs.
`Aesc readies his weapon as he glances out into the hall
`Aesc peers toward the stairs, waiting to see what is coming toward the party's position
Kintell looks towards Aesc, "Do we hold position or move into the hallway?"
`Aesc: to Kintell: "We should move ahead and meet whatever that is."
`Aesc: to Kintell: "I am not fond of being trapped in here."
Kintell nods
`Kaylee: "I'm with you on that, lets go get it."
Kintell: "Then lets move out."
Emmerich points at the ghouls. "Did we get them all?"
`Aesc: to Emmerich: "I don't think so, there's something moving aroudn out here."
`Aesc moves toward the stairs
[OOC] `Aesc: *around
Emmerich follows and peeks down.
Kintell follows Aesc, staff in hand.
GMDog: A ghoul stands at thetop of the stairs!
`Aesc wraps both hands tightly around the hilt of his sword and prepares to attack
[OOC] `Aesc: unless of course we need to roll horror or something...
Emmerich readies his long sword.
GMDog: weapon speeds + action
Kintell attacks with her staff
[OOC] Emmerich: 4, ready to attack
[OOC] Kintell: 4
[OOC] `Aesc: 8
[OOC] `Kaylee: 1
[OOC] `Kaylee: wait, 2
[OOC] `Aesc: attacking
GMDog: one sec
GMDog: alrighite
GMDog: had to find his HP
GMDog: Battle order: Aesc:16 Alverian:15 Emmerich:12 Kintell:10 Ghoul C:6 Kaylee:5
GMDog: Kaylee!1
`Kaylee: `roll 1d20+1
GameServ: `Kaylee rolled 1d20: 13 <Total: 13(+1) = 14>
[OOC] `Aesc: that's ac 6
GMDog: Hits!
`Kaylee: `roll 1d6+1
GameServ: `Kaylee rolled 1d6: 2 <Total: 2(+1) = 3>
`Kaylee: murr.
GMDog: wher'es my flipping pencil
GMDog: grr
GMDog: hah
GMDog: Ghoul C attacks....
GMDog: `roll 1d6
GameServ: GMDog rolled 1d6: 2 <Total: 2>
GMDog: Aesc!!1
Alverian: GMDog: 1D20 -- -- Total: 13
[OOC] `Aesc: lol, figures
GMDog: AC 6
[OOC] `Aesc: aesc is ac 6.. here we go again
Alverian: GMDog: 1D3 -- -- Total: 2
Alverian: GMDog: 2D20 -- 10 -- Total: 15
GMDog: miss miss
GMDog: saving throw
`Aesc: `roll 1d20
GameServ: `Aesc rolled 1d20: 20 <Total: 20>
GMDog: 2 Damage, massive save.
[OOC] Kintell: woo hoo
[OOC] `Aesc: well not this time
GMDog: Kintell!
Kintell takes a swipe with her staff!
Kintell: `roll 1d20
GameServ: Kintell rolled 1d20: 8 <Total: 8>
[OOC] Kintell: AC 10
[OOC] Kintell: 12
GMDog: miss
GMDog: Emmerich!
Emmerich looks for an opening and swings his long sword
[OOC] Emmerich: Is there an opening
GMDog: yes
Emmerich: `roll 1d20+2
GameServ: Emmerich rolled 1d20: 8 <Total: 8(+2) = 10>
[OOC] Emmerich: damn
GMDog: misslich I believe
GMDog: Alveiran!
[OOC] Alverian: Anyone injuried?
[OOC] `Kaylee: I honestly don't know
[OOC] Kintell: I think I am down 2 from the last combat
[OOC] `Aesc: i don't think kaylee is
[OOC] `Aesc: i'm down 4 now
Alverian: let's see
GMDog: maplish check.
GMDog: Kaylee behind ( ran up to attack at stairs)
GMDog: Emmerich and Kintell, Aesc
GMDog: yeah, he has enough room to attack.
[OOC] `Aesc: maplish?
GMDog: Alverian: 1D20 -- -- Total: 2
Alverian: failure to connect.
GMDog: going off my memory of the upstairs ;p
GMDog: Aesc!
`Aesc swings his weapon
`Aesc: `roll 1d20+1
GameServ: `Aesc rolled 1d20: 12 <Total: 12(+1) = 13>
[OOC] `Aesc: ac 6
GMDog: hit
GMDog: Hits!
