GMDog: Nothing of real importance here
GMDog: this looks mostly like day to day stuff
GMDog: field management, wages, city status.
GMDog: pretty boring.
Emmerich will give the book shelf a glace over before moving on
Kintell: "Anything of note about the blacksmith's son?"
`Aesc: "Nothing that I came across."
Emmerich: "me either."
GMDog: you see his name in some of the records.
GMDog: wage accounting and such.
`Aesc: "Oh wait, here's something."
GMDog: you see some other residence names.
Emmerich pauses
`Aesc: "Just a name and a mentioning of his wages."
`Aesc: "Doesn't seem to be all too important."
Kintell: "Does it mention last time he showed for work?"
`Aesc lays a few papers out in front of him
GMDog: it doesn't look like the accounting has been done recently
GMDog: atleast 2-3 weeks
Kintell: "His parents said the last time they say him was about 6 days ago, or so. Thats no help."
Kintell heads for the door. "Next room I suppose."
`Aesc nods
`Aesc: "Agreed."
`Aesc gathers the papers and pockets them
Emmerich moves to the next door
GMDog: listen?
Emmerich: `roll 1d100
GameServ: Emmerich rolled 1d100: 4 <Total: 4>
[OOC] Emmerich: woot
[OOC] Emmerich: Em goes and buys a lottery ticket
[OOC] `Aesc: Emmerich hears the sound of death approach
GMDog: Nothing in side.
Emmerich opends the door
GMDog: this looks like the second eldest brother's room.
Emmerich heads in and looks around
GMDog: you notice a mound of dirt in the corner.
Emmerich: "More dirt"
Emmerich: "This place needs a maid."
`Kaylee kicks the dirt. "There, it's in a corner now, it's clean."
Kintell takes a look at the dirt. (( Does it look like the same soil in that is on the land? Anything unusual about it? ))
Alverian: GMDog: 1D20 -- -- Total: 5
`Aesc: "No, now you're just spread it around some more."
`Kaylee: "So what, it's just dirt."
GMDog: you hit something in the dirt.
`Kaylee: "And.....a rock."
`Aesc: "A rock?"
`Kaylee: "Well, I kicked something in it."
`Aesc looks down at where Kaylee's foot struck the mound
Kintell is inspecting the pile.
GMDog: how are you inspecting it?
[OOC] `Kaylee: with eyes?
[OOC] `Kaylee: ^-^
[OOC] Kintell: Sifting through it. Trying to determine if the soil is local. Anything unusual, etc.
GMDog: It looks local, nothing abnormal about the dirt it self. It doesn't take long before Kintell finds something , not dirt inside the mound.
GMDog: It's rather large.
Kintell clears it off. "Here is what you kicked."
GMDog: a hand flops out.
[OOC] Kintell: moving or rigid?
`Kaylee: "EW!"
GMDog: it seems dead, as far as you can tell, it appears to be starting to rot.
[OOC] `Kaylee: I kicked Thing. Where's Cousin It?
Kintell: "Well, that is odd. Who buries a limb ... inside?"
Emmerich checks the bed and dresser
`Aesc: "I suspected this all along, which is why I didn't want Damien to disturb the mound downstairs."
Kintell picks up the hand and looks at where the arm should be.
GMDog: It's larger then the limb.
`Kaylee: "Well, I didn't know that now, did I."
Alverian: GMDog: 1D20 -- -- Total: 13
GMDog: The hand grabs Kintell as she touches it.
[OOC] Kintell: AC 6 if needed
GMDog: Using her as leverage, pulls out the rest of itself.
`Aesc reaches for his sword and prepares to drive it into the corpse
Kintell: "I think it likes me!"
GMDog: A Ghoul stares Kintell in the face!
Emmerich draws his sword
`Aesc: "I don't like it."
`Kaylee: "What is that thing?"
Kintell pulls a spear from her back and attempts to stab the creature.
GMDog: horror checks
Emmerich: `roll 1d20
GameServ: Emmerich rolled 1d20: 2 <Total: 2>
[OOC] Kintell: UGH!
`Aesc: `roll 1d20
GameServ: `Aesc rolled 1d20: 14 <Total: 14>
`Kaylee: `roll 1d20
GameServ: `Kaylee rolled 1d20: 9 <Total: 9>
[OOC] `Aesc: oh here we go with the horror checks again
Kintell: `roll 1d20
GameServ: Kintell rolled 1d20: 2 <Total: 2>
[OOC] `Aesc: well i'm the least revolted
[OOC] `Aesc: for Damien
`Aesc: `roll 1d20
GameServ: `Aesc rolled 1d20: 9 <Total: 9>
GMDog: lol.
