200 for attendance previous week to Aesc, Damien, Emmerich, and Kintell.
200 for attendance to Aesc, Damien, Emerich, and Kintell
2 Ghouls, 175xp each.
600/6 XP for Treasure.
600 Platinum.

**** GAME START *****
GMDog: For log, 200 xp to Kaylee, Aesc, Damien, Emmerich, and Kintell
GMDog: anyone near leveling?
[OOC] `Aesc: not at the moment
GMDog: i just relized I haven't added xp for Alverian for about a month
[OOC] Emmerich: I'm close to a level two thief but no where near the wizard
[OOC] `Aesc: lol
GMDog: how close?
[OOC] Emmerich: 50 i think
[OOC] `Aesc: i need 1119 xp
GMDog: ok, go ahead and add XP for tonight
GMDog: you can handle your level now
GMDog: i'm going to add up Alverian's xp
`Kaylee: I honestly don't know, Jr has my stuff.
[OOC] `Aesc: 484 fighter, 832 thief
GMDog: why such an odd disperation?
`Kaylee: Because I'm level 2 thief and level 1 fighter now.
GMDog: still your xp should be even
`Aesc: that's how much she needs for each
GMDog: Oh got ya
`Aesc: she'll hit level 2 fighter before level 2 thief
`Aesc: and she gets the 10% bonus for thief, but not fighter
`Kaylee: I'm not a thief, I'm a scout.
`Aesc: so her xp will always be a bit unbalanced
`Aesc: hush
GMDog: Alverian is near level too
GMDog: ok Emmerich, ready?
Emmerich: go ahead, I'll figure it as we go
GMDog: alrighty
GMDog: As you probaly forgot because of my stupidity, last time you left off in the estate at the plantation
GMDog: Luc returned to the inn when you headed this way
[OOC] `Aesc: and i spose kaylee is with us now
GMDog: she was
GMDog: she tried to pick the lock
[OOC] `Aesc: oh, i thought she was at the inn
[OOC] `Aesc: and that emmerich tried to pick the lock
GMDog: both tried
`Kaylee: Did not
[OOC] `Aesc: don't mean to argue, but i thought you sent her to the inn when she missed a session 2 weeks back
GMDog: oh yeah
GMDog: Ok
GMDog: i found it, she Was with you, then went back with Luc
GMDog: my bad, nevermind me :p
`Kaylee: I think I made sure that he made it back to the inn safely, right?
GMDog: yes, it's quite easy
GMDog: Calibus sniffs at the room, relizing this is SCARIE! and runs back to the inn.
`Aesc scans around him
GMDog: you see the dining room, along wiht the pile of dirt in the corner
GMDog: a few moments Later, Kaylee, you see Calibus book through the Inn's dining area and up stairs.
`Aesc: "Alright, let's check the rest of the house."
GMDog: where do you start?
Emmerich: "Lead on."
GMDog: there is 1 more room downstairs.
`Aesc glances toward the unchecked room
`Aesc: "There."
Emmerich moves towards the other rooms door.
`Aesc peers suspiciously at the door
Emmerich checks to see if its locked
GMDog: Not locked
Emmerich listens
`Kaylee goes to check on Calibus.
Emmerich: `roll 1d100
GameServ: Emmerich rolled 1d100: 70 <Total: 70>
[OOC] Emmerich: ouch
GMDog: Nothing
Emmerich will crack it open and peer in
GMDog: It smells reather bad in here, but not un-expected for an indor out house
`Aesc peers inside
GMDog: inside the toliet?
Emmerich holds his nose.
`Aesc: "Alright, no need to check in there."
[OOC] `Aesc: no, inside the door
Emmerich closes the door
[OOC] GMDog: Everyone questions Aesc's descious to check inside the outhouse.
Emmerich: "Where to now?"
[OOC] `Aesc: i glanced inside the room like emmerich did! that's all
`Aesc: "That appears to be it for the first level, any sign of a sub-level?"