`Aesc: `roll 2d4+2
GameServ: `Aesc rolled 2d4: 1 1 <Total: 2(+2) = 4>
[OOC] `Aesc: omg
GMDog: lawl
GMDog: next round!
GMDog: Battle order: Alverian:16 Kintell:10 Aesc:9 Ghoul C:8 Kaylee:6 Emmerich:5
GMDog: Emmerich
Emmerich swings
Emmerich: `roll 1d20+2
GameServ: Emmerich rolled 1d20: 1 <Total: 1(+2) = 3>
GMDog: Sa-WiSH!
GMDog: Kaylee!
[OOC] Emmerich: I give up
`Kaylee: `roll 1d20+1
GameServ: `Kaylee rolled 1d20: 6 <Total: 6(+1) = 7>
[OOC] `Aesc: ac 13
GMDog: roll a dex check Emme
GMDog: roll a natural 1
GMDog: sorry I' a goof
GMDog: Kaylee Sawoosh!
GMDog: Ghoul C attacks...
Alverian: GMDog: 1D6 -- -- Total: 2
GMDog: Aesc!
Emmerich: `roll 1d20
GameServ: Emmerich rolled 1d20: 14 <Total: 14>
GMDog: pass?
[OOC] Emmerich: dex 17
GMDog: kk
`Aesc: `roll 1d20+1
GameServ: `Aesc rolled 1d20: 16 <Total: 16(+1) = 17>
[OOC] `Aesc: ac 2
GMDog: `roll 3d20
GameServ: GMDog rolled 3d20: 7 13 12 <Total: 32>
[OOC] `Aesc: btw i get 2 attacks this round
GMDog: store it, ghoul attacked you
[OOC] `Aesc: specialization
GMDog: roll 1d3
[OOC] `Aesc: it attacked me again???
GMDog: saving throw
GMDog: 'roll 1d3
GMDog: `roll 1d3
GameServ: GMDog rolled 1d3: 3 <Total: 3>
GMDog: yes Aesc
[OOC] `Aesc: wow, it has a nice thaco to hit ac 6
`Aesc: `roll 1d20
GameServ: `Aesc rolled 1d20: 2 <Total: 2>
GMDog: 19-13=ac6
[OOC] `Aesc: bah, ok i can go make pasta now
GMDog: paralyzed
GMDog: `roll 1d6+1
GameServ: GMDog rolled 1d6: 3 <Total: 3(+1) = 4>
[OOC] `Aesc: thx, i get 0 attacks this round
GMDog: 4 round I think
GMDog: sorry lil chief
GMDog: random roll
GMDog: Kintell!
Kintell takes another swing at the creature.
Kintell: `roll 1d20
GameServ: Kintell rolled 1d20: 14 <Total: 14>
[OOC] Kintell: 6 I think!
GMDog: hits!
Kintell connects with her staff.
Kintell: `roll 1d6
GameServ: Kintell rolled 1d6: 4 <Total: 4>
GMDog: roll 2d20
GMDog: `roll 2d20
GameServ: GMDog rolled 2d20: 2 14 <Total: 16>
GMDog: Kintell bashes the undead thing in the eyeline, exploding it's face.
GMDog: 175 xp Kintell 10% bonus
Kintell looks down at the remains with a slight smile across her face.
[OOC] `Aesc: 175 divided by how many?
GMDog: each
[OOC] `Aesc: oh, hmm
GMDog: trying a new xp system
Kintell looks around the staircase and hallway, watching for anymore beings.
Emmerich checks his weapon to make sure there's not a hole in it.
Kintell: Satisfied that there are no more immediate threats, Kintell heads back into the bedroom and checks the remains for anything of use.
[OOC] Kintell: I am searching the ghoul bodies in the bedroom
[OOC] `Kaylee: ew
GMDog: 1d20
[OOC] `Aesc: you would
GMDog: roll 1d20 for search
[OOC] Kintell: sorry
Kintell: `roll 1d20
GameServ: Kintell rolled 1d20: 20 <Total: 20>
GMDog: you know
GMDog: any other timme that'd be really good
[OOC] Kintell: Shrugs, thats the way my luck is
[OOC] Kintell: You'd think I had a sack of lodestones on me
GMDog: you find a hankerchief with some letters on it
Kintell inspects the hanky. (( what letters? ))
GMDog: reading check since you barely recognize it's a clue
[OOC] Kintell: 1d20?
