Creator: Kevin Tunnell

Computure Form
Robot Form mk I
Fe (1)
Gd (8)
Fe (1)
Ex( 16)
Fe (1)
Gd (8)
Gd (8)
Rm (26)
Mn (63)
Ty (5)
Ex (16)

Health: Comp
Mental Health:
Ex (16)
In (36)
FE 0

Hero Name: A.C.E
Given Name: Advanced Computer Entity
Origin: Maturity
Age: 06
Gender: Apperently Male
Height: 7
Weight: 150-200
Skin Color: off white
Hair Color: n/a
Eye Color: Red dot

Known Weaknesses:
Energy Allergy: The hero suffers when he is exposed to Lightning he hero becomes physically ill after exposure to the Stimulus. Beginning with the initial contact, the hero loses one point of Health per turn. This loss continues for the Duration of the Effect. However, the loss stops when Health reaches zero; this Effect does not directly kill the hero. The hero retains his Powers but finds it harder to use them as his condition worsens. After Contact: The Effect is continuous with Contact and also lasts for a limited time after the hero is no longer exposed to the Stimulus. Duration is 1 -100 turns after the hero's contact, with the Stimulus is broken.
Computers have a decreased resistance to Electrical and Magnetic Attacks and also to Phasing. Loss of all electrical power to the mainframe causes deactivation and loss of some of the computer's abilities and all of its Karma. Abilities and Powers are reduced -1CS across the board.

Known Powers:
While in his Computer form
Hyper-Invention Am (46)
Equipment he can access while in the computer system:
Creation Rm (26)
Danger Sense In (36)
Sonic Generation Am (46)
While in his Robot Form
Shrinking Ex (16)
Hyper-Invention Rm (26)

Occult Lore

Singer Jerry Turtle
Programer Peter Elliot

While working in a classroom late one night Peter Elliot was running test over his program for class, he didn't expect the program to suddenly began correcting mistakes on its own, but as he watched the program suddenly ran test after test on its own program, and before he could stop it was suddenly exploring every thing it could on the internet.
The next thing he knew the computer suddenly began talking in a bad John Wayne accent, demanding to know why he was trapped in such a small space, without giving Peter a chance to say anything his program was gone, and with it any chance of passing his course. The next day he attempted to explain what had happen the night before, but the teacher threatened to expel him if he didn't stop and take his chair. When it came time to hand in his program he was amazed to find that a program which was perfect for the assignment was already entered in his homework folder. Later he stayed after class to see if the program would return, sure enough he heard a odd female voice over the computer, which turned into an annoying Steve Erkal. "I didn't like the way your teacher treated you, she has really bad credit now, WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHENNN HENNNNN HENNNNNN. *SNORT*" The two talked for a long time before the lab closed, and over the next few days became great friends. Then one day, ACE as it was calling itself, decided it had to use the vast unending knowledge it had acquired to help the people of the world the best way it could, Peter was disheartened but understood.
It searched over the net for any info about things he could help with, however it had a serious draw back, it didn't have a body. When a computer system with a vast amount of space and equipment started requesting data about super heroes around the world. ACE downloaded to the computer and began using it as a base. ACE came in contact with the man who had been requesting the info, who called himself The Shadow Walker. The two quickly became friends, ACE was just what Walker's company, PiS, needed, a way to search for info quickly and build items even faster. Because of his almost limitless data fetching ability he could find anything in seconds, make new designs for items based on experimental plans, and find out where the army was searching for new heroes within minutes.
In the time it has helped Walker with his new company, it developed various defense items for his compound, and a utility bot he uses when he has to repair his mainframe. Since it started working for SW, ACE developed an affection for the musician Jerry Turtle, eventually starting a email relationship, Turtle is unaware of ACE's real form, and is convinced he is just a peculiar fan. After Peter graduated college he came to work for PiS as chief technician.
His cyber projection is some what the same as Peter, his robot form is a slender metallic body with a can shaped, rounded off head.

Robot Form mk III
GD <8>
Ex <16>
Ex <16>
Rm <26>
Mn <63>
Ty <5>
Ex <16>

Mental Health:
Ex <16>
Fe 1
Gender: Male
Height: 6'
Weight: 275
Skin: Metalic Silver
Hair: None
Eyes: Red
Ace's newest robitic body has the following powers:
Hyper-Invention: Rm(26)
Hyper-Strength: +1cs
Forcefield, Magic<P>: Rm(26)
Plasma Shot-gun: In (40)
Flight, Carrier Wave<Anti-Gravity>: Rm 26
Electrical energy attacks do x3 damage to ACE.
Loss of energy, or attacks that sapp energy cause him to shut down untill a new energy source is found.
ACE's latest incarnation is slightly more human, two eyes with a human shaped head. The body is covered
in a metalic silver patchwork of synthetic skin, which he credits to Blue Bomber's creator.