GMDog: let's see
GMDog: Em failed, Kit failed
GMDog: Kaylee failed
[OOC] `Aesc: we all failed, damien and i needed 17's
GMDog: Alverian: 1D20 -- -- Total: 13
[OOC] `Aesc: eg. 85% chance at failure
Alverian: "By Heironues!"
Alverian: GMDog: 20D100 -- 33 12 22 51 21 85 46 47 89 5 54 32 32 21 54 23 32 94 57 -- Total: 901
Alverian: GMDog: 1D20 -- -- Total: 14
GMDog: oh 1d6
GMDog: `roll 1d6
GameServ: GMDog rolled 1d6: 5 <Total: 5>
GMDog: lawl
GMDog: i don't guess anyone remembers who failed that Fear check downstairs?
[OOC] Kintell: I passed
[OOC] Emmerich: in the kitchen?
GMDog: yes.
[OOC] `Aesc: i think kintell was the only one that passed
GMDog: oh yes.
[OOC] Emmerich: she rolled a 20 didnt she
[OOC] Emmerich: starting eating the corpse
GMDog: The entire group, except Kintell is PISSED!
GMDog: How dare these evil things attack you AGAIN!
GMDog: Morbidly Kintell is pretty accepting of this.
GMDog: oh another thing.
[OOC] `Aesc: ok, so as I said - I plan to run it through
GMDog: you are under the affect of Rage!
GMDog: +2(?) to attack -2 to AC
[OOC] Emmerich: woot
[OOC] `Aesc: hooray
GMDog: Weapon Speeds
[OOC] `Aesc: emmerich likes rage
Emmerich: 4
GMDog: Kintell action
Kintell pulls a spear from her back and tries to stab the creature in a single motion.
`Aesc: 6
[OOC] Kintell: speed 6
GMDog: what about Kaylee?
`Kaylee: 2
GMDog: Damien uses Short Sword +1 too then (simpler)
[OOC] `Aesc: heh
GMDog: Battle order: Aesc:15 Alverian:13 Kintell:10 Ghoul:8 Kaylee:7 Damien:7 Emmerich:6
[OOC] `Aesc: am i rolling for him, or is elt?
GMDog: either one
GMDog: Emmerich!
GMDog: Rage worth and do battle
[OOC] Emmerich: close enough for an attack??
GMDog: closing distance easily
Emmerich snarls and swings his long sword at the creature
Emmerich: `roll 1d20+4
GameServ: Emmerich rolled 1d20: 17 <Total: 17(+4) = 21>
[OOC] Emmerich: should hit, thaco 20
[OOC] Kintell: I dont think hes done init yet
GMDog: gotta find their stats.
[OOC] Kintell: nevermind, lag rush
[OOC] Emmerich: how many are there?
GMDog: they give stats for them in a diffrent place
GMDog: wouldn't you like to know
Emmerich: yes i would
GMDog: 1got it
GMDog: alrgihtie
GMDog: AC... -1
GMDog: Hits!
Emmerich: `roll 1d8+1
GameServ: Emmerich rolled 1d8: 4 <Total: 4(+1) = 5>
[OOC] `Aesc: Damien's attack coming, say when
GMDog: Damien!
[OOC] `Aesc: he doesn't have the short sword prof, you realize that right?
[OOC] `Aesc: he's getting a penalty to hit
GMDog: eh, he's not thinking
GMDog: +2 from rage
[OOC] `Aesc: ok then
GMDog: +1 dmg btw
[OOC] Emmerich: 6 for me then on the D
`Aesc: `roll 1d20
GameServ: `Aesc rolled 1d20: 4 <Total: 4>
[OOC] `Aesc: he misses badly anyway
GMDog: Kaylee!
[OOC] `Aesc: may only have a -1 if the short sword is similar enough to a dagger, which it is in my opinion - but that doesn't matter as he missed badly
`Kaylee: `roll 1d20+3
GameServ: `Kaylee rolled 1d20: 19 <Total: 19(+3) = 22>
`Kaylee: hehehe, stabby slashy dicy
[OOC] GMDog: yeah, but youd on't attack with a ss as you do with a dagger
GMDog: hits!
[OOC] `Aesc: sure you do, they're both piercing/stabbing
`Kaylee: `roll 1d6+2
GameServ: `Kaylee rolled 1d6: 3 <Total: 3(+2) = 5>
GameServ: `Kaylee rolled 1d6: 3 <Total: 3(+2) = 5>
GMDog: Ghoul!