Kintell: `roll 1d20
GameServ: Kintell rolled 1d20: 11 <Total: 11>
[OOC] Kintell: 14 int but no reading/writing prof
GMDog: you can read any language you speak
[OOC] `Kaylee: heh...try telling that to a language teacher
GMDog: you see what looks like a Colli.. on it.
Kintell: "Colli? ... Collin! I think we found the blacksmiths son. Or whats left of him anyways."
`Kaylee: "Ew."
`Aesc frowns and bows his head
Kintell: "Considering that these poor souls were the residents of the village, we should bring the other body in here and cover them. Until they can be retrieved."
`Aesc: to Kintell: "Hold onto that, we should return the letter to his family."
[OOC] `Aesc: oops
`Aesc: to Kintell: "Hold onto that, we should return that to his family."
Kintell nods, and tucks the fabric unto one of her pouches.
`Kaylee: "What now?"
Kintell pulls the blankets and sheets from the bed and covers the two bodies in the room.
`Aesc: "We complete our survey of this place and head back into the town."
Kintell: "Aesc, will you help me bring the body by the staircase in here?"
`Kaylee: "After you, Aesc, so you can tell me what NOT to touch."
`Kaylee stands guard while Kintell and Aesc work on moving the body.
`Aesc nods and follows Kintell
Emmerich watches at the stairs for more trouble
`Kaylee: "Emmerich, do you think ALL of them woke up at the same time?"
Kintell and Aesc move the remaining body, cover it, and then close the bedroom behind us.
Emmerich: "It appears they did. Something triggered it when one of those piles was touched."
Kintell: "They may all be linked, somehow."
`Kaylee: "Did you guys notice any other piles earlier? We need to be aware of where these things might be lurking."
Emmerich: "There were others."
`Kaylee groans.
Emmerich: (to Kintell) "Yes, most likely linked with Necromancy."
`Aesc: to all:
[OOC] `Aesc: oops
`Kaylee asks, "Necromancy?"
`Aesc: to all: "There's not much left, let's be quick about it."
Kintell: "Yes, we should finish searching the house, I'd like to move on before nightfall."
`Aesc: to Kintell: "Well before nightfall."
GMDog: it's about 3-4 now
Kintell nods.
[OOC] `Aesc: was about to ask if we could find a window to check that
Emmerich: "A school of magic Kaylee."
`Aesc moves to the next room
`Kaylee: "To do that...to the dead?"
`Kaylee follows after Aesc.
Alverian: "Does any one require healing?
`Kaylee: "I think I'm alright..."
`Aesc glances at Alverian and nods slightly
`Kaylee: "...but I don't wanna be one of those when I die!"
`Aesc: "I've taken a few wounds healer."
Emmerich: "We'll make sure we don't leave your carcass behind then Kay." Em smirks
`Aesc: "No one here is going to die."
`Kaylee: "Leave it, just burn it or something."
Kintell follows Aesc into the next room
Emmerich keeps pace with the group
Alverian: `roll 1d8
GameServ: Alverian rolled 1d8: 7 <Total: 7>
Alverian: Alverian casts Cure Light Wounds on Aesc.
Alverian: +7 HP
`Aesc feels better!
Kintell looks around the room, waiting for the next vile creature to jump out at her.
[OOC] `Aesc: how many rooms left?
GMDog: there were 4 upstairs?
[OOC] `Aesc: i think so, and we've searched 2 or 3 of those
[OOC] `Aesc: 3 now i believe
[OOC] `Aesc: and i think there are 5 rooms in all come to think of it
GMDog: there were 4 downstairs
GMDog: and 4 upstairs
[OOC] `Aesc: because i remember there being an odd number and wanting to get the side with 2 done first
GMDog: maybe it was 3 upstairs
GMDog: ah ok 5 upstairs
GMDog: so 2 more
GMDog: ?