GMDog: I don't remember one being described, so I'll say no, only an upstairs.
[OOC] `Aesc: i.e. half-elves, elves, etc noticing hidden exits
[OOC] `Aesc: ok
GMDog: it's unlikely, given this is a swamp.
Emmerich: "The last room lead to the sub level. We don't want to go there."
[OOC] GMDog: there's no map for this house, so I'm going off a pretty basic map I made up in my head
[OOC] `Aesc: oh, so what do they grow out there then?
[OOC] Emmerich: sounds like me yesterday
`Aesc nods
[OOC] `Kaylee: shrunken heads
Emmerich: "The stairs then?"
`Aesc: "Right, upstairs then and keep alert."
Emmerich: "I'll take point."
Emmerich heads up the stairs cautiously.
`Aesc: "As you wish, my skills aren't much good indoors anyhow."
GMDog: you see another hallway leading in each direction from the stairs
GMDog: 5 doors along the hallway, 3 on one side and two on the other.
Emmerich: "Left or right Aesc?"
[OOC] `Aesc: which side has just 2 rooms?
GMDog: left side
`Aesc: "Left first, then the right."
Emmerich heads left and stops at the first door.
Emmerich checks the handle to see if its locked
GMDog: unlocked
Emmerich listens
Emmerich: `roll 1d100
GameServ: Emmerich rolled 1d100: 99 <Total: 99>
[OOC] Emmerich: i give up =) I'm deaf
GMDog: you hear termites! :O
`Aesc: "I keep expecting something to happen when you open one of these."
GMDog: oh, that's just aesc breathing on you.
GMDog: brb tv emergancy repair
Emmerich cracks hte door
[OOC] `Aesc: Emmerich "WHAT? I CAN'T HEAR YOU?!"
[OOC] Emmerich: You talking to me?
[OOC] Emmerich: speak inot the horn
[OOC] `Aesc: lol
`Kaylee finds Calibus cowering under his bed, gibbering in madness and incoherency, unable to leave the room. Concerned for her companions, she heads out of the inn to the plantation, bow and arrow at the ready.
[OOC] `Aesc: you're nowhere near venerable yet for an elf
[OOC] Emmerich: true
[OOC] `Kaylee: darn thing disappeared the first time I typed it
[OOC] Emmerich: hey Damian
Emmerich looks in the room
[OOC] Damien: Hey there Big E.
`Aesc peers in over Emmerich's shoulder
GMDog: back
GMDog: inside you see a smaller bedroom
GMDog: a mound of dirt is in the corner.
[OOC] GMDog: Aesc, do you happen to know the time we entered the house?
[OOC] GMDog: it was just at noon if I remember
Emmerich: "Seems to be a lot of these piles. Mean anything to you Aesc?"
`Aesc 's eyes dart to pile of dirt
`Aesc: to Emmerich: "Nothing, and I'm not so sure we should disturb them either."
Alverian nods.
Emmerich does a quick search of the rest of the room avoiding the pile if he can
GMDog: there's nothing of real value in here, it seems to be a guest quarters.
Emmerich: "Well next room." Em heads out
`Aesc nods and follows behind Emmerich
Emmerich stops at the next door, he tries the lock again and if it turns he peers in.
[OOC] `Aesc: in here!
GMDog: same side?
`Kaylee yells "AESC?!?!"
[OOC] Emmerich: yes left side 2nd door
[OOC] `Kaylee: I'm not the subtle type
`Aesc hears a familiar voice from down below
GMDog: this is a larger room
GMDog: it looks like a master bedroom
`Aesc: "Seems Kaylee has joined us."
Emmerich scans the room
GMDog: you see several family potraits on the wall
`Kaylee decides to cautiously approach the door, but not enter the building.
`Aesc heads back to the top of the stairs
Emmerich turns at Aesc's voice and looks at Kaylee
`Damien follows Emmerich, trident in hand.