GMDog: Ghoul lets out a horrid screem as it attacks.
[OOC] `Aesc: Ghoul does not understand your words
Alverian: GMDog: 1D6 -- -- Total: 1
GMDog: Emmerich!
Alverian: GMDog: 3D20 -- 18 7 -- Total: 44
GMDog: `roll 2d3
GameServ: GMDog rolled 2d3: 1 3 <Total: 4>
GMDog: save vs. Paralyzation
GMDog: x2
[OOC] Emmerich: Elves immune to it in 2nd E??
[OOC] GMDog: ehm Jr?
[OOC] `Aesc: just charm so far as I can see, let me check the Ravenloft breed
[OOC] Kintell: Sleep and Charm IIRC, not Para
[OOC] Emmerich: they were immune to the touch of a ghoul in 1 e I thought, not sure about 2
[OOC] `Aesc: not according to the 2e phb or the domain of dread book tho
[OOC] GMDog: yeah, I don't see it anywhere either
[OOC] Kintell: They dont turn INTO ghouls, but they can still be Para
[OOC] Emmerich: says excluding elves in the Monsterous manual
[OOC] Kintell: Hes right
[OOC] GMDog: immunity?
[OOC] GMDog: kk, I don't have the manual handy, it's sorta burried
[OOC] Emmerich: Their touch causes humans, including dwarves, gnomes, half elves and halflings but excluding elves
[OOC] Emmerich: your call you're the DM
GMDog: it's fine
GMDog: Kintell!
Kintell stabs with a spear!
Kintell: `roll 1d20
GameServ: Kintell rolled 1d20: 13 <Total: 13>
[OOC] Kintell: Hits AC 7
Emmerich slips to a knee
GMDog: misses
Emmerich: (1 hp left))
GMDog: Alverian!
Alverian moves to cast Cure Light Wounds on Emmerich.
GMDog: Alverian: 1D8 -- -- Total: 1
GMDog: Alverian: 1D8 -- -- Total: 1
Alverian: fucker
Alverian: `roll 1d8
GameServ: Alverian rolled 1d8: 5 <Total: 5>
Alverian: 5 HP
Emmerich: `roll 1d6
GameServ: Emmerich rolled 1d6: 1 <Total: 1>
GMDog: Aesc!
`Aesc: `roll 1d20+2
GameServ: `Aesc rolled 1d20: 4 <Total: 4(+2) = 6>
[OOC] `Aesc: i hit the wall
GMDog: tht's a mighty sturdy wal.
GMDog: behind you, Alverian and Kintell see a second ghoul approching from the other room!
GMDog: Battle order: Aesc:14 Kintell:13 Ghoul B:12 Alverian:10 Kaylee:9 Emmerich:7 Ghoul A:6 Damien:4
[OOC] Kintell: Can I change my action and not use a weapon?
GMDog: Damien!
[OOC] GMDog: yes, what action?
[OOC] Kintell: I want to try and close the door real quick before the other one gets in
GMDog: k, 3
[OOC] `Aesc: for Damien
[OOC] `Aesc: other one?
GMDog: but you are in Combat, so you'll give it a free attack.
[OOC] Kintell: free attacks in 2e? Oh well
[OOC] `Aesc: wha? attack of opportunity??
GMDog: yes.
[OOC] `Aesc: that's 3e :/
GMDog: no
`Aesc: `roll 1d20
GameServ: `Aesc rolled 1d20: 6 <Total: 6>
[OOC] `Aesc: Damien still misses
[OOC] GMDog: you go at 14 instead of 13 Kintell.
GMDog: Ghoul A attacks
Alverian: GMDog: 1D5 -- -- Total: 4
GMDog: Kintell!
Alverian: GMDog: 3D20 -- 6 3 -- Total: 23
[OOC] Kintell: AC 6
GMDog: best is AC 5
Alverian: GMDog: 1D3 -- -- Total: 1
GMDog: Save Vs. Paralyze.
Kintell: `roll 1d20
GameServ: Kintell rolled 1d20: 4 <Total: 4>
[OOC] Kintell: Save at 10
GMDog: Kintell falls to the ground.
GMDog: Emmerich!
GMDog: `roll 1d6+2
GameServ: GMDog rolled 1d6: 5 <Total: 5(+2) = 7>
GMDog: Emm?