[OOC] `Aesc: sure
[OOC] Kintell: I think we are in number three, but havent gotten any info on it
[OOC] `Aesc: there are 5, we did the side with 2 and then moved to the other and found the master bedroom
GMDog: i think you searched the 1 guest bedroom, master bedroom, then Jean's room
[OOC] `Aesc: ok
GMDog: actualy it was an office
GMDog: you picked up some papers
[OOC] `Aesc: right
[OOC] `Aesc: so next room then
GMDog: chcking the door?
GMDog: Emmerich that is.
Emmerich listens at the door.
Emmerich: `roll 1d100
GameServ: Emmerich rolled 1d100: 63 <Total: 63>
GMDog: you don't hear much
GMDog: damn Aesc and his heavy breathing
Emmerich checks the door. (locked?)
GMDog: Yes.
[OOC] `Aesc: ...)
Emmerich checks to see if its trapped
Emmerich: `roll 1d100
GameServ: Emmerich rolled 1d100: 12 <Total: 12>
GMDog: close, but it's a very complex lock
GMDog: you're normal ability isn't enough.
[OOC] Emmerich: 40?
`Aesc watches Emmerich do his thing
[OOC] GMDog: -60 for master crafted lock
[OOC] Emmerich: then no one here can pick it
Emmerich: "One of you is going to have to kick this thing down."
[OOC] GMDog: heh roll a 1
[OOC] `Aesc: ok, well each attempt should take what, 7 seconds?
[OOC] `Aesc: should roll a 1 in a few minutes
[OOC] GMDog: 10 mins each
[OOC] `Aesc: LOL!!
`Aesc sheaths his weapon and prepares to put his shoulder into the door
`Aesc: `roll 1d20
GameServ: `Aesc rolled 1d20: 17 <Total: 17>
[OOC] `Aesc: 3
`Aesc: `roll 1d20
GameServ: `Aesc rolled 1d20: 8 <Total: 8>
[OOC] `Aesc: 6
`Aesc: `roll 1d20
GameServ: `Aesc rolled 1d20: 11 <Total: 11>
[OOC] `Aesc: 9
`Aesc: `roll 1d20
GameServ: `Aesc rolled 1d20: 16 <Total: 16>
[OOC] `Aesc: 12
[OOC] `Aesc: tell me to stop if you want me to people
`Aesc: `roll 1d20
GameServ: `Aesc rolled 1d20: 7 <Total: 7>
[OOC] `Aesc: 15
[OOC] GMDog: what are you rolling?
`Kaylee: `roll 1d20 .....?
[OOC] `Aesc: lol, um.. open doors?
`Kaylee: bwahahaha
[OOC] GMDog: what is your open doors?
[OOC] `Aesc: u have a 7
[OOC] `Aesc: i
GMDog: after about 20 minutes of beating on the door it finaly gives.
`Aesc dusts himself off
GMDog: Aesc's pretty tired looking a the room.
`Aesc: "That was a lot harder than I thought it would be."
Kintell rolls her eyes at the brute force approach.
GMDog: inside he finds this, unlike the rest of the house, devoid of any dust.
GMDog: the bed looks as if it where made last night
GMDog: this morning*
`Aesc: "My training didn't exactly prepare me to be a battering ram."
`Aesc smirks as he looks about him
Emmerich looks at the room confused
`Aesc: "Now that's interesting."
`Aesc: "Someone's been living here amongst these things."
Emmerich: "Let's hope that someone isn't still here."
`Aesc glances at Emmerich
Emmerich shrugs his shoulders
`Aesc: "That someone may be responsible for everything going on around here."
Emmerich: "Would be a good guess."
Emmerich points in the room. "Shall we?"
`Aesc nods
Kintell looks over the room. (( Besides the cleanliness, does anything else look ... odd? ))
`Aesc: "Alright, but everyone be careful."
Emmerich enters cautiously.
GMDog: wisdom check Kintell
`Aesc surveys the room
Kintell: `roll 1d20
GameServ: Kintell rolled 1d20: 11 <Total: 11>
[OOC] Kintell: wis 16
GMDog: you spot some bloody cloths part way out of a hamper.
Kintell steps closer to the hamper. "Theres some blood over here."
`Aesc steps over to where Kintell is
`Aesc: "Blood-covered clothing?"
Emmerich: "There's no licorice around here is there?"
`Aesc: to all: "Licorice or not, I believe we've found the killer's lair."
Alverian: "Perhapse we should head back to town, it is getting late."
`Aesc: "I quite agree, there's not much more to see here - we have our answers."