GMDog: many of them look like Luc, and one does look like the young man with two others
GMDog: all have white hair
`Aesc: "We're up here Kaylee."
`Kaylee: "What's going on here? What happened to Caliban?"
[OOC] `Kaylee: and Emmerich?
[OOC] Emmerich: damnit
Emmerich examines the portraits. He slides each of them looking for hidden compartnments
`Aesc: "There are things happening here Kaylee, people have been killed here."
[OOC] `Aesc: ack
`Aesc: "There are things happening here Kaylee, people have been killed, butchered."
[OOC] `Aesc: better
`Kaylee: "Great, then why don't we go to where people AREN'T being butchered. Say, home?"
GMDog: which ones are you checking first?
GMDog: older looking ones or newer ones
GMDog: hey maz
`Aesc: "Just stay with us, you'll be fine."
Emmerich starts at the beginning of the room on the left side and works his way around
[OOC] Mazrim: Hey, sorry guys. GF scheduled dinner with her mother who was only in town for the day
[OOC] `Aesc: welcome maz
[OOC] `Aesc: bye damien
[OOC] GMDog: wrong button lawl
[OOC] `Aesc: yeah, no doubt
[OOC] `Kaylee: wow, um, is this a good night for playing or what?
GMDog: most of the paintings hang croocked by the time you reach one with a metal box behind it.
Emmerich pulls the painting that covers the box down
[OOC] Emmerich: metal safe or box in a hole?
GMDog: it looks liket a metalic safe.
Emmerich examines it for traps
Emmerich: `roll 1d100
GameServ: Emmerich rolled 1d100: 78 <Total: 78>
[OOC] Emmerich: I hate Gameserv
GMDog: you think there might be some kind of dart trap
Emmerich: (cause its in my hand now?))
[OOC] `Aesc: lol
Emmerich: to Kaylee 'Wanna give this a try?"
`Kaylee: "Not that I'll have much luck, but sure."
`Kaylee: `roll 1d100
GameServ: `Kaylee rolled 1d100: 38 <Total: 38>
Emmerich: "There might be a dart stuck in it"
[OOC] GMDog: kin, can you join _ooc
[OOC] Kintell: greyhawk?
[OOC] `Aesc: #ravenloft_ooc
[OOC] GMDog: that one
`Kaylee: "A dart?"
`Kaylee checks for traps.
`Aesc: (OMFG!!))
[OOC] `Aesc: i hate this stupid thing
`Kaylee: `roll 1d100
GameServ: `Kaylee rolled 1d100: 95 <Total: 95>
Emmerich: "Possibly but i couldn't tell for sure. Something sharp it looked like then it retracted."
[OOC] `Kaylee: I have no idea what I'm doing at the moment, was I looking for traps originally, or trying to break into the thing?
[OOC] Emmerich: looking
[OOC] `Kaylee: me is confuzzled
`Aesc: "There's probably something of value in there."
GMDog: oh, what are you doing Kay?
`Aesc: "Perhaps we should try a less subtle approach?"
`Aesc glances around for Damien
[OOC] `Kaylee: I don't know!
Emmerich: "Like bashing it?"
Emmerich smiles
GMDog: sorry, my screen got stuck
[OOC] `Kaylee: if I hit it with my sap will it open?
GMDog: wassen't moving
GMDog: no
GMDog: it's a metal wall safe.
`Kaylee: Arrow?
`Kaylee: Sword?
GMDog: unlikely
Emmerich: "Kaylee was there a trap?"
GMDog: less then likely
GMDog: Kaylee didn't notice one
[OOC] `Kaylee: it's not like I do this in real life, you know
Emmerich tries to pick it
[OOC] `Kaylee: Kaylee doesn't notice anything. EVER.