Emmerich regains his composure with the help of Alverian's healing and tries to plunge his long sword into the ghouls chest
Emmerich: `roll 1d20+4
GameServ: Emmerich rolled 1d20: 8 <Total: 8(+4) = 12>
GMDog: AC 6 or better
`Aesc notices Kintell fall to the ground out of the corner of his eye
Emmerich: nope
GMDog: Aesc is under rage.
GMDog: Kaylee!
[OOC] `Aesc: yes i am
[OOC] `Aesc: but not blind
`Kaylee: `roll 1d20+3
GameServ: `Kaylee rolled 1d20: 17 <Total: 17(+3) = 20>
GMDog: hits!
`Kaylee: `roll 1d6+2
GameServ: `Kaylee rolled 1d6: 4 <Total: 4(+2) = 6>
GMDog: `roll 2d20
GameServ: GMDog rolled 2d20: 19 15 <Total: 34>
[OOC] `Aesc: which ghoul has been damaged?
[OOC] `Aesc: A?
GMDog: Kaylee stabs it todeath through the heart! well, un-death.
[OOC] `Kaylee: the one I kicked
GMDog: A
[OOC] `Aesc: ok, well its done with
GMDog: Kaylee's kill.
`Kaylee: Huzzah!
[OOC] `Aesc: she's the only one rolling well
[OOC] `Aesc: well aside from the ghouls
GMDog: Alverian moves to tend to Kintell.
Alverian: that I do!
Alverian: `roll 1d20
GameServ: Alverian rolled 1d20: 1 <Total: 1>
[OOC] `Aesc: but only makes things worse..
GMDog: Alverian's Healing skill removes 1 round from her paralyzation.
[OOC] Emmerich: hey I hit for 6 :P
GMDog: Ghoul two moves into the room and attacs...
Alverian: GMDog: 1D6 -- -- Total: 1
GMDog: Aesc!
[OOC] `Aesc: figured
[OOC] GMDog: since it'd probaly kill Emmerich
Alverian: GMDog: 3D20 -- 18 2 -- Total: 27
GMDog: one hit
GMDog: `roll 1d3
GameServ: GMDog rolled 1d3: 3 <Total: 3>
[OOC] `Aesc: i spose i'll be paralyzed now
GMDog: Save vs. Para
`Aesc: `roll 1d20
GameServ: `Aesc rolled 1d20: 8 <Total: 8>
[OOC] `Aesc: yep
GMDog: blame your rolling
GMDog: `roll 1d6+2
GameServ: GMDog rolled 1d6: 4 <Total: 4(+2) = 6>
[OOC] `Aesc: i think we're going to do away with gameserv
GMDog: Aesc falls to the ground, still pissed, drooling slightly.
GMDog: foaming at the mouth really.
GMDog: next round!
GMDog: Battle order: Alverian:12 Ghoul B:11 Damien:8 Kaylee:6 Emmerich:6
GMDog: Status Phase - Aesc: Paralyzed(5)
GMDog: Status Phase - Kintell: Paralyzed(6)
GMDog: Emmerich!
Emmerich spins and attacks Ghoul B
Emmerich: `roll 1d20+4
GameServ: Emmerich rolled 1d20: 5 <Total: 5(+4) = 9>
[OOC] Emmerich: pshaw
GMDog: swoosh.
GMDog: Kaylee!
`Kaylee: `roll 1d20+3
GameServ: `Kaylee rolled 1d20: 15 <Total: 15(+3) = 18>
GMDog: hits!
`Kaylee: `roll 1d6+2
GameServ: `Kaylee rolled 1d6: 1 <Total: 1(+2) = 3>
[OOC] `Kaylee: criminy
[OOC] `Aesc: i'm going to make a snack since i'm out of this combat for awhile
GMDog: Damien!
GMDog: your not out...
GMDog: bah
Alverian: GMDog: 1D20 -- -- Total: 4
GMDog: now your out
GMDog: `roll 1d6
GameServ: GMDog rolled 1d6: 2 <Total: 2>
GMDog: Ghoul attacks Alverian!
GMDog: `roll 3d20
GameServ: GMDog rolled 3d20: 18 4 10 <Total: 32>
Alverian: GMDog: 1D3 -- -- Total: 1
GMDog: `roll 1d20
GameServ: GMDog rolled 1d20: 16 <Total: 16>
GMDog: Cleric Saves baby!
GMDog: Alverian!
GMDog: Alverian: 1D20 -- -- Total: 5
Alverian: swoosh
GMDog: next round
GMDog: Battle order: Alverian:15 Kaylee:12 Damien:10 Ghoul B:7 Emmerich:6
GMDog: Status Phase - Aesc: Paralyzed(4)
GMDog: Status Phase - Kintell: Paralyzed(5)
GMDog: Emmerich!