Kintell: "Well, the occupant of the room is going to know we've been in here, thanks to the brazen entry. We had better keep an eye out tonight. And warn the townsfolk."
Emmerich: "Are we turning this over to the authorities or should we maybe try to find the killer ourselves?"
`Aesc: to Kintell: "I quite agree."
Kintell: "I have a very bad feeling that the killer will be trying to find us."
[OOC] Kintell: Have we searched all the rooms?
`Aesc turns to Emmerich ,0"At the very least we should inform the constable about what we've found here."
[OOC] `Aesc: there's 1 left
Kintell: "Lets check the last room real quick. Did this place have a basement as well?"
[OOC] GMDog: Nien
`Aesc: to Kintell: "None that any of us could locate."
`Aesc: "The surrounding region is swampland afterall."
Kintell: "Lets finish up here then."
Kintell is getting ancy.
Emmerich: "Last room?"
`Aesc moves to the where the last room is located
Emmerich heads to the next door and listens.
Emmerich: `roll 1d100
GameServ: Emmerich rolled 1d100: 79 <Total: 79>
`Aesc: "Yes, and we need to be fast about it - the sun will be setting in a couple of hours."
Emmerich: "You guys are breathing way to heavy for me to hear anything."
Emmerich: (locked?)
GMDog: No.
Emmerich: "What are the chances there's another one of those things behind this door? Would anyone else like to listen first before the door is opened?"
Emmerich: "Kaylee?"
`Kaylee: "I'll give it a shot."
`Kaylee: `roll 1d100
GameServ: `Kaylee rolled 1d100: 45 <Total: 45>
[OOC] `Aesc: no good
Emmerich: "Anything?"
`Kaylee: "I can only hear Aesc's breathing."
`Aesc glares at Kaylee
Emmerich: "Kaylee you if you pop the door I'll load my bow and stand back in case anything charges."
`Kaylee: "Alright, but your aim better be true."
`Kaylee carefully opens the door
Kintell takes one last survey of the 'clean room' then re-enters the hallway.
GMDog: This room is as dusty as the rest of the house, clean, but not as spotless as the last.
Emmerich loads his bow and keeps it ready.
GMDog: You don't see any Ghouls.
`Kaylee: "Great job getting me worked up over nothing Emmerich."
`Aesc: to all: "Alright, let's get back to town."
Emmerich will lower his bow and sling it back over his back.
Emmerich gets ready to head back to town.
`Aesc heads for the stairs, making sure that everyone is in tow
Kintell follows
GMDog: no sign of movement below
`Aesc heads for the front door
GMDog: Nothing outside, but the sun is getting low.
`Aesc: to all: "Double time back to the town, it isn't far but we don't want to be caught outside."
Emmerich: "Agreed."
GMDog: heading back then?
[OOC] Emmerich: yes
GMDog: let's see
GMDog: how long did I say it took to get there?
GMDog: i'll say 30 minutes too
GMDog: so about 20 to get back moving faster then normal.
[OOC] `Aesc: and you'd be right as that's what I just found
[OOC] `Aesc: still can't see the sun right?
GMDog: The skys above grow dark over the clouds.
GMDog: that's right, the clouds have never broke since you entered the swamp.
GMDog: As you start to enter the town... A scream shatters the quiet afternoon, echoing throughout the village streets.
`Aesc stops to listen to determine where the scream is coming from
Alverian: "I believe it came from that way." Alverian points.
GMDog: Kintell you think so as well
GMDog: Aesc isn't sure.
`Kaylee: "What do you think is going on Aesc?"
Emmerich tries to figure where the scream came from.
`Aesc glances at Kaylee "I'm not sure, but it sounds like someone is in trouble."
Alverian starts moving toward the screem.
GMDog: Emmerich can'te tell either
Kintell agrees and follows the others.
`Aesc: to Alverian: "Over there you think?"
`Aesc nods and follows Alverian at a quickened pace
GMDog: everyone following?
GMDog: Emmerich, Kaylee?
Emmerich: yes
[OOC] `Kaylee: yes
GMDog: You move quickly through the streets, and find a black cloacked man carrying a young woman, you recognize her as Lillian the inn keeper's daughter.
GMDog: She appears to be bleeding, he sees you and drops her.