`Aesc nods in agreement with Emmerich
GMDog: roll it
Emmerich: `roll 1d100
GameServ: Emmerich rolled 1d100: 86 <Total: 86>
`Aesc: "We could try smashing it."
[OOC] Emmerich: f k n eh
GMDog: `roll 1d20
GameServ: GMDog rolled 1d20: 9 <Total: 9>
`Kaylee: "Let me try to pick it."
GMDog: ac Emmerich?
Emmerich: 5
GMDog: a dart just misses your hand as you work.
`Kaylee: "On second thought..."
`Aesc watches the dart fly by
Emmerich watches the dart whiz by his hand
Emmerich: "Anyone else wanna try?"
`Kaylee: "Anyone have anything they can hold up to block the dart?"
`Aesc: "I don't know much about traps, but how many more of those could there be?"
`Kaylee: "How many do you want hitting you before you find out how many more there are?"
Emmerich: "I doubt it has another dart in it. KAYlee can try to pick it or one of you can bash it"
Kintell: "I would say it depends on the nature of the trap. If it was magical, there could be an unlimited number."
Emmerich ponders that
`Kaylee: "Ugh, fine, but if I get shot, I'm stabbing you with my sword."
GMDog: roll it
`Aesc: "Is there a way to block the darts?"
Kintell looks at the wall around the box. (( What is the wall made of? ))
GMDog: wood
`Aesc glances at Kintell
GMDog: it looks pretty solidly in the wall
`Aesc: to Kintell: "Got an idea?"
[OOC] Kintell: Stone? Wood?
[OOC] `Kaylee: burn it
[OOC] `Aesc: no
[OOC] GMDog: wood...?
[OOC] `Kaylee: ...burns.
Kintell: "Well, it is just wood. Anyone have an axe? We could take apart the wall and destroy the trap."
[OOC] GMDog: so does Kaylee
[OOC] `Kaylee: only when I was a kid
GMDog: the trap Emmerich saw was inside the metal metal, not the wall.
Emmerich: "The trap isn't the problem. The thing is locked and I can't get it open."
`Aesc: "I carry a hand axe I use for gathering firewood."
Kintell: "Its just an idea."
Kintell shrugs
GMDog: Kaylee was going to try, but hassen't rolled a chance.
`Kaylee awaits a verdict prior to trying to unlock the safe.
`Aesc: "Will you make the attempt Kaylee, or do we take the wall apart?"
Emmerich: "Kaylee give it a go. You might have better luck than I."
`Kaylee: `roll 1d100
GameServ: `Kaylee rolled 1d100: 92 <Total: 92>
[OOC] Emmerich: lol
[OOC] `Kaylee: F!
Alverian: GMDog: 1D20 -- -- Total: 19
[OOC] `Aesc: nope
GMDog: nothing happens
`Kaylee: Can I try again?
GMDog: yes, but each try will take 10 minutes.
`Aesc pulls a hand axe from his backpack
`Kaylee: `roll 1d100
GameServ: `Kaylee rolled 1d100: 97 <Total: 97>
Emmerich: "Let me have one more go."
[OOC] `Aesc: how long will that take?
`Kaylee: oh, wait, Emm wanted a turn.
Alverian: GMDog: 1D20 -- -- Total: 18
GMDog: nothing happens
GMDog: Emmerich: 1D20 -- -- Total: 5
Emmerich: oops
GMDog: Emmerich: 1D100 -- -- Total: 25
GMDog: weird, my dice roll in unison like that
[OOC] Emmerich: woot!!!
`Aesc: (yeah, which one do we go with?))
GMDog: under your score?
GMDog: mine
GMDog: i can't turn alverian's off
`Kaylee: I am SO confused right now.
[OOC] Emmerich: 35 is my score
[OOC] `Aesc: you used alverian for you, and gmdog for his? :P ok that's fine
GMDog: the safe opens
Emmerich: want me to roll again using gameserv?))
[OOC] Emmerich: Nvermind
[OOC] `Aesc: NO!
[OOC] `Kaylee: NO, the safe opened!
[OOC] `Aesc: gameserv sucks
Emmerich looks in the safe
GMDog: I can't roll against myself, well I can but I'm lazy.
[OOC] `Aesc: a small blue dragon exits the safe
GMDog: plus I can't scare you when I roll them.
[OOC] `Kaylee: bastard
[OOC] Emmerich: woot
GMDog: you notice a small sack, and some papers.
Emmerich carefully reaches in and retrieves the items
Kintell peers inquisitively at the safe from the back of the group. Randomly looking around to make sure nothing suprises us.
`Kaylee: "What's the sack?"
`Kaylee attempts to grab the sack from Emmerich.
Emmerich tosses Kaylee the sack
GMDog: it looks like some deeds to the land in the eldest brother's name and a few other personal papers.
Emmerich: "Careful now."
`Kaylee looks into the sack.
`Aesc peers at Kaylee oddly
Emmerich quickly scans the papers
GMDog: the sack has about 120 Platinum inside.
[OOC] `Aesc: a dart flies out of the sack
[OOC] `Kaylee: hey, that's what I said about Em opening the safe, you thief
`Aesc stands over Kaylee and attempts to peer inside the sack as well
Kintell: "Anything useful to our investigation?"
`Kaylee: "Look, I can actually get some food now! It's money, a LOT of money."
`Aesc: "Look at her eyes, its some sort of treasure."
`Aesc smirks
GMDog: it doesn't look like anything important, a few family letters some writings about the myth of a scroll.
`Aesc: "See, I was right."
`Kaylee: "Hey, I'm hungry, anything that'll get me food is great."
Emmerich pockets the letters for further reading
`Aesc extends his hand, expecting Kaylee to hand the sack over
`Kaylee: "Is this the normal amount a plantation in a swamp would bring in, do you think?"
Kintell: "Well, we can divy the coin later. Lets continue."
`Kaylee doesn't hand the bag over.
`Aesc: to Kaylee: "I'll hold onto that for now, we'll divide it later."
Emmerich then looks in the safe to see if he missed anything. He'll reach in and carefully pad the walls of the safe for false backs or bottoms
`Kaylee: "Later means it doesn't matter who holds it. I'd rather make sure I get my fair share."
GMDog: you also notice a family will, it looks like everything reverts to each brother if the elder one dies.
GMDog: nothing futher is inside.
`Kaylee squirrels the sack away under her cloak.
Emmerich again looks at the paintings. ((Does each of the posers look healthy?))
GMDog: Of the brothers?
`Aesc: to Kaylee: "You know me better than most here, would I cheat someone?"
[OOC] Emmerich: yes the portraits, different periods of life or the same era? Do they look healthy or sick in the pictures?
`Kaylee: to Aesc: "You know that I only do what I must. There's more than enough for all of us, and you can feel free to check my belongings if you suspect I'm holding out."
GMDog: they look healthy, of course it's only a painting.
GMDog: the other paintins are of other family members
[OOC] `Kaylee: someone sounds familiar with Dorian Gray
Emmerich: =)
[OOC] GMDog: not really, dorian gray hid his painting
[OOC] `Kaylee: only from his own sight
[OOC] GMDog: not very smart to put in your own bed room
`Aesc: to Kaylee: "Hand it over, no more arguements."
Emmerich: "Well I think we've exhausted our options here."
Emmerich starts to head out
GMDog: out where?
`Aesc watches Emmerich leave the room
[OOC] Emmerich: the hall
GMDog: kk.
`Kaylee: likewise.
`Aesc blocks Kaylee from exiting
`Aesc: "Stop right there."
`Aesc: "You're handing over the sack, now."
`Kaylee: "I'm better than counting than you, Aesc. Don't even think about it."
`Aesc: "Even if you are, it matters not - as party organizer I am responsible for such thigns."
[OOC] `Aesc: things
`Kaylee: "Give me ten of the coins right now and I'll agree."
`Aesc: "No deal."
`Kaylee: "I'm not trusting my share to you, nor anyone else."
`Aesc: "The treasure stays intact until we divide it."
`Aesc raises an eyebrow
Emmerich pokes his head back in..."Let's go."
`Kaylee: "Ten coins, that EVERYONE here knows are on my person."
`Kaylee: "It's not like anyone will forget about it."
`Aesc: "You'll trust your life to these others you fight alongside but you can't over coin?"
`Aesc glances at Emmerich
`Aesc: "Just as soon as Kaylee relents and hands over the sack."
`Kaylee: "I've known those who would kill me for less."
Emmerich: "Aesc give her share, 20 platnium, we'll split the rest up amongst us later."
`Aesc: "I'm not about to do that, we're not even certain they're all genuine."
`Kaylee: "Which means it really wouldn't matter if I had non-genuine coins."
Emmerich: "Very well." Em sighs and exits the room
Emmerich: "Kintell, Alverian, Damian, should we let them fight and move on down the hall?"
`Aesc: "You're going to hand over the sack Kaylee, when we get back to town I'll give you your share and you can be on your way."
Alverian: "Perhaps it's wise not to divide this at all, as it could be claimed that it still belongs to Luc's family..."
`Aesc: "You're of no use to me or this party if you're not able to trust me."
Emmerich: "A valid point Alverian."
Emmerich: "Part of my nature agrees with Kaylee though, finders keepers."
`Kaylee: "I'd entrust it to Emmerich, not you."
GMDog: it's near 2:00pm
Emmerich: "Kintell?"
`Aesc: "Are you joking? You don't even KNOW him!"
`Aesc: "Hand it over, NOW."
`Kaylee: "He didn't accuse me of poaching, or of trying to keep all of this for myself."
Kintell shrugs. "Someone that everyone trusts, should hold any coin. Waiting to divy every scrap of metal will become tedious. Aesc put this group together, he should hold all coinage and treasure until we can safely and accuratly share it."
`Aesc: "You were poaching, and I made no such accusation. I merely stated that I will ensure that everyone gets their fair share."
`Aesc nods in agreement with Kintell
[OOC] Kintell: 'waitin to' means 'stopping to'
`Kaylee hands over the sack.
`Aesc: "Nice to see that you've come to your senses."
`Aesc places the sack into his pack, closes it tightly and shoulders it
`Aesc: "Now let's finish up here before it gets dark."
Kintell: "Next time, why dont you two wait until you get a room to squabble."
Kintell winks
`Aesc glares at Kintell
`Aesc: "It's not like that, it will NEVER be like that."
Kintell steps away from the safe and goes back to searching the building.
Emmerich heads to the other end of the hall
[OOC] Emmerich: Three doors?
`Aesc follows in behind Emmerich
Emmerich stops at the first door and goes through his normal routine of listening and then checking the knob to see if its locked
Emmerich: `roll 1d100
GameServ: Emmerich rolled 1d100: 13 <Total: 13>
[OOC] Emmerich: listen
GMDog: nothing inside
[OOC] Emmerich: rooms empty??
Kintell waits for the others to open the rooms before taking a look inside.
GMDog: nothing on you listen
GMDog: Inside looks like an office area.
`Kaylee: `roll 1d20
GameServ: `Kaylee rolled 1d20: 12 <Total: 12>
Emmerich walks in and looks around
GMDog: looks like this is where the brothers handled business.
`Aesc looks inside as well
[OOC] Emmerich: desk, chair, bookshelve etc?
GMDog: yes.
Kintell: "We should quickly check to see if any papers could help us find out whats going on here."
Emmerich checks the desk first
Emmerich looks on top then in the drawers. He'll check each drawer then under the desk top for secret sompartments
Emmerich: compartment
April 14th 2008 Part 2