Emmerich yells and swings
Emmerich: `roll 1d20+4
GameServ: Emmerich rolled 1d20: 8 <Total: 8(+4) = 12>
GMDog: that might hit!
Emmerich: AC8 for me
GMDog: just missed
GMDog: Ghoul attacks Averian!
Alverian: GMDog: 3D20 -- 2 15 -- Total: 35
GMDog: `roll 1d3 1d6
GMDog: `roll 1d3
GameServ: GMDog rolled 1d3: 1 <Total: 1>
GMDog: `roll 1d6
GameServ: GMDog rolled 1d6: 5 <Total: 5>
Alverian: GMDog: 1D20 -- -- Total: 10
GMDog: Alverian avoids the ground.
GMDog: Kaylee!
`Kaylee: `roll 1d20+3
GameServ: `Kaylee rolled 1d20: 16 <Total: 16(+3) = 19>
GMDog: oops passed Damien.
GMDog: hits!
[OOC] Emmerich: geeze girl
GMDog: she's on a mission.
`Kaylee: `roll 1d6+2
GameServ: `Kaylee rolled 1d6: 4 <Total: 4(+2) = 6>
GMDog: nearly dead.
Alverian: GMDog: 1D20 -- -- Total: 11
GMDog: just misses
GMDog: Alverian!
Alverian casts CureLight Wounds on himself.
GMDog: Alverian: 1D8 -- -- Total: 6
GMDog: next round!
GMDog: Battle order: Alverian:13 Ghoul B:13 Damien:12 Emmerich:7 Kaylee:6
GMDog: Status Phase - Aesc: Paralyzed(3)
GMDog: Status Phase - Kintell: Paralyzed(4)
GMDog: Kaylee
`Kaylee: `roll 1d20+3
GameServ: `Kaylee rolled 1d20: 13 <Total: 13(+3) = 16>
[OOC] `Aesc: that would hit ac 3
GMDog: hits!
GMDog: all you have to do is touch it
`Kaylee: `roll 1d6+2
GameServ: `Kaylee rolled 1d6: 6 <Total: 6(+2) = 8>
`Kaylee: heh
[OOC] `Aesc: err, wait. 4
Alverian: GMDog: 2D20 -- 3 -- Total: 22
`Kaylee: decapitates it.
[OOC] `Aesc: i forgot she still has a 20 thaco
GMDog: Indeed she does.
`Kaylee: awesome
GMDog: Kaylee's Kill.
[OOC] `Aesc: Kaylee's combat, the rest of us just got to watch
GMDog: those under rage feel compelled to continue attacking the bodies.
GMDog: they just arn't Dead enough.
[OOC] `Kaylee: lol
GMDog: saving throw to stop that ( every round )
`Kaylee: "Hey, it's over, stop it, we don't know who they were and won't know if you dice them up!"
Emmerich: `roll 1d20
GameServ: Emmerich rolled 1d20: 18 <Total: 18>
GMDog: pass I assume.
`Aesc: `roll 1d20
GameServ: `Aesc rolled 1d20: 19 <Total: 19>
[OOC] `Aesc: hey, i get to wake up too
GMDog: pass, of course your kinda on the ground anyway.
[OOC] `Aesc: the dice are so biased
GMDog: your just sort of foaming at the mouth right now
`Aesc stands and seethes with anger
GMDog: Kintell and Aesc are kinda numb
GMDog: you guys want to knock off now?
`Kaylee: yes, I've been trying to recruit someone to play
Kintell slowly rises to her knees, shaking off the body-numbing experiance.
Emmerich checks the wounded
GMDog: lawl
Emmerich: knock off? quit?
GMDog: yes
GMDog: it's pretty late.
`Aesc: it is, its 1:20 am here
[OOC] Emmerich: if its a good place. I gotta work at 6
`Aesc: heh
GMDog: yes
GMDog: As you start to get up, you hear something slumping up the stairs, perhapse it isn't over just yet.
[OOC] Emmerich: nice
GMDog: 200 XP for attendance.
[OOC] Kintell: Up the stairs from the ground floor or down the stairs from above? Is there an above?
GMDog: 175 XP for each Ghoul, +10% each for Kaylee.
[OOC] Kintell: treasure xp?
GMDog: 120 Plat x Gold = 600/6 xp
GMDog: 120 Platinum coins.
**** End Log *****
`junior: that's 600 gp/xp divided by 6 players?
Elttaes: 600/6=100 each