`Aesc reaches for his bow
GMDog: running away.
[OOC] `Aesc: i'll take a shot at them
GMDog: It's too late, you can't get a shot off before he turns a corner.
Emmerich: "We can follow as assume he's heading fo rthe house and cut him off there."
`Aesc grits his teeth and allows the figure to get away t his time
or assume
`Aesc: to Emmerich: "It's too risky, that house is his personal stronghold."
Alverian races to the woman and kneels ove rher. "Get him, I'll tend to her!"
Kintell: "Do we take chase?"
[OOC] `Aesc: how much daylight do we have?
GMDog: Enough to catch him if you hurry now.
Emmerich: "He's not going to know that we're heading there though. We'll have surprise."
`Aesc: to Kintell: "Alright, we go - but if we can't catch him quickly we must return here!"
Kintell: "Lets end this!"
Kintell begins chasing the cloaked figure.
`Kaylee: "I don't feel good about this."
`Kaylee gives chase with the others
[OOC] Kintell: let me know when he is in sight, and distance to him
[OOC] `Aesc: same, i want to take a bow shot at him
GMDog: You follow him near the middle of the town, he's quick, but not fast enough to loose you.
[OOC] GMDog: 5 minutes to session )
GMDog: )
GMDog: Your starting to catch up.
Kintell yells "Halt!"
GMDog: He passes the general store and you are near enough to almost touch his cape
GMDog: Emmerich trips in the dirt, sending Aesc over in a spill.
[OOC] `Aesc: bah, I wanted to arrow him >:O
Kintell calls out, "Someone stop him!"
[OOC] `Aesc: wait wait wait
GMDog: Kintell avoids the mess and continues chasing him.
[OOC] `Aesc: i wanted to shoot him once we were close enough
[OOC] `Aesc: i didn't say i wanted to tackle him((
`Aesc: ))
GMDog: He turns down a random allyway before you can get a bead on him.
[OOC] `Aesc: i don't need to be on top of him to do that
[OOC] `Aesc: bah
`Aesc recovers and gives chase again
GMDog: Kintell can almost catch him, but someone answering her summon steps out of a doorway and she runs into him.
GMDog: Kaylee barely avoids the collision, and keeps following.
Kintell turns into a bird at the moment she collides with the bystander, taking flight, up and over the buildings in an attempt to keep up.
GMDog: He dodges into another allyway and Kaylee is close behind.
GMDog: As she enters, she spots what looks like him standing in the middle of the street.
GMDog: what do you do?
[OOC] `Kaylee: prepare an arrow and get ready to shoot
Kintell tries to catch up to Kaylee and the figure...
GMDog: Your arrows peirce the long cloak, and relize it's actualy someone's wash hanging from a line.
[OOC] `Kaylee: But i didn't shoot...
GMDog: Kintell sees him exit at the end of the allyway.
[OOC] `Aesc: nevermind, we're not in control of this scene at all Kaylee
`Aesc tries to find the others
[OOC] GMDog: heh Aesc is quick ~,~
`Aesc: "Kintell! Kaylee!"
GMDog: Aesc can easily spot Kintell in the air.
[OOC] `Aesc: pretty obvious, and not really fun if we can't affect it
`Aesc has his bow ready
GMDog: Kintell you see the figure enter a dead end.
[OOC] GMDog: I didn't write the module
Kintell lands on a roof-top, enters human form and calls out, "Over here, hes cornered."
`Aesc hurries on over
Kintell watches him from the roof-top, waiting for backup.
GMDog: you can't see him in the darkness of the ally.
GMDog: As you enter the edge of the allyway, you can't see anything inside.
GMDog: Even as you stealthly draw closer, you begin to relize he's given you the slip
Emmerich finally catches up
GMDog: the sign of the murder is left behind, a red licurace.
`Aesc reaches down and picks up the licorice
[OOC] Emmerich: den-de-den
`Aesc checks for signs of tracks to determine which way he may have gone
`Aesc: `roll 1d20
GameServ: `Aesc rolled 1d20: 8 <Total: 8>
GMDog: unfornatly the ally is filled with tracks, Aesc can't narrow it down where he went from here.
GMDog: It is as if he was only a ghost.
**** Log End *****
GMDog: 200 XP for attendance.
GMDog: 50 xp for chase